Guess That Cover! 2


3 Mar 2007, 4:54

Since the first one went over so well, and I have a ridiculously large collection of covers I decided to do a part 2.

For those who didn't see the first one here's the rules:

Essentially the idea of this game is I list two or more artists that have all done a cover of the same song at some point, and you have to guess what song it is a cover of. Please don't use a search engine, that kind of defeats the purpose.

For example: Laura Branigan, Jessica Andrews, Tina Arena
-answer: Show Me Heaven

1. Allison Crowe, Joan Baez, Rick Springfield, A Perfect Circle, Etta James (Imagine)
2. Ronnie Spector, Wynonna, Travis Tritt
3. Juice Newton, The Pretenders, Bonnie Tyler (Angel Of The Morning)
4. Billy Joel, Ronnie Spector, Keith Moon, BJ Thomas (Don't Worry Baby)
5. The Carpenters, Bobbie Gentry, Ella Fitzgerald (I'll Never Fall In Love Again)
6. Devo, Sandie Shaw, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding ((I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction)
7. Frank Sinatra, Linda Ronstadt, Sting, Sheena Easton, Sarah Vaughan, Melissa Manchester (Someone To Watch Over Me)
8. Dolly Parton, Heart, Great White, Perry Como
9. Girls Aloud, Billy Preston (Girls on Film)
10. Ashley Gearing, Sinead O'Conner, Nancy Wilson
11. LeAnn Rimes, Gareth Gates, Barry Manilow, Cyndi Lauper (Unchained Melody)
12. Julie London, Nancy Sinatra, Herman's Hermits, Vonda Sheppard, Agnetha Fältskog (End Of The World)
13. Jessica Simpson, Geri Halliwell, Loretta Lynn, David Hasselhoff (These Boots Are Made for Walking)
14. Bianca Ryan, LeAnn Rimes, Whitney Houston
15. Ozzy Osbourne, Allison Crowe, Johnny Cash, Bette Midler (In My Life)
16. 10,000 Maniacs, Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs, Judy Collins, Nina Simone, Susan Cowsill
17. Joan Jett, The Blow Monkeys, Dusty Springfield (You Don't Own Me)
18. Gloria Estefan, Amy Grant, Meja,
19. Cyndi Lauper, Celine Dion (I Drove All Night)
20. Sarah McLachlan, Billy Preston, Carly Simon
21. Jennifer Hudson, Bianca Ryan (And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going)
22. Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Wynonna Judd, Cilla Black
23. Counting Crows, Amy Grant (Big Yellow Taxi)
24. Rosanne Cash, Stereophonics (I'm Only Sleeping)
25. The Dixie Chicks, Lyle Lovett, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Motorhead, Tina Turner (Stand By Your Man)


  • MissMaryMac

    19. I drove all night

    3 Mar 2007, 11:14
  • eevaa

    24. I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles)

    3 Mar 2007, 11:53
  • snowskye

    11. Unchained Melody

    3 Mar 2007, 14:34
  • heyadamo

    4. Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys) 23. Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)

    3 Mar 2007, 16:41
  • chelseypaige

    25. Earl Has To Die maybe?

    3 Mar 2007, 16:59
  • jacksoncamary

    3. Angel of the Morning (not sure who did the original) 6. I Can't Get No Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones) 15. In My Life (The Beatles)

    3 Mar 2007, 17:49
  • Carali

    Wow, all correct except #25 (sorry chelseypaige) :D

    3 Mar 2007, 20:16
  • Carali

    yep :)

    5 Mar 2007, 4:26
  • Carali

    That would be Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit. I only knew the Blue Man Group (my friend was obsessed with them at one point) though, I had to look the others up.

    6 Mar 2007, 1:30
  • cheezus69

    21. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - not sure who it was by originally, the Original Dreamgirls cast maybe? cool idea by the way!

    8 Mar 2007, 22:02
  • Carali

    Thanks :) It was by Jennifer Holliday who was in the original Dreamgirls cast :D

    8 Mar 2007, 22:27
  • Benimal

    25. must be Stand By Your Man originally by Tammy Wynette

    22 Mar 2007, 1:30
  • Carali

    That's right :D

    22 Mar 2007, 1:41
  • Carali

    Mom's guesses: 17. Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me 12. Skeeter Davis - End of the World

    22 Mar 2007, 5:54
  • bitalias

    5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Not quite sure on that one. 9. Girls on Film On this one I am. 20. Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) Carly Simon and Sarah McLachlan did cover it. Just a wild guess that Billy Preston did too.

    14 Abr 2007, 17:32
  • Carali

    The first two are correct :) Good guess for 20 though.

    15 Abr 2007, 0:29
  • bitalias

    Got another guess like that, this time for 18: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Again, it's been covered by Gloria Estefan and Amy Grant, and since there are like hundreds of cover versions of that one out there. Why shouldn't Meja have chipped in with one too.

    15 Abr 2007, 1:59
  • Carali

    Sorry that's not correct, but good guess. I try to avoid using christmas songs because they have been covered by way, way to many people.

    15 Abr 2007, 2:38
  • bitalias

    2 out of 4. I'm pretty content with that. And since I've only got wild guesses left, I'm gonna stop. Nice quiz idea, by the way.

    15 Abr 2007, 16:19
  • b1ackroses

    Is 14 I Will Always Love You?

    19 Jul 2007, 4:00
  • Carali

    Nope, good guess though :)

    20 Jul 2007, 5:58
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