11 May 2008, 4:47

Sat 10 May – Gigantour 2008 Music Festival

First before I get into the show, I have to rant about the bloody venue. The Winnipeg Convention Centre blows.

I like it for smaller shows but this one totally deserved to be in the MTS Centre.

First, the line up outside was ridiculous. People were lined up around the entire building! I was pretty close up in the line and by the time I got through that, got in line to then go through the metal detectors and the body search, then got in line to get my ticket scanned, up the stairs (which didn't even have a running escalator going up... that sucked for one guy that was in my group who just got out of an accident and was using a cane), the first band was almost done. High on Fire, who I wouldn't have minded seeing (at least more than Job for a Cowboy) payed two final songs by the time I got in there and that was it. People kept coming in, a few of them had specifically wanted to see High on Fire and were pretty pissed, but what can you do. I didn't pay attention, but it looked like the line was still coming in after the second band was done, Job for a Cowboy. Man I would have been pissed. That is utter crap. I didn't even try to buy booze because waiting in line between In Flames and Megadeth for a stinkin' Coke took the entire break time of like I dunno over half an hour? The seniors that were working the refreshment stand gave me three drinks instead of two because they were so senile and slow. There were quite a few odd injuries near me. One girl apparently snapped her arm when some yahoo just started his own mosh pit out of the blue. That was shitty but the worst was when some kid snapped his knee and was on the ground for like at least fifteen minutes in serious pain until FINALLY some paramedics or some medics showed up and carted him off. Unreal how shitty that place is.

Anyhow the show... Can't review High on Fire from the two songs I got to see, I don't think many others did though either. Job for a Cowboy was surprisingly better than the album I have heard. Pretty heavy, Venom sounding, was cool. I have to give the album they have another listen though I think they probably play better live and I will still hate the CD.

Children of Bodom... I've only heard a few song of theirs but they kicked bloody ass! Loved them and now I really need to listen to the more.

In Flames... the folks I went to see specifically. I saw them the last time they came through here and that's how I became a HUGE fan. Unfortunately they were no where near as great as that last show they played at Sounds of the Underground. Perhaps because I don't really dig the new album much, but they did play some favourites.

Megadeth... saw them last when they opened for Heaven And Hell. Not as great as that show but I think that was because it was the first time I got to see them. They were just as perfect as the last time but nothing much new or changed. Still a kickass good show though.

So overall the best to worst:

1) Children of Bodom (probably ranked higher than Megadeth because it was the first time I have ever seen them where it was my second time seeing Megadeth)

2) Megadeth (They play such a tight see it's incredible... loved hearing Dave Mustaine bitch about the venue too)

3) In Flames (They were okay, I am a huge fan but the show was uneventful and lacked something magical... was I expecting too much? Maybe I set myself up for a letdown.)

4) Job for a Cowboy

5) High on Fire (only because no one got to see them!)


  • r0wney

    That is the thing that I hate all so much. People like you and everyone else bitching about the show, bands, and what problems it was to have it in the convention. You are at a fuck'n METAL SHOW buddy. If you didn't have the time of your life and nothing went your way, why would you even go. First of all, I could fuck'n hear the music, so the venue was fine. Second, the thing I cannot stand is people bitching about JFAC and how horrible they are. Yes they might be loud and hurt your ears, but they got the place going. Not HOF but JFAC as I can see. Same goes for In Flames. Yes their older stuff was better but they are out in support of their new shit. Sorry if they did not make you jump up in the air and give the horns, but they were good at SOTU and they lit up the stage here at Gigantour. For CoB, even though I don't listen to their music alot they were great. And lastly, Megadeth. If you dislike Megadeth, Leave after your specific band is done, which in your case Mr. ZooYorker was HOF. Thats all I gotta say.

    12 May 2008, 7:12
  • metalnightmares

    Both bands pits were just insane where i saw them. In Flames new album sounded good live. I must be in a small group that likes In Flames new album. How ever I will admit that it was not the sound i was expecting. based on there older albums

    13 May 2008, 12:12
  • CaityT3hAw3som3

    I agree for the most part. The security pissed me off, though. For all the time and money they invested in that, they sure didn't do a very good job. HOF had one of the best performances. Shame I didn't get to see more than a few songs of theirs, and it was really a shame they didn't really get the crowd going. Loved Megadeth though. CoB was good. The others I wasn't so fond of. Also, r0wney, that ZooYorker dude said he WOULD'VE enjoyed HOF. not that he went and DID enjoy them. Would've been a waste to go just for them since no one really got to see them anyway =[

    13 May 2008, 21:48
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