• West Coast sound meets east coast England.

    8 Dic 2013, 10:58

    Mon 2 Dec – Jonathan Wilson Wow what can I say excellent night ,great musicianship,great songs,never been so mesmerised for the whole gig,reminded of those summer sounds in the 70s,Eagles,Jackson Browne etc,a great night out.
  • A proper Happy Monday had.

    1 Dic 2013, 18:04

    Mon 25 Nov – Happy Mondays
    Considering I don't own any Happy Mondays records,and don't intend buying any any day soon,it was a very good gig,I admit I went to experiance Bez dancing to see if the hype was as good as the man himself,proven right that Bez is one fit guy in the dancing sense didn't really stop all night,and now I 've seen them I may have to buy something,mind you I did buy a Tee Shirt,and took lots of really bad photos,the guys kept moving so more are blurred than not.An alround good evening..
  • 35 years in the making.

    1 Dic 2013, 17:58

    Sat 30 Nov – BUZZCOCKS
    had a great time at a great gig,three bands plus the Buzzcocks,bought my first single by the band in 1978,Promises on a 45,remember them,and then in 79 bought everybody's happy nowadays,bit dissappointed as they didn't sing that one at the gig,bought a couple of badges for me and and girlfriend Sheena...who incedentally is a punk rocker,must have sung all their other well known songs....well and truly chuffed,anoyher band off my must see sometime soon list.
  • The Adventures of Andy Kershaw

    24 Nov 2013, 10:43

    Sat 23 Nov – Andy Kershaw

    Arrived a wee bit early and went to have a preshow drink with my current lady Sheena,not a punk rocker.Was able to say a quick hello to Andy and Buster in the bar,before the preshow fun started,some guy decided he wanted to chat to Andy and his drunken attempts ended in him being removed before the show even began.
    Not dissappointed the show consisted of tales about records that changed his life,travels that did the same but more importantly the people who not only featured heavily but also made him who he is today,likes of John Walters ,John Peel,Biggie Tembo and Ali Farke Toure amongs't others.
    I have followed his radio career and he has cost me a fortune in Cds,in the great stuff he plays and recommends,so to finally meet chat with and shake the hand was a thrill...Andy Kershaw made my day,year well fulfilled all my dreams in one night....thats sounds sad but it was that good.
  • About time.

    15 Mar 2013, 18:20

    Mon 11 Mar – Johnny Marr, F.U.R.S.
    I bought the first Smiths album on Vinyl not long after release because I loved What difference does it make when it came out on single and then bought from a friend a copy of This Charming man on a 45,then didn't really bother until bought Louder than bombs on CD in 88,and then a few best ofs along the way.
    Going to see Johnny Marr in concert to promote his first ever solo album after he's been around for nearly 30 years is an odd one,but a good one,the gig was brilliant playing a mixture of his new stuff,Smiths songs and some Electronic stuff tooJohnny Marr
  • Bellowhead gig.

    7 Dic 2010, 17:54

    Sun 28 Nov – Bellowhead.
    My girlfreind,Jessy and me attended this gig together,I knew of bellowhead from when they performed at the proms last year,but Jessy had no idea other than they were English folk of some description.I had a really good time,jessy was very pleased she had seen them ,and was surprised and had her ideas about english folk turned around.Good band Good gig and very good company.
  • I'm only Human.

    7 Dic 2010, 17:47

    Mon 29 Nov – The Human League, (We Are) Performance.
    went to the gig with my son and my girlfreind jessy,Thought during first number I'd made a mistake,but they improved.waited all these years to finally see them but it was the company I was with that made this gig so good.

    3 Dic 2009, 20:34

    Sun 29 Nov – Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle Tour 2009This gig was well worth waiting thirty years to see,well for me anyway.He started the gig with a tune I didnt know but then threw himself straight into The Pleasure Principle.some great synths being played and the sound was fantastically like the album qaulity.he dedicated Complex to Paul Gardiner,a producer I think who passed away during the year.After the album he played some more upto date stuff and of course Are FReinds Electric,although an updated version.he encored with We are Glass and something else i didnt know.the lights and special effects were excellent.
  • best band I seen for ages.

    7 Sep 2009, 14:43

    Thu 3 Sep – The Hot SeatsThis is the first time I've seen this band,and what a treat it was.They played a mixture of Bluegrass ,Jug band music and I guess what is classed as Old Timey.Some tunes I knew like Blind Boy Fullers Rag Mama Rag,but the others whether old songs or Original sounded old.It was a treat to see a american Folkie group so close to home,mine that is.It was also well supported which was good,and I am already looking forward to their next visit.It was also good being able to actually chat to the band in the interval and after the gig.