• 57777

    13 Jul 2011, 14:43

    It seems that I've hit the 57777 mark for plays. I guess it's a milestone of some sort :)
  • Old to the new

    16 Abr 2011, 21:45

    It's been a minute since I posted a list of Youtube vids of music that's been in the deck so this is long overdue. I was considering splitting this into two separate posts but I figure the more good sounds the better. Let's get moving people!

    DOOM (Viktor Vaughn) + RJD2 - Saliva

    Jaylib - Smootherness (I will NEVER get tired of that Minnie sample!)

    Jazzanova - So Far From Home

    Roy Hargrove presents the RH Factor - Forget Regret

    Etro Anime - Diablo

    Ben Westbeech - Hang Around

    Blu - Silent + Untitled(LovedU)2 (definitely not the same as wayne.)

    Fashawn - Stars (kinda like Hey Young World 2009)

    Esperanza Spalding - Precious

    Dam Funk - The Sky is Ours (gotta love the synth...makes me wanna get a keyboard)

    Heralds of Change - Alone

    Adriana Evans - Walking With the Night

    Gift of Gab - Dreamin'

    DJ Spinna - Get on Down

    Homeboy Sandman - The Carpenter + Strange Planet

    Krs One - A Friend

    Dela - WhatUWanna + Mars pt. III (pick this album up!)

    Pharoahe Monch - Still Standing (other standout tracks: Evolve and Haile Selassie Karate produced by FlyamSam)

    Talib Kweli - Wait for You

    Mndsgn - QuiteSimple

    Georgia Anne Muldrow - Pad Kontrol

    Zion I - Polarity

    Elaquent - The Love

    Jorge Ben - Bebete Vaobora

    Muamin Collective - CeeUs (saw these guys back in the burg. they're like SV but more conscious.)

    Apollo Brown - Push

    Blueprint - Rise & Fall + Stole Our Yesterday (I don't wanna like the autotuned hook but it works!)

    The Opus - First Contact (early 00's for the win!)

    If you wanna listen to everything in a single playlist go here.
  • K-os in the Chi - 10/23

    25 Oct 2010, 20:20

    Sat 23 Oct – k-os, Astronautalis, Shad
    dope show! everyone did their thing. I liked the blend of live instrumentation with the dj & the beats.
  • "I don't want to time travel no more..."

    8 Abr 2010, 5:23

    Between playing the hell out of the new Erykah Badu album New Amerykah Pt. 2 - Return of the Ankh, reading about time travel in Slaughterhouse-Five, and getting caught in a musical loop playing dope tracks over and over I thought it would be cool to make a list of songs with "timeless" in the title.

    Illa J - Timeless

    This is the track that started my whole riff. I must have listened to this song on repeat for forever and a day (38 times according to the scrobbler) and it keeps getting better. It's simplicity (those keys!) and J's vocals keep me coming back. Dude is a decent emcee but I think I like his singing so much more...and the lyrics here definitely vibe with me. I've been spending a lot of "time outside my mind" lately...

    J-Live - Timeless

    Ain't nothing like one of my favorite emcees over a tight beat. I like how J speaks on his love for hiphop, his history with it, and how we all strive for that 'classic" status. This has got to be one of my favorite all time tracks from him. It's a shame more rappers don't follow in his footsteps.

    Sergio Mendes - Timeless

    A nice collab right here with Sergio and India Arie. More classic artists should work with their new school counterparts like this. Imagine a couple tracks from Herbie Hancock and Madlib!

    Goldie - Timeless

    Listening to this takes me back when I was heavy into drum&bass and upbeat electronica stuff (think 10th grade). Even though I'm more into the slower downtempo and housey things out there now (blame my Fat Jon addiction) this is still remarkably ill. I may have to do some more reminiscing.

    Do As Infinity - Timeless

    Is it me or could this be an anime intro/theme song (Bleach anyone?)? If you haven't figured it out by now I did a lot of song searching to find nice tracks to fit with my "timeless" theme. It doesn't hurt that I kinda like this one ^_^

    John Abercrombie - Timeless

    This is on some extrasolar existential see-you-later-space-cowboy spiritual experience ish. Enjoy!

    The La's - Timeless Melody

    Yeah, so I cheated a bit with this one (don't mind the "melody") but I was drawn in the by lead singer's vocals. Hauntingly powerful yet still poppy in that "my so called life" kinda way. I viewed some of the live versions on the tubez and they made me even more of a believer. "Obey your mind" and check em out.

    In Flames - Timeless

    Two words. So Sampleable. Who would've guessed this is from a heavy metal band? Shhhh...don't tell anyone if you hear this chopped up in a CJ Monk track. Big shouts to for the random find!

    Bonus tracks: Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Songs from the Suite for Ma Dukes

    In keeping with the theme, the live vids of this orchestra covering Dilla beats are from the Timeless series last year that put hiphop artists, mostly DJs, with jazz and classical artists (man I wish I was there!). Peep the series website for more info.

    I randomly found these videos during my "timeless" search and I swear my brain fell out after I figured out that the orchestra was playing hoc n pucky - one of the wildest Slum Village tracks from Fantastic, Vol. 1. And then came "Angel"....and I had/have no words...all I can say is that it's the best live rendition of a hiphop track I've EVER heard (and my peoples know how I feel about live hiphop!)! I just ask that when you watch these vids make sure you have your volume way up (with the subwoofer at max) and that you're prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor. Cop the Suite for Ma Dukes EP and DVD ASAP.
  • UL 11 (w.i.p.)

    2 Mar 2010, 0:39

    Georgia Anne Muldrow - In Love Again
    Dalminjo - Cruz Persille/All I Want
    Esperanza Spalding - Fall In
    HEAVy - Summer Song
    Blackstar - Beautiful
    Dwele - Without You
    Havana - True Luv
    Janelle Monae - Say You'll Go
    Gente Ordinaria - Aloe Blacc
  • Funk Pursuit Special!

    24 Nov 2009, 13:21

    There is sooo much good music out there. It's a shame that radio doesn't play most of it. Maybe I should start podcasting or something....
    Anyway I've been coming across some really amazing artists in the past few weeks (and some I've known about for a while but haven't talked about before) so I figured it was about time to share all the wonderful musica. There's a long list so you'll have to excuse the lack of commentary ;)

    Pursuit Grooves - Pressure

    Jay Are - Know U

    Jamiroquai - Time Won't Wait

    Sojourn - Definitely Special

    24 Carat Black - Foodstamps
    (thanks to surya86 for putting me onto this band!)

    Quantic - Sabor

    Freddie Joachim - My Breakdown Lady
    I know I said no commentary but this guy is unbelievably ill...and a beatmaker can always get some love right? This track is off of a collabo album with Question called Study Guide. Freddie has also got an extra fresh LP called In With Time. Get them both. NOW.

    Sabrina Malheiros - Passa

    Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Blue Nile

    Robert Glasper - J-Dillalude
    (big shouts to brotha onaci for introducing me to this piano player's lovely sounds!)

    (I know you gotta be like 8-O after that!)

    Last but not least, here's a nice mix of soul, funk, and old school hiphop from DJ Spinna's new album out on BBE, The Boogie Back: (I suggest copping the album if possible)
    The mixcloud thing seems pretty cool so I'll probably end up posting more mixes from there...or making my own...
  • How to Make An Entrance (Theme Music)

    29 Oct 2009, 17:38

    You ever want to have some amazing music blast from an ethereal system as you enter room, walk down the street, or do anything where you make your presence known? Well these tracks have been that for me - my theme music:

    AFTA-1 - The Facts
    If you haven't heard about AFTA-1, this dude got some seriously smooth beats laced with that hard hitting boom-bap (yes, you can be smoothed out and still make necks snap). This track has that "wait for it...wait for it" feel that's perfect for making folks think you're unassuming right before they witness an ill flare to windmill to backspin combo ;)

    Who said samurais can't breakdance?

    Soul Position - No Gimmicks
    Hip Hop at it's rawest. Nuff said.

    You just can't go wrong with the "best producer and the best emcee."

    Volcano Choir - Island, IS
    A friend of mine put me onto this song and it caught my ear on the first listen. Since then it's been in heavy rotation and definitely can be classified as some good travelling music.

    Is it me or did they really sample some Secret of Mana in there? Ahh memories...

    Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
    This track has been keeping my head nodding since I first tasted the Reset EP. I loved Tea Leaf Dancers but it was this song that certified my support of the beat impresario. I even made it my ringtone for a minute! So yeah, this is the definition of theme music.

    Nothing says, "Hello, nice to meet ya!" quite like the bass thump of a FlyLo beat.
  • Space Harvest

    27 Ago 2009, 18:42

    ...some of the stuff I've been listening to lately. a bit of it is spacy and ambient but funky nonetheless...

    Dr. Who Dat?

    Leon Jean Marie


    Count Bass D

    ^The title for this song is 'You Got It.' It's labeled wrong on youtube


    Black Milk


    ^Check out more of Afta-1's stuff. It's real chill and soulful.

    Almost forgot these guys:

  • re:demptive music.

    16 Jul 2009, 19:13

    some of the stuff that's getting me through the craziness :)
    Sa-Ra Creative Partners

    Mr. SOS

    Mos Def

    Georgia Anne Muldrow



    Damu The Fudgemunk
  • "I'm sending out an S.O.S."

    20 Mar 2009, 0:40

    I am really feeling this this track right now. It's so smooth and moody with a ridiculous sample that kinda does make me wanna escape this ball of rock and gas. The flow/lyrics and the beat compliment each other amazingly well...

    I can't get enough of the video either ^_^

    Dude really needs to drop a new album soon. I can only keep One A.M. in rotation for so long...