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24 Mar 2010, 16:46

Oddish Emissions - Sohail Rana, James Yancy (J Dilla, Jay Dee, Dilla), Slum Village, Super Smoky Soul, Implosion Quintet (James R Baker), Astor Piazzolla and B.B. King; Michael Peters ( "Soaring In Circles" has quickly become a favourite), the album "Picatrix - Quaestio Prima", and composer Luigi Seviroli. I made a note to spend some time with Delerium's early releases, Goblin, Umberto, Zombie Zombie, Xander Harris, Mordant Music, Raime, Demdike Stare, and to look through the offerings of label, "Finders Keepers." Enough to keep me busy for a week or two, for sure! ; )

Now, here are treasures that I found or rediscovered on profile pages, charts, or playlists. Wanting to give credit where credit is due, I decided to record each and every treasure, here, in this little journal entry.

Before, beginning I have to 'fess up. I got this idea from tecuciztecatl's "Stalking" journal.

I discovered Brennivin by The Album Leaf, on Andrey's (whiskers) profile page.

I "rediscovered" I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine, a long time favorite by Beth Orton on one of Ewa's (ewachcespac) playlists, titled "stuff i love."

I discovered Diana Jones by Jonathan Byrd in Tecuciztecatl's Loved Tracks. Sir Tecu found this track when he was looking for treasures on Saveall profile! People from all over the world are being brought closer together by music! : )

I also discovered East Hastings by Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Tecuciztecatl's Library friend Auaranaut (Petri) first introduced me to Nina Simone when we were putting together one of our id contests for TA so when I saw Feeling Good in CrushedObsidian's playlist, now deleted, I listened and loved. She also introduced me to Feeling Good by My Brightest Diamond, which is different from Nina's yet just as if not more beautiful. I couldn't decide which version I liked better so I've allowed myself to like them both, one as much as the other. :D

I first listened to I giorni by Ludovico Einaudi when I was tuned into SandLeaper's playlist "An Observer's Favourite Music Part 2". I later discovered another gem by Ludovico Einaudi, Divenire when I was listening to FesLerdinand's Loved Tracks.

I found Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles in Ewa's Recent Activity.

I've found many treasures in unclemontana's playlists, but one of my favourite treasures is The Amsterdam Express by Rapscallions which I discovered while listening to his Loved Tracks.

PlayAlpha Wave (Plastikman Acid House mix) by System 7, remixed by Plastikman was one of several good tracks I found in Mr Meyo Meyo Meyoshiam's playlist Goa..Trance..Home.

Another new discovery for me, beautiful The Trenches Choir by Worrytrain was one of several in eremuse's playlist Magici Momenti.

Imagine (Pascal Feos Remix), by Fortunato & Montresor, remixed by Pascal FEOS was rediscovered at the top of LewsVX's Recently Listened Tracks.

I have found two (probably many more) treasures while visiting Nournours profil and playlists. We Will Say Goodbye to Everyone by Hammock appeared one day in his Recently Listened Tracks and The Delicate Sound Of Silence by Slow Dancing Society was the first track that played when I was listening to his playlist Long Play.

While visiting the profil of bewarethethorns, I decided to listen to her library. The first song that played was You Do Something to Me by Paul Weller...oh oh, what a nice voice Paul Weller has! ; )


  • headey

    Thanks, I've been enjoying this. I Now need to go and have a listen to some of the others.

    14 Jun 2011, 9:00
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