• Best Concert Ever!

    5 Jun 2013, 14:30

    Sun 2 Jun – They Might Be Giants

    Well the theatre was pretty darn fancy and nice. A volunteer in a suit greeted us and opened the doors to the theatre. The staff were very nice and our balcony seats gave us a nice view of TMBG. Enough about the venue though, let me cut to the chase - the band was amazing. They were funny, exciting, upbeat, and entertaining to say the least. The Avatars of They even made a side splitting appearance! Here is the tracklist - (order is about 85% accurate from my memory)

    New York City
    Circular Karate Chop
    Dr. Worm
    The Famous Polka
    When Will You Die
    Lost My Mind
    Don't Let's Start
    Can't Keep Johnny Down
    Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head
    Birdhouse In Your Soul
    Insect Hospital
    (Avatars of They bit, short made up song called Green Loco)
    The Mesopotamians
    We Live In A Dump
    Minimum Wage
    (Drum solo by Marty Beller)
    Call You Mom
    (Short acoustic guitar solo by Dan Miller that goes into next song)
    Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
    Damn Good Times
    (Encore 1)
    The Guitar
    (Encore 2)
    You're On Fire
    End Of The Tour

    The band sounded great, they played for two hours and played songs from all over their wide selection of studio work, and it was an awesome night. Flans let some dude strum his guitar!! And the crowd helped chant Drink! during that song. Moon Hooch were a really badass opening act and I bought their CD and they signed it and drew on it! I also bought a signed copy of Nanobots and a Mesopotamians t-shirt. I really wish I could go to the Flood show in Des Moines. Flansy did most of the talking in between (when they didn't just jump from song to song seamlessly) and stated the obvious and was witty.