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Your pussys glued to a building on fire
I paint my mind just cuz I'm alive
If you see me roaming the hillside
Won't you come along?
You paint your eyes
Mine are in the sky

In these times the wind surpasses the tide
when the wake ups hard to find
dreams make up for your life

Every time is contained in now
Now is only time anything happens
Though one moments shot
In infinity's rounds
Now is the one time

Do you throw it in the well
Wishing you had someone to tell
What it was that you wished for
So it couldn't come true anymore

Exclaimations feel
The fall you're set to conceal

Love is distance and blue sits like apples bite
And flows through our hands

So their smiles paves the way
Sand drifts with waves
And clouds my head cuz I’m a fortune fellah’s bed

And I’m the tunes played by the goons
Who ride in fairy’s wombs

Who wears dead butterflies on his face
And is hoping to grow wings

Dives head first into a hole in the water
Drives side to side like a floating machine
Dove dancing to a fable told in a sea of disintigration
Crawl to a celebration of dirt that leaves that taste like wine

To rewind would be to recline.
Hit the pounds underlying gently
Ride on the side
Tell your problems to zero
He’s got nothing to hide.

I can't disguise the things I do
And things i say have a way of hurting you
I'm over there
These dreams are all i have left
I've nothing to spare
I wonder who in the single thing
Made this night and this ugly dreams

Everytime I fake it
Devils crawl thru me
I'm ashamed when I ignore the voices that agree

Thoughts ill read you yet, thought to be unreal
Never ending bet, something to conceal
The thoughts I find forget, I spin them in my wheel
Plesure that we get, gets to lose its feel

So you like the way we're entertwining
When notes come to you

You’re the one in the sky when you go
You know your wind. the planets grow
Your in the sun, you face it to go

Aside from the leaves that fall
You know its been justified.
You gotta take it in your stride
Besides the nightmares
That lie before you,
You've always found a reason
To stay happy to be alive

Forgive me if I cry
Look when you lifted the sky
Everybody emptied their slime
Those memories stole my side

Everybody's trying to leave Millions left this place before us Now we all want to leave also Restless angels fall on a slide Leading to the doom that's before them I have seen that feelings can't wait To arise. Icicles are flames in this city Everything is what it is not Each thing diametrically opposed to itself

I could be happy in infinity Of the space of my eyelid But I know I’m somewhere else Where the words on this page Are better than the scribling nonsense they are.

I will play some light from the sun
The world by my side
And I will see dawn as a forlorn maiden in the sky
And I will play a song of thunder you may recognize

It's been so long
Since I've seen the sun
Yeah life lasts so long
That the harm is all gone

Hidden in a place of darkness
Heaven is so cold with blackness.

Always smile from the street
You hold my heart in my hands while I’m beat
Oh yer always on the decline
You take another sip of wine
A toast to us
Your the one with the stars