• 2-4 Family

    3 Jul 2007, 22:10

    A while ago, I discovered the music of 2-4 Family. I instantly fell in love with thier music and have been listening to all thier songs constantly.

    I then read that the present members of 2-4 Family are not the same members as those that came out with the album Family Business. The newer members have only one song under their belt so far (as far as I know). That song is called "Stand Up". Let me set the record straight, I like both the original 2-4 Family AND the new group. I feel for the original members and think they got shafted and I wish them the very best. However, I also want to feel free to like the new group without feeling that I am dissing the old one.

    If you have not listened to any of thier music, do so. You won't be disappointed! 2-4 Family
  • Reformatted my music HD by mistake!

    7 Feb 2007, 18:57

    Well, now I've really gone and done it! I was in the process of building a 3rd computer using the spare parts I had lying around my apartment and one of the 250Gb hard drives from my main system. I had burned all my data onto dvds and moved my music folder over to one drive that I was postive was one of my Samsung drives from the Seagate drive. FYI, I have 2 Samsung, 1 Seagate and 2 Western Digital drives in my main system (all of them at 250Gb each). After removing the Seagate drive and finishing the build, I installed Windows XP on the newly-reformatted Seagate drive only to notice later in the night that I made a mistake and formatted the wrong drive. I lost all my mp3s! Thank god I had burnt many of them onto dvds a few months ago and it wasn't a total loss but I am still now trying to rebuild my original list. *sigh*
  • More new artists I like: Dario G.

    25 Nov 2006, 14:42

    While going through my mp3s in an effort to organise them according to what I wanted on my iPod, I came across a few songs by Dario G. After listening to "Voices", I had to have more! I purchased all of his albums off iTunes and there really isn't any song that I don't like by this artist. I highly recommend his music!

    Dario G.
  • New Music I like: Diam's

    23 Nov 2006, 21:45

    Today I discovered Diam's. Diam's is a french artist who raps. She reminds me a lot of the swedish female rapper, Feven but while I don't much care for Feven's songs, I do quite enjoy Diam's.

    I'm going to try to find more of her songs before I comment more on her style or the content of her songs.