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  • futurolvidado

    Hello, nice taste !!

    24 Ene 1:32 Responder
  • sunsign902

    Good morning! Thanks for the visit.

    15 Ago 2014 Responder
  • sunsign902

    Thank you for the friend request! -Deb

    27 Ene 2014 Responder
  • Hirapur

    Just so you know, I still fully intend to do those reviews. It's just been a busy time of late. How are you?

    1 Ene 2013 Responder
  • Hirapur

    I have 2 weeks off from Saturday, so I'll get cracking on the reviews then. Soz that I haven't done them yet.

    2 Oct 2012 Responder
  • Hirapur

    Okay, then I'll go for the Duncan Browne and Jobriath albums. I've never listened to either of them before, but I'm curious. Could you review The Day the Signal Died? I don't know if you have that one. If not then I'll send it to you (CD or download, whichever you'd prefer).

    16 Ago 2012 Responder
  • Hirapur

    I have a proposition for you: if you review one of my albums on CDBaby or Amazon then my next two reviews on ObscureAlbums will be whatever you want me to review. What do you think? You could be as honest as you want. I'm fine with criticism.

    7 Ago 2012 Responder
  • Hirapur

    Good stuff - funny too. I like that you reviewed an album you don't actually like that much. I should do that too sometime, I think.

    21 Jul 2012 Responder
  • Hirapur

    Yeah, I've been meaning to do more reviews as well. I can't believe I didn't do one for more than a year. I'm glad you liked it. It's a little long (I try to stick to approx 500 words if I can) but I didn't really want to cut any of it. If Jandek's music interests you then I'd recommend the album 'Blue Corpse' after 'Chair Beside a Window'. As for the Husker Du analogy, I'll just say that I think Grant and Bob's stuff was both great while in that band. How've you been, anyway?

    24 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Hirapur

    20 Jun 2012 Responder
  • BreezinAlong

    It's a KITTY.. Kitty Cat. I dunno what a chipstick is and I'm afraid to ask.. very afraid . <grin>

    24 May 2012 Responder
  • TheFatChocobo

    Yeah man! Wings squared *so* much away on oddball B-sides, or failed to release at all (1882? man, what a ballsy move), and it's all as good as what *was* released. Two of George's B-sides are favorites of mine, too (Miss O'Dell and I Don't Care Anymore). But yeah, all things Beatles is pretty much right, haha. Post-1965, at least. And McGear... yeah, that album upsets me a little, as the music is so obviously top-notch Wings, but I just can't warm to Mike's voice. Still enjoyable, though.

    7 Jul 2011 Responder
  • TheFatChocobo

    Props for the Japanese Tears review! Well written.

    6 Jul 2011 Responder
  • Hirapur

    2014...very amusing. I guess I will have to prove you wrong and work faster. My favourite Muses album is House Tornado, although I do love The Real Ramona and University. Hunkpapa's a curious one. The poppier production seems to elevate some tracks while taking the power away from others. If you'd rather do the Muses U.G. yourself then fair enough. I would be interested to read your thoughts on them too, as they have long been one of my favourite bands. I will put those Halaka reviews up next week, they just need a bit of re-writing. I originally wrote them for DMusic, where most people know who Halaka are. However I'm aware that a lot of people who read ObscureAlbums will have never heard of them, so I just need to write some stuff to acknowledge that.

    7 Jun 2011 Responder
  • Hirapur

    ...or Throwing Muses - one of the the two. Nice Bryan Ferry review, btw. I can't listen to him myself, though.

    6 Jun 2011 Responder
  • Hirapur

    Kate Bush is awesome. I've got 'The Kick Inside', 'Hounds Of Love' and 'The Sensual World' so far. I can't believe I've never listened to her before. I decided that I'm to do an Ultimate Guide it should be on Polvo.

    6 Jun 2011 Responder
  • Hirapur

    I'm glad you said that. I bought 'Melody Nelson' expecting something amazing, but I was quite disappointed with it really.

    21 May 2011 Responder
  • Hirapur

    I do indeed love Martika's singing. I might start with Hounds Of Love as I think 'Cloudbusting' is amazing. I was thinking about doing an "Ultimate Guide" for someone, but I'm not sure who. I thought maybe Jandek, but with a 60 plus album discography I don't think I could make my guide very. well...ultimate.

    20 May 2011 Responder
  • Hirapur

    Ah, Kate Bush. I wany to start listening to her stuff but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions? Also, you know those Halaka reviews I showed you when I first asked if I could write for Obscurealbums? Well, would it be alright with you if I put them on the site? I'm working on some new reviews as well.

    20 May 2011 Responder
  • YuriBR

    I made you a mixtape on popular brazilian music instead, how's that? ;) Here you go: Tell me your favourites later.

    18 May 2011 Responder
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