• My experience with The Chemical Brothers

    31 Ene 2006, 4:16

    Chemical Brothers

    I thought I'd write an entry about The Chemical Brothers, since they've had a huge influence on my tastes in music. It all started with a friend letting me borrow Surrender at age 12. I wasn't even into music especially at the time, and I wasn't at all familiar with electronic music. Well, how can I describe my experience with the album? From the first track I was hooked, it was the coolest shit I'd ever heard. I loved the energy of Out Of Control, the dark sound of Under The Influence, and the thought-provoking qualities of The Sunshine Underground, Surrender/Racing The Tide, and Got Glint. I had no idea the Chems were well-known, nor that this album was a departure from the sound they became famous for. I listened to the album many times until I had to return it to my friend.
    The memory of it stayed with me, a powerful introduction to electronic music. I bought the album two years later at 14, along with Dig Your Own Hole, and enjoyed both immensely. I built a collection of random electronic music, not knowing the genres or the artists, gradually building my knowledge. Well, today at 19, from knowing nothing about electronic music styles or artists to being very familiar with them, Surrender is still my favorite album, and the Chems are still my favorite group as evidenced by my user page. I can't get enough of their earlier stuff either, they played with big beat like they invented it or something ^_~ If you're not already familiar with them, and like breakbeats and/or psychedelic music, there's no artist I'd recommend one check out more than The Chemical Brothers.