Album Spotlight: "Dear You" by Jawbreaker


19 Ago 2008, 3:54

I haven't written in my journal here in years, and even then I never really was active on it. I've decided it would be fun to occasionally update it from now on with my thoughts on music, what I've been listening to, etc, and to start this off...

Album Spotlight: Dear You, by Jawbreaker

Every once in a while you'll come across an artist or album from several (sometimes many) years ago, that blows your mind and completely alters the way you look at music, or just generally puts your life on a different course, even if only slightly. For me, one of these albums has been "Dear You" by Jawbreaker.

It has only been a year or so, if that, since I heard it for the first time. A good friend of mine, Adam, had always sung the praises of Jawbreaker and finally he loaned me his album for me to copy. My immediate reaction wasn't overwhelming, it was really something I had to adjust to. The second time I listened to the album though, something clicked and I began to really appreciate it.

The most obviously awesome thing about "Dear You" is that is is soaking in catchy hooks, while still maintaining a distinct sound that doesn't reserve itself to standard pop. It is not a pop album, though it is hard to nail it down with any genre. Jawbreaker are historically a punk band and there is certainly a gritty punk edge to the music, but there is some pop influence in it, a little emo. Whatever you want to call it, though, it is solid. It has epic climaxes (i.e. the last few bars of Sluttering (May 4th), the first chorus of Accident Prone, and the intro of Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault, to name a few) and a strong mix of high moments and low moments. Its an album that feels like the order of the songs and the general progression of feelings is really deliberate. This may be because it was done just that way, or because the songs are just so strong that it feels that way.

The highlight on repeated listens though, has to be the lyrics. There isn't a line on the entire album I don't like, or would change at all. Blake's lyrics have a way to draw attention to themselves in a very good way. The themes of the songs are different, to keep it interesting, but each emotion and story told is clearly heartfelt and with certain poetry that I struggle to find anything to compare it to.

If you haven't heard "Dear You," you must. Listen to it three or four times, start to finish, and listen close.


  • duckboystump

    the standout track for me is oddly the unlisted track. it always struck me as strange that probably the best song (lyrically) isnt even in the liner notes! anyways, good review. dear you will always be one of my favorite albums

    19 Ene 2009, 0:39
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