Queensrÿche Live in Anaheim (May 27, 2007)


30 May 2007, 2:23

Sun 27 May – Queensrÿche

A few days ago, I attended my first Queensrÿche show. I have been a fan of the band for quite a few years, but for some reason I never spent the time/money to see one of their live shows (something which I now regret).

The first interesting point was the location of this venue. Whoever's idea it was to open a concert venue right in the middle of fucking Disneyland needs to die a slow, horrible death. After about an hour of driving around, I realized that I actually had to park in the "Mickey and Friends" garage and then walk to the venue, which I found to be borderline ridiculous. At any rate, I eventually found the venue (and then stood in the wrong line for another 30 minutes, not a great start to the evening so far) and waited for the show to start. We were let in at 8:00pm, and an hour later, the lights dimmed and Queensrÿche took the stage.

There was some argument among the crowd as to whether they would be performing the same setlist as previous shows, playing all of Operation: Mindcrime and its "sequel" Operation: Mindcrime II, but as soon as the first notes of The Whisper rang out, we all knew it was going to be something different.

The first thing that really caught my attention was Geoff Tate. This man is a fantastic singer on album, but I had heard that he wasn't quite the live singer he used to be. I have to say, however, nothing I heard that night lent any credibility to these statements. He tore through even the oldest and most difficult-to-sing songs in their catalogue with great aplomb, with The Whisper being one of his standout performances of the evening. After that, however, things got a little different.

For the first hour of the show, excepting the aforementioned The Whisper and Breaking the Silence, the band seemed to be playing a "The Worst of Queensrÿche" set. I may be a little biased in saying this as I don't care for their more recent works, but the band chose to play some extremely obscure non-album tracks from their more recent efforts that most of the crowd didn't recognize, and none of the crowd seemed to appreciate. After the first 9 songs, I was beginning to fear the whole evening would be like this, but after a little story about how the next song came about, Tate announced The Lady Wore Black off their fantastic debut EP, which was met with a deafening roar by the crowd. After a few more recent songs, the show really began to pick up with Another Rainy Night (Without You).

From that point on, the show turned into something really incredible, and it became apparent how this band got as hugely popular as it did in the late 80s. Although I was always more a fan of their earlier outings like Queensrÿche and The Warning, the material off their more commercial outings Operation: Mindcrime and Empire worked very well in a live setting, with plenty of audience participation.

I guess it's time to mention the setlist:
The Whisper
Breaking the Silence
I'm American
Sign of the Times
Desert Dance
When the Rain Comes...
Until There Was You
The Lady Wore Black
Real World
The Right Side of My Mind
The Hands
Another Rainy Night (Without You)
I Don't Believe in Love
Eyes of a Stranger
Walk in the Shadows
Take Hold of the Flame
Jet City Woman
Silent Lucidity

So all in all, it was a very good show. One thing I thought was sort of weird was that Tate came out with long hair, last I checked it was short (a wig perhaps? LOL). The setlist towards the beginning of the show was a little disappointing, and some classics like Queen of the Reich and Revolution Calling were sorely missed. Also, their new guitarist is terribly uninteresting and looks like he might be Joe Satriani in disguise. Regardless, this is probably the only opportunity I'll have to see Queensrÿche perform in a club as opposed to an arena, and it's a show I think I'll remember for a long time.


  • zedstuff


    30 May 2007, 4:34

    Nice review! Pretty descent setlist overall - several I would have loved to hear and as you said, a few good ones missing too. I'm glad to hear that his vocals are still good! Lucky you got to go to this show!

    31 May 2007, 1:30
  • Opeth_Master

    Hey great review sheriff! I love the older stuff too and have seen them many times. Their original O:M tour was the best by far. However, anytime they play lots of stuff from TW, RFO, O:M, and E, I am happy. I've been a fan of theirs since the beginning. Geoff is awesome although his voice has seen better days. I heard him in the early 80's. I loved them when they toured with IM and Rob Halford in the late 90's. I saw them in Milwaukee and they were brilliant!

    1 Jun 2007, 3:37
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