• Gilles Peterson in Leuven

    15 Abr 2009, 19:35

    Fri 13 Feb – Worldwide Live feat. Gilles Peterson & more

    Leuven, last Friday Night. Gilles Peterson organised a party in Depot, inviting three of my favorite artists: Lefto, Nicola Conte and Jazzanova. This would become the best party for this year for sure!

    As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, Gilles Peterson is a radio producer, the owner of the music label Brownswood Records, and a well known DJ. Nicola Conte is a young jazz artist from Italy. Lefto is a Belgian hip-hop DJ who has his own radio show called The Hop. And Jazzanova… Well, who doesn’t know Jazzanova? They are a band from Berlin, well known for their wide variety of mixes in very different genres.

    Last year, I saw Gilles Peterson and Lefto at a party in Ghent. That party was the best one in that year, so I had high expectations for this party.

    The party started at 8 PM, which was quite early. Lefto was heating up the place when we entered. We were with a crew of 6 people, including me. Most of them didn’t know any artist playing that night, others (like me) thought that this line-up was a gift from God, or something like that… Anywho, the crew was awesome, really nice people (some of them I met that night, others I knew for years).

    After an hour, Gilles took over the turntables, and he immediately reminded me of his last party in Ghent. He started to talk with the audience, asked if he had to speak in English or French, and just made everybody feel at home. He threw in some beautiful South-American salsa and samba in, which made everybody move in no time. In the back, we saw that Nicola Conte arrived, and after a small hour, his band was ready to start.

    I did some research about Nicola in the months before this party. I got his last CD called Rituals, and listened from beginning to end and back a dozen of times. It was exactly that CD that he promoted that evening. He brought a wonderful band with him, consisting of piano, contrabass, drums, tenor sax, alt sax a beautiful singer called Harcsa Veronika and of course himself. The concert was fantastic. It had been a while since I listened to a good jazz concert, but this one made me remember why I love jazz that much. The singer was also a true discovery. Not only was she really pretty, she also had a divine voice. The only bad thing about the concert, was the audience. It was clear that most of the audience didn’t come for Nicola Conte. There was a lot of noise during the concert, so much Nicola even asked to be a bit more silent. The thing that really annoyed me, were the few Italians that attended the concert. While Conte was telling about his music during the pauses in between the songs, they were shouting Nicola was the only one and such. But as soon as he and his band started playing, they started talking, at a fairly high volume. I mean, for God sake, show some respect! But apart from that, it was an awesome concert.

    After Conte, Gilles took over the tables again, and provided us with more southern beats. The party became better and better. Gilles clearly had a good time, looking at his dances and big smile on his face. That is what I love so much about him. He doesn’t look to music as it being his job, but as his passion, his big love. He enjoys working with music so much, it has become it’s habitat, his place to be.

    A few hours later, my musical God came on stage: Alexander Barck from Jazzanova. He took over the turntables and from than on, the party really started. Alexander mixed the best house, techno and minimal music with Jazzanova’s remixes and samples. I danced the whole time, and I really don’t know which power kept me on the dancefloor (no, I didn’t drink nor take drugs) but it was there, and it was awesome. For me, it was a brilliant introduction to the DJ-sets of Jazzanova.

    Lefto took back over, and after an small hour we left, full of happy thoughts.

    The whole weekend, I was is some kind of higher place. Ok, I was tired, but still I kept thinking about that night, how good it was, how awesome the music was, how cool it was to see three of my favorite artists together, how much respect they showed to each other. A truly awesome night I’ll never forget.
  • The Whitest Boy Alive at AB

    15 Abr 2009, 19:32

    Tue 14 Apr – The Whitest Boy Alive, The Invisible, Micachu & The Shapes, The New Wine

    Yesterday evening, I went to see The Whitest Boy Alive in Brussel’s Ancienne Belgiue. Besides them, The New Wine, The Invisible and Micachu and the Shapes were also part of the evening. And once again, it was an awesome evening.

    When we arrived, we were right on time for the first concert: The New Wine, a band very similar to The Whitest Boy Alive, only a lot more electronic. The mood was immediately set right. With almost no crowd, and thus place to move, a good vibe and nice friends I knew this was going to be a great evening. The New Wine was musically supertight (I love that word!). You could only see that they were a new band, they missed a bit of style, and concentrated a lot on their music, more than on their show. Which is certainly not a bad characteristic for a new band, but I can’t wait to see them in a few years when they’re as good (or better) than The Whitest Boy Alive, and just burn down the place =)

    Than came The Invisible, in my opinion a combination of Massive Attack and Bloc Party. Hard upright drums, fast music, but creating a deep, vast and sometimes intimidating atmosphere. It was quite difficult music, and perhaps not ideal in combination with the other groups of this evening, but nonetheless I was surprised by their music. Great singer by the way to.

    Next band was a true eye opener: Micachu and the Shapes. Two girls and a boy playing the most absurd yet awesome rock (if I may call it that). Search this band on YouTube, they’re just awesome, and a bit hilarious as well. It’s hard to describe them, but let’s just say: hitting on snares, lots of cowbells, bit of mayhem and a voluntary distortion pedal made the concert pretty extra ordinary.

    Than came the highlight of the evening, one of my favorite live bands ever: The Whitest Boy Alive. Now, you have to know, they have had at least one great hit, the awesome song you probably know, called ‘Burning’. Since than they became insanely popular. I think no day goes by without hearing them on the radio. Last time I saw them, was at the Handelsbeurs in Ghent, and it still is one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. But now that they are much more popular (their tour is almost completely sold out!) I thought they would have lost some of their characteristics, some of their soul as you may say. But no, they’re still as insane as when I first saw them.

    They still play whatever song when you ask them to, they still throw stuff around in the audience, the still dim the lights during a climax, all that while they still play their songs in super high definition quality! Damn!

    And they even had a new trick, during the song ‘Buring’ they switch position! As you can see in this picture and in this video (be sure to watch it till the end!) And for old times sake, they invited The New Wine to come and play with them. Pretty cool to see, they just switched seats at the piano or drum in the middle of the song, or passed the bass for one bassist to another!

    You can see more of the pictures here. I must say, it was a pretty god damn awesome night! The sooner they’re back, the better!