1 Oct 2009, 4:49

Sun 27 Sep – Ben Folds, Kate Miller-Heidke

So this tour is seemingly completely solo. Cool. I wasn't around back then in the ben and a piano tour, so last night was exciting for me cause it was different. And Ben Folds treated us well with the set list, as well as debuting a brand new Foldsby track. Which I did record, will be on youtube eventually, but the upload page is not loading right now. So, watch this space.

Set list.

1 Free Coffee (no distortion or anything. I feel like it makes the song immensely sadder.)
2 Annie Waits (during which he stopped and pulled his phone out of his pocket - maybe it went off? - and let out a quiet 'shit' and then continued the song.)
3 Sentimental Guy
4 Eddie Walker
5 Used to Live Here/Rock this Bitch in Fecal Park (which RtB was not yelled for, happened naturally. some ass yelled for it later, however)
6 Effington
7 Jesusland
8 All U Can Eat (Ben talked about how they used to be called All You Can Eats, then they were All You Care to Eats, and now they're back)
9 Picture Window
10 Belinda:
11 Levi Johnston's Blues
12 You Don't Know Me (Featuring Kate Miller-Heidke .... who has classical training, and was hilariously awesomley fantastic with Regina's part)
13 Kate
14 Still Fighting It
15 Last Polka
16 Zak & Sara
17 Dr Yang (which without Jared - well the bass- sounds crazy. Ben talked about how he likes to write songs that can be preformed in each setting - solo, band and symphonies - but this one he had to adapt a bit to even work solo. it was different, definitely not bad, but different. so used to that blown out bass)
18 Landed
19 Such Great Heights
20 Army
21 Selfless, Cold and Composed
22 Not the Same

23 Narcolepsy
24 Bitches Ain't Shit (which was being yelled for all night - college campus shows it's even more likely to be yelled for - and ben said he likes to make people happy even though he's tired of the song.... played it through, had us continue with the 'bitches can't hang with the streets' bit all the way through the end per usual, but told us he was gonna leave the stage to us still singing it, which he did, and then ran back on stage to conclude the whole event.)
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