• Calexico nailed Paradiso

    22 Nov 2012, 8:48

    Calexico nailed Paradiso. An excellent performance; moving, surprising and fascinating. Songs from the new album Algiers were welcomed with applause.
    The first set was rather serious, due to the more profound and deeper songs on the playlist. Only to burst into an exuberant party in the second set. Calexico invited Blind Pilot back on stage to celebrate the birthday of one of their bandmembers. 'We just can't stop playing', exclaimed Calexico frontman Joey Burns during the encore. A confession that was gratefully recieved by the audience. Once Calexico starts playing, you don't want them to stop. Great musicians, fabulous songs and an overwhelming stage performance make it just perfect. Leaving us, hoping they might soon return to the Netherlands.

    Wed 21 Nov – Calexico + Blind Pilot
  • Ah's and oh's with Fink & Concertgebouworkest

    2 May 2012, 12:05

    The Sun 29 Apr – Koninginnenachtconcert was a magnificent treat for the mind and soul. The sound of the Royal Concert Hall is fantastic and Fink really made the most of this very special cooperation with the orchestra.
    This was one of those concerts that you never want to forget. Music that goes so deep it settles itself in your ears, your brain, your whole body. Goosebumps all over. I'm proud I was a witness to this splendid cooperation of modern and classical music.
  • White Lies at Rockin Park

    29 Jun 2010, 11:25

    Sun 27 Jun – Rockin' Park 2010

    White Lies deliverd a great performance in Nijmegen. Regrettably the band acted a bit shy on stage, almost like they were playing in a small theatre in stead of a big festival with thousands listening.
    But people standing in the first 20 rows had a great time. The bands energy was contagious. Leadsinger Harry McVeigh played the audience with his catching voice and aroused people to jump, clap and sing along the fabulous songs. The band itself was enjoying playing on this festival very much.
    White Lies played a few new songs, that make me look out for a possibly great new album. With song that are again very catchy, with great build up and breaks and lyrics that get into your head. A band I'd like to hear a lot more of!