Press for The Playing Fields debut LP


5 Mar 2008, 16:36

"A record of dark, intense melody driven tunesmithery that oozes atmosphere." (Fused Magazine)

"Their brilliant debut album is a mesmerizing journey which will have you captivated from start to finish." (L107FM, featured artist of the week)

"The band's sound is... what might happen if Lou Reed and H. P. Lovecraft met in a pub one dark and gloomy night and decided to form a band. Some of the most hauntingly-poetic lyrics ever to grace a debut - or for that matter, platinum - album." (Music4M)

"Near perfect gorgeous plainsong harmonies...lush," (Spill)

"Blew me away, absolutely stunning... one of the best albums of 2006. Should be played up and down on every alternative station around the globe. So much atmosphere, I hardly could believe it... breathtaking; it's so irresistible and catchy (they) must have sold their souls to the devil." (Kontrast FM Radio)

"Dark, melodic tunesmiths," (The Guardian)

"Melody-drenched indie pop," (Time Out)

"Melancholic melodies with style and arreting honesty." (Bubblegum Slut Magazine)

"A very strong first record deserving of mainstream media attention. It's been a long time since an unknown band has appeared on my radar and completly surprised me. Depth and complexity, dark & menacing... Great stuff!" (Rock Beat Stone)

"Just the right blend of melody and passion... Wow!" (Acrylic Tom Tom)

"Outstanding... The CD sounds incredible, absolutely brilliant!" (The Playing Fields, Artist of the week, twice, Artists of the year 2006, Christopher Laird show, Radio Nowhere)

"Welding a tuneful melody to the observational verve of a Smog or Will Oldham... Great" (Dandelion Radio, Artist of the Month December 2006, Number 7 in "John Peel" festive fifty list)

"An album that looms at you from out of the shadows and proceeds to beat you with dark melody, cutting lyrics and burning fiddle. Hypnotic is a word too often used these days, but what do you say when something genuinely is... truly mesmerising." (Fatea)

"Excellently crafted with real passion... Each instrument resonates an ambience that had me fixed, and the minutes seemed to disappear in seconds. The Playing Fields brought a refreshingly reflective vibe to my urban landscape and I could imagine this track being played in any scene of a film where the protagonists have parted." (Music On Air)

"Passion and drive... taking you to a high crescendo of emotion." (TotalSpec Magazine)

"Stunningly well crafted song-writing, alarming in it's depth and darkness, the songs billow from the speakers like a dense musical fog engulfing all who dare stand in it's way. The record defies comparison, hynotises and mesmerises... a lush carpet of brooding
soundscapes." (Fuse Magazine)

"A rare sense of depth, both lyrically and instrumentally... irresistable melodic diversity is sown into the entire bredth of this collection of songs... it's easy to get excited about this band." (NME)

"Uh-Oh. Sweet Jesus. WOW. these are GREAT songs." (Kramer)

"Tight, focused and forward.. with tremendous string accompaniment which could make your heart melt. We love it.. as if our ears requested this especially. There is nothing better than feeling happy about a great album you have heard today. Brighten up your tomorrow by buying Hello New World." (Unearthed Trasures)

"Depth and complexity, dark & menacing... Great stuff!" (Rock Beat Stone)

"Lovely music..." (DJ Elke, XLNZ FM/ Last FM)

"The cd is one of the best I've heard this year!" (Chris Smith XND radio)

"Dark, ethereal soundscapes," (Islington Gazette)

"Mesmerising and hypnotic... Sucks you in and you're captivated by this brilliant CD." (It's Not The Bands I Hate, It's The Fans)

"The album sounds great," (Dave Cusick, The Post Modern Rock Show, (playlisted artist) KPSU FM, Oregon)

"Excellent debut album." (CKUT 90.3 FM)

"An inspired record that stands out from the pack." (Allmusic)

"Haunting melodies, momentous guitar riffs, uplifting emotional intensity... lyrics that read like poetry." (The Sound Magazine)

"An oceansize beguiling record... with a disaffected grunge snarl... gripping and poignant." (Vanity Project)

"Fabulous, passionate, love the band... killer tracks... kick arse!" (YourSpace radio, Featured Artist)

"Edgy, with haunting melodies & great lyrics; they're gonna be big!" (3TuneDude, Featured artist, December 2006)

"Fuckin awesome tunes!" (Music Opens Doors Agency)

"I dig your sound alright... You've filled me with desire. I know what I like when I like it, and I can tell yours will be a band I will strive to keep an eye on... awesome. Its bands like you that make me consider doing an exchange to England." (Luce B, 8fm/ Victoria Broadcasting Channel/ Radio Active fm (playlisted artist,) New Zealand)

"You guys are great! We'll sing your praises!" (Black Cottage Records)

"Well crafted music which contains all manner of surprises." (Enfield Independent)

"Great," (John Rose, UIC Radio, Chicago)

"We're really liking this," (TPN Rock, featured artist)

"Phenomenal" (Racket Magazine)

"Serious music that deserves to be heard" (Tunatheday)


"They call it Urban Desert, we just call it beautiful. The Playing Fields wooed us over with their instrumental lament breakdowns, poetic musings strung out across delicate violin lines and hung off gently strummed hooks, they wove their audio magic like a soothing spell." (Blowback Magazine)

"Even more brilliant than on their debut album... tight, edgy, definitly worth seeing." (Rock Beat Stone)
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