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29 Jul 2008, 22:38

There's nothing else to say about Justice! They're the greatest club bangers of the last year!

After a couple of impressive remixes, on June 11, 2007 they released thier debut album Cross that is full of great tracks...and a lot of samples too.

As we can read on Wikipedia:
and here

Cross contains different official and unofficial samples, so let analyze 'em with you:

- Genesis intro sounds like a sort of backward played Godzilla's Theme by Akira Ifukube

and also contains a "clap" sample from In Da Club by 50 Cent.

- Newjack contains a sample of You Make Me Wanna Wiggle by The Brothers Johnson:

- Phantom contains a sample of Tenebrae by italian prog band Goblin:

-TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY is said to contain a sample of Stay Fly by Three 6 Mafia. This is uncredited in the liner notes.

- Stress's intro contain a sample by Night on Disco Mountain by David Shire, included in Saturday Night Fever.
It's based on the classical piece Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky, here used for the Walt Disney pictures movie "Fantasia".

The sirens heard at 2:00 of Stress song are sampled by a Devo's track calledJocko Homo:

And that's all!
Bye :)
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  • IceFox

    I remember watching a clip of Tenebrae in film class and I remember thinking back then how kickin' the soundtrack was. Awesome. I love finding out sampling connections like that!

    1 Ago 2008, 3:16
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