• Jens goes above and beyond

    1 Oct 2011, 10:59

    Thu 29 Sep – Jens Lekman

    his show at the Cal Academy of Science was a very intimate one.

    he set up a couple of his new songs off of his new EP "An Arguement With Myself"

    like "Waiting for Kirsten" because there was a bit to know about how they don't have VIP in Gotenburg.

    he did a nice slow and easy rendition of "Black Cab"

    "A Summer Night On Hammer Hill" was a joy for all those who were intoxicated & knew how to repeat.

    but where he really shined, was when he did these last couple songs where he would get on his MIDI controller or idk what it was on stage, (that provided the back up sounds like strings and bass,) and manipulate it to interlude to another song. he did this THREE TIMES for his Encore 1 and ENCORE 2.

    i really hope he comes out with that new album soon so i can see him again.

    he definitely has this unwavering, coy, and school-boyish charm about him.
    stage presence is definitely warm and amiable.
    he is one of the few artists who you want to go see live and sing along with and be engaged in his Asides in between songs.

    Jens is my idol.
  • i dont listen to music anymore

    16 Nov 2010, 21:32

    i used to do it as a way to feel superior over people around me and shit, but it doesnt work when people around don't give a fuck aboout these things, there really isnt a reason for me to explore new music anymore

    yes life is depressing, mostly because of my lack of human interaction and motivation to do things,

    and that lack of femme companionship.

    whatevs. gonna go be bymyself in a museum tomorrow.
  • best coast

    8 Sep 2010, 19:10

    why do i like it?

    its effin 31 minutes & 32 seconds long.

    and all it is about boys, summer and being mentally tarded.

    summer is over and why do i still listen to it?

    girls's album is way better. a lot more variety, and it hardly makes me sleepy.

    i've been more about female lead vocals & songwriters. but she doesnt really make it work, sure i like "boyfriend" but who doesn't?

    i'd say 7.5 out of ten.
  • no longer a TL/RX virgin

    1 Abr 2010, 2:44

    Fri 26 Mar – Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Sally Crewe And The Sudden Moves

    sooo, i'm no longer a TL/RX virgin anymore. good shit, but Ted was sick so i wasn't able to have the full experience of that band. but none the less they were relentless in their delivery of punk-y feel good music. there was never a dull moment in the show.
  • fuck...get theresa to make a fake iD

    9 Mar 2010, 9:13

    Mon 8 Mar – Seaspin, Repeater, Wild Yaks, The Romany Rye

    cause that bouncer was a grumpy ass bitch.

    or i could cut my hair and just walk past him and act like ima spoiled ass 20 something

    got 3 more tries left.
  • OMG

    5 Feb 2010, 10:00

    Sat 30 Jan – Moving Units

    sex on the dancefloor.

    and i'm no longer a moving units virgin.

    29 Ene 2010, 5:38

  • oh man.

    5 Oct 2009, 8:37

    Sat 3 Oct – Eagle Rock Music Festival 2009

    and i thought Outside Lands in SF was a doozy. ERMF really was sensory overload for me. every block was blasting music, the vendors were kinda over priced. but a eating out side of the street isn't much of a choice if the act you wanted to see is on the other side away from the food.
    and i missed free the robots and wounded lions,

    next year make sure to be there early like 3p, bring skateboard, and more monies. and maybe a backpack?


    slang chickens: distorted banjo=awesome

    the woolly Bandits=im infatuated with the singer! <3

    pocahaunted=sick bass

    peanut butter wolf=VDJing is siiick.

    NO AGE=the last seconds i barely caught was crazy