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The Get Up KidsHoliday 29 Sep 5:55
Hot Water MusicTrusty Chords 29 Sep 5:40
alt-JHunger of the Pine Ayer 2:06pm
alt-JChoice Kingdom Ayer 2:02pm
alt-JGarden of England – Interlude Ayer 2:00pm
alt-JLeft Hand Free Ayer 1:54pm
alt-JEvery Other Freckle Ayer 1:50pm
alt-JNara Ayer 1:44pm
alt-JArrival in Nara Ayer 1:40pm
alt-JIntro Ayer 1:19pm
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  • mneptunius

    Hallo, David, und guten Morgen. Wie geht es Dir? Unsere musikalische Übereinstimmung ist nicht so schlimm! LG aus Lissabon nach Leipzig. Auf Wiederschreiben. :-) mneptunius

    25 Mar 10:55 Responder
  • undercovermarty

    yeahh, cu in Leipzig and Chemnitz;)

    15 Ene 2011 Responder
  • caPnGeez

    good shit man :) how's that Walter S. album? Haven't gotten around to checking it out. Still waiting for that new Rival Schools disc!!!

    4 Ago 2010 Responder
  • caPnGeez

    Hey I saw your post on As Night Fall's page. I had actually e-mailed the guitarist a couple months ago and she JUST sent it to me. I know you posted that a long time ago but if you're still interested I could upload it mediafire.

    4 Ago 2010 Responder
  • thecuckooflower

    you have a great taste in music. did you like the rx bandits concert?

    13 Jun 2010 Responder
  • SilhoutteSaloon

    haha cant go wrong with a bit of slipknot!ye im good cheers man how u doin?hows germany treatin u?oh im goin to see glassjaw at the end of the month...proper excited!! No-one else seems interested when i tell them tho :( hope everythins good your end! :)

    4 Ene 2010 Responder
  • oliviasnook

    OK so sometimes I am ridiculously slow in replying to stuff of lastfm! looks like some rad shows coming up in leipzig man. i'm so pissed off that due to unchangeable arrangements i haven't been able to catch an algernon show here :@ rubbish. i've finished my english teaching course now, looking for jobs in eastern europe to get started (meant to be a good place for new teachers - good schools etc)! waiting to hear back from a few - seriously can't wait to move out! i don't mind being at home...it's just boring as hell! what is it that you're doing in leipzig then? i don't think i've asked before! have you moved to live there for good? x ps - you're seeing hot water music in nov! amazing! haven't seen any uk dates :( might be worth a trip to the continent!

    9 Oct 2009 Responder
  • nitefiresky

    Thanks a lot for that photo man! Much appreciated!

    29 Sep 2009 Responder
  • oliviasnook

    Leipzig eh! That's an even bigger commute for Birmingham gigs, ha. I had the same problem as you with TGUK gigs before, none of my friends liked them so when they were last here and played just London I couldn't get anyone to go down with me and I was too young to go on my own, or so my Mum said! And before that I was just too young to go to shows, pah. Soooo glad I finally got to see them! The fact they might be back again is mad, maybe even a new album?! Exciting though! If I say so myself, that is a pretty rad pic! Maybe I was trying to be all arty (I wasn't) and in fact it just came out weird, ha. I'm from Birmingham, yeah, well Solihull to be specific. Spent three years in Leeds at uni, which I just finished, gutted! I'm in London for a month though, as of today! I'm doing a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, just as an excuse to travel really, and 'cause I don't much fancy getting a job in England! You must be off to Leipzig soon then/already there? x

    30 Ago 2009 Responder
  • oliviasnook

    Ah yes I know Kenilworth, ha. So do you live in Edinburgh 'full time' then? Or still studying? Bloody loved both TGUK shows, pretty much my all time fave band too! not that lastfm shows that, i mainly don't listen to music on my computer though, so the numbers are a bit out! but the top 10 is basically right, except for The Cribs, I swear I never listened to them enough for them to get so high?! lol, crazy lastfm world. And i take any opportunity to go to a show in Kingston! But to be honest, it was a good show, of course, but it was no better than Birmingham in my opinion! I appreciated the mix up of the set list to get a few different songs, so whilst we got man of conviction and no love and stuff in kingston, got my apology and a few others in brum. Did you go to any of the other shows? got any other gigs/exciting things coming up? oh and, nice profile pic! the photo i got of my mates and me with jim is still on my mates phone, need to get it uploaded! x

    25 Ago 2009 Responder
  • oliviasnook

    hey man! thought i'd drop you a shout as we seem to have unknowingly bumped into each other at TGUK! and our music compatibility is SUPER! haha. you heading to any of the other shows? I was at Kingston last night, which was rad! Birmingham was on a par, maybe even a bit better though! which is unusual for a show in Birmingham really x

    18 Ago 2009 Responder
  • cherrybeer


    29 Abr 2009 Responder
  • Mohny

    hey david! it's me, maria from leipzig! I hope you are the right david. if you don't know me... just ignore this message ;) if not: add me to your friendlist :) greetings from leipzig! Maria

    22 Jul 2008 Responder


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