Pokemon Gothic and Pokemon Symphonic POKEDEX COMPLETE


2 Ene 2011, 22:29


Yay for special editions.

1. Tarja (Fire)
2. Sharon den Adel (water)
3. Liv Kristine (grass)
4. Anette Olzon (Normal) Can evolve to any type, like Eevee.
5. Amy Lee (Ice)
6. Christina Aguilera (poison/fire)
7. Britney Spears (fire/flying)
8. Roy Khan (dragon/fire)
9. Simone Simons (Fire/Dragon)
10. Michael Jackson (ghost)
11. Nicki Minaj (Steel)
12. Emilie Autumn (dark/water)
13. Robert Westerholt (electric)
14. Tuomas Holopainen (bug) Only females can evolve to Katy Perry
15. Katy Perry (bug/flying)
16. Lady Gaga (electric)
17. Vibeke Stene (Ice)
18. Lisa Middelhauve (fire/psychic)
19. Maxi Nil (ice)
20. Nienke de Jong (poison/dark)
21. Andrea Datwyler (grass)
22. Sabine Edelsbacher (electric)
23. Charlotte Wessels (fighting)
24. Anneke van Giersbergen (flying)
25. Floor Jansen (normal)
26. Kelis (Rock)
27. Madonna (dragon/dark)
28. Ben Moody (fighting)
29. Alexander Krull (dark/ground)
30. Meat Loaf (Ground/Flying)
31. James Hetfield (Dark/Steel)
32. Seal (water/flying)
33. Shakira (ground/fighting)
34. Cristina Scabbia (fire)
35. Martijn Westerholt (grass)
36. Alla Fedynitch (ice/ghost)
37. Nell Sigland (fire)
38. Tim Curry (fighting/grass)
39. Fergie (normal)
40. Jonsu (grass/electric)
41.Michael Kiske (water)
42. Johnny Gioeli (steel)
43. Frida Ohrn (flying)
44.Emily Ovenden (fire)
46. Mark Jansen (dark/poison)
45. Scott Stapp (psychic/fighting)
47. Helen Vogt (steel)
48. Fernando Ribeiro (dark/poison)
49. Peter Steele (steel)
50. Carly Smithson (ghost)
51. Marcela Bovio (fire)
52. Mariangela Demurtas (ground/fighting)
53.Ailyn (flying)
54.Morten Veland (ice)
55. Siobhan Donaghy (Ghost/water)
56. Mutya Buena (Fire/flying)
57. Lotta Höglin (water)
58. P!nk (normal)
59.Sarah Brightman (psychic/dragon)
60. Mana (dark/psychic)
61. Sakis Tolis (ground/steel)
62. Jade Ewen (fire/ground)
63. Amelle Berrabah (grass/ground)
64.Heidi Range (ice/grass)
65.Keisha Buchanan (electric/ground)
66. Taylor Swift (grass)
67. Andrew Fletcher (dark)
68. Martin L. Gore (dark/water)
69. Dave Gahan (dark/electric)
70. Alan Wilder (Dark/ghost)
71. Hannah Montanna (normal) [Miley Cyrus when holding the Disney Stone]
72. Miley Cyrus (normal)
73. "Weird Al" Yankovic (any pokemon can evolve into Weird al with the weird stone and will maintain it's type.)
74. Justin Beiber (Noob/Normal)(When you breed Michael Jackson with Tuomas.)
75. Kanye West (dark/fighting)
76. Justin Timbalake (grass/fighting)
77. Anders Jacobsson (dark/rock)
78. Lisa Johansson (psychic)
79.Sonya Scarlet (ghost/poison)
80. Lord Vampyr (ghost)
81. Lil' Kim (Steel)
82.Lil' Wayne (normal)
83. Chris Barnes (steel)
84. Katie Price (normal)
85. Will Young (normal)
86. 50 Cent(steel)
87. 2Pac (steel)
88. Jay-Z (Rock/Ground)
89. Alica Keys (grass)
90. apl.de.ap (dark/electric)
91. Taboo (dark/electric)
92. Cheryl Cole (water)
93. Nicola Roberts (fire)
94. Usher (dark/fire)
95. Rihanna (fire)
96. Slim Shady (fire)
97.Akon (dark)
98. Leona Lewis(water)
99. Cher Llyod (Normal)
100. Cher (rock)
101. Beyoncé (fire/water)
102.Kim Wilde (rock)
103.Klaus Nomi (dark)
104. Tracey Chapman (fighting/ground)
105. Willow Smith (Electric) [breed Will Smith]
106. Will Smith (Electric)
107. Emma Bunton (normal)
108. Melanie B (normal)
109. Melanie C (normal)
110. Victoria Beckham (normal)
111. Geri Halliwell (normal)
112. Ashley Tisdale (normal)
113. Vanessa Hudgens (dark)
114.T.A.T.U (Electric/rock) (Lena Katina and Julia Volkova in the same party and both over level 18)
115. Lena Katina (electric)
116. Julia Volkova (electric)
117. Shirley Manson (Electric/dark)
118. Ricky Wilson (rock)
119. Candice (fromEths ) (Grass/Steel)
120. Courtney Love (rock)
121. Alanis Morissette (grass)
122. Leona Lewis (water)
123. Brian Molko (rock/dark)
124. Stefan Olsdal (rock)
125. Stephen Fry (steel)
126. Hugh Laurie (steel)
127. David Bowie (electric/rock)
128. Cascada (electric/water)
129. Nelly (ground)
130. Nelly Furtardo (posion)
131. Lily Allen (posion)
132. Freddie Mercury (rock)
133. Kate Bush (pyschic)
134. Luciano Pavarotti (ghost)
135. Johnny Cash (rock/pyschic)
136. David Garret (ice)
137. Alexander Rybak (ice)
138. Christofer Johnsson (steel)
139. Andrew Llyod Webber (dragon)
140. Paul McCartney (rock)
141. Jack Black (rock)
142. Dolly Parton (rock)
143. Ke$ha (electric/fire)
144. Paris Hilton (psychic/grass)
145. Ozzy Osbourne (steel/dark)
146. Elvis Presley (Electric/Ghost)
147. John Lennon (ghost)
148.Rik Waller (normal)
149.Björk (Ice/Dragon)
150.Marcelo Cabuli (Dark/ghost)

Default Moves may include
Bootie Shake

Gym Leaders



Alice Cullen

Doctor Who

Franziska Von Karma

Maya Fey

Mr. Bean

Main Characters - Luke and Flora

Professor J.K Rowling and Professor Layton

Rivals Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Nurse Marco

Officer Emmpu - Always chasing down members of Team Hip Hop

Elite Four: Fantina, Gandulf, Flannery and Voldemort

Champion: Hermione.

===Team Hip Hop===
Exectutive will.i.am
Team: Taboo, apl.de.ap, Fergie, Cheryl Cole, Nicki Minaj and Usher

Exectutive Eminem
Team: Slim Shady, Nicki Minaj, P!nk, Rihanna, Akon and 50 Cent.

Exectutive Missy Elliot
Team: Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Madonna, Usher and Jay-Z.

Exectutive Snoop Dogg
Team: Katy Perry, Alica Keys, Beyoncé, Fergie, Sharon den Adel and Tim Curry.

LeaderSimon Cowell
Team: Cheryl Cole, Rik Waller, Will Young, Leona Lewis, Justin Beiber, and Cher Llyod.
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  • Neytiri_

    oh no you didn't..

    3 Ene 2011, 0:45
  • Fallen0

    Michael Jackson (ghost) xD

    3 Ene 2011, 1:31
  • HallowedNight

    This is the best journal ever written, quite simply. We will have to establish where each live as well.

    3 Ene 2011, 4:12
  • Ssomeonee

    Anneke van Giersbergen: (pure) air/flying --- Floor Jansen: normal ---

    3 Ene 2011, 15:24
  • CGholy

    All added. =) Yeah we should add locations and moves too. XD

    3 Ene 2011, 17:34
  • Anita_Terremoto

    Tuomas bug?? =S Not sure... IMHO he could be water, 'cause he uses to call himself "ocean soul" An EPIC journal though =D

    4 Ene 2011, 22:23
  • vladotheimpaler

    Great journal, some suggestions: Shakira (ground/fighting).

    5 Ene 2011, 0:07
  • HallowedNight

    ...Since I'm blind, is Cristina Scabbia on this list? Must add her if not. Oh and I particularly love Tuomas.

    5 Ene 2011, 0:52
  • g0rike

    WTF? lol i think Sabine Edelsbacher is more like (flying) for edenbridge sabine dunser (ghost/poison) ;( (rip) sharon den adel (ice) for ice queen

    5 Ene 2011, 5:53
  • CGholy

    That works. =D

    5 Ene 2011, 10:23
  • vladotheimpaler

    Helen Vogt (steel), Fernando Ribeiro (dark/poison), Peter Steele (steel), Carly Smithson (ghost?), Marcela Bovio (fire), Mariangela Demurtas (ground/fighting?), Ailyn (flying), Morten Veland (ice). :)

    5 Ene 2011, 20:27
  • spikedylacid

    omg this is amazing ahahahaha

    5 Ene 2011, 22:51
  • ShortSonata

    This is awesome. Awesomely awesome. A new standard of awesome. I LOVE IT.

    6 Ene 2011, 23:20
  • HallowedNight


    7 Ene 2011, 4:15
  • HallowedNight


    7 Ene 2011, 4:23
  • vladotheimpaler

    Lotta Höglin (water), P!nk (normal), Sarah Brightman (psychic/dragon), Mana (the Japanese one) (dark.psychic), Sakis Tolis (ground/steel).

    7 Ene 2011, 6:36
  • CGholy

    I was thinking we could have to special edition with Anette and/or Amy Lee on the cover.

    7 Ene 2011, 17:29
  • CGholy

    Album covers done. ;3

    7 Ene 2011, 22:23
  • Ssomeonee

    Justin Bieber (noob)

    9 Ene 2011, 17:16
  • Ssomeonee

    I think I wrote "Justin Bieber(noob)" and you deleted it. Or it wasn't here at all.

    10 Ene 2011, 15:42
  • CGholy

    Nope it's still there.

    10 Ene 2011, 18:01
  • vladotheimpaler

    Anders Jacobsson (dark/rock), Lisa Johansson (psychic), Sonya Scarlet (ghost/poison), Lord Vampyr (ghost).

    20 Ene 2011, 1:45
  • HallowedNight

    I keep forgetting to say this, but... the album covers are SO amazing! Great job! :D

    20 Ene 2011, 2:53
  • CGholy

    Thanks guys. ;D

    21 Ene 2011, 15:39
  • HallowedNight

    ...So is my computer acting up again or is Pokemon Symphonic version gone?! *cries*

    27 Ene 2011, 0:43
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