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18 Abr 2008, 1:31

Should be fairly obvious what this is about, anyway.

1. Jimmy Eat World - Ummmm... ummm... I didn't like that Chase This Light had Gotta Be Somebody's Blues wedged in the middle of it. To me, it seemed really out of place on such a happy sounding album. And that's how trivial I have to get before I can criticise JEW in any way whatsoever.

2. Tiger Army - Only one UK show in the whole of 2008? And in London? Cliched and plain unfair to those of us who don't live in the South.
Also, cutting down on the amount of songs per album and stopping numbering them is annoying, too.

3. Within Temptation - I really don't like the nasal vocals on the earlier albums.

4. The Wildhearts - I can't really think of anything bad to say... however, you ruined Nite Songs. It was a lovely two minute song, but it's unlistenable because of the 25 minute laughter loop at the end of it. =(

5. McFly - I wish they weren't so damn good, then I wouldn't them so high up my chart! I'm always slightly ashamed that they're in my Top 5, haha.

6. Fall Out Boy - I just wish Pete would stop drawing so much attention to them now.

7. Evanescence - Not playing My Immortal at your biggest UK appearance in years just because you're fed up of it wasn't the cleverest move, and left a lot of people disappointed, especially those who hadn't seen them before like myself.

8. Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood. I've TRIED to like it, but I just can't.

9. My Chemical Romance - I think they need to do an album just as themselves really, instead of always having stories. It's easier to detract from a band who constantly uses costumes and concepts, because it can suggest that the songs are lacking in some way.

10. Say Anything - Not a criticism against them, but In Defense Of The Genre came out months ago in the US and I still haven't seen a single copy in the UK. Get it sorted, please.

11. Kelly Clarkson - My December really needed better promotion, as it was fantastic, and yet really underperformed. It was such a shame. I also hope that she doesn't fall back onto Breakaway too much on the next album, because playing it safe would be a shame also.

12. Linkin Park - Really disappointed me in an interview when they refused to confirm that Hands Held High was about the Bush administration and the war on Iraq when asked, even though the lyrics are fairly obvious in that way. Also really needed more uptempo songs on Minutes to Midnight.

13. Marilyn Manson - Should concentrate more on the music and less on the image, sometimes.

14. Avenged Sevenfold - Using vocoders is NOT COOL. Lost was ruined by the use of them. Not playing A Little Piece of Heaven live was crap too, even though I can understand how hard it would be to get right.

15. The Ataris - Were really boring live, and didn't even play Boys of Summer when I saw them. Also had the worst support acts I've EVER seen.

16. Nightwish - I still can't bring myself to like the pre-Annette songs. They're good songs, I like the songs themselves... but I have an irrational dislike of Tarja as a person, and so that stops me from appreciating most of their material properly.

17. Natalie Imbruglia - The shoddy greatest hits album. Everything on it was amazing, but would have worked better had everything on it actually been a single. 9 singles and 5 new tracks made it seem really unnecessary.

18. Paramore - Need to take attention away from Hayley somehow, even if it causes arguments with the label in the process.

19. The Fray - Release something else already, goddamnit!

20. Cold - Should never have split up. It saddens me to think I'll probably never see them now Terry Balsamo is in Evanescence.

21. Garbage - Really need to record something... you can't let it be the end! I know Shirley has solo stuff going on, but get back together again afterwards, please?

22. Maroon 5 - Had really poor promotion for Won't Go Home Without You, which to me is their best song and therefore should have been everywhere, instead of being poorly promoted and underachieving.
Also, the debut album is really fucking same-y.

23. Brand New - As much as I love them, they really need to climb out of their own asses a bit. Oh, and they need to tour the UK, too.

24. Nine Inch Nails - Ummm... I dunno. Stop releasing so many remix albums? They feel a little like an excuse to get more money out of the fans on occasion.

25. Finch - Play moar UK dates.

...I do actually really like all these bands, even though it may not sound so here. I'm just too easily ticked off by silly minor things, evidently.
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  • mindismovinglow

    TARJA > ANNETTE I just don't like Annette's voice very much. Have you heard her pre-Nightwish band? She belongs more to a Heart sound than Nightwish.

    18 Abr 2008, 3:59
  • CB2610

    Ummmm... they got back together.

    22 Abr 2008, 23:27
  • CB2610

    Yeah, they got back together end of last year and (proving my criticism somewhat wrong) are doing a UK tour next month.

    24 Abr 2008, 16:50
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