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Red Sparowes

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Desde el Jueves 17 de Noviembre de 2011 hasta el Jueves 17 de Mayo de 2012 Desde siempre

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Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
And By Our Own Hand Did Every Last Bird Lie Silent In Their Puddles, The Air Barren… 1:17 2
Alone and Unaware, the Landsca 1
A Message Of Avarice Rained Down And Carried Us Away to False Dreams Of Endless… 7:23 1
Millions Starved And Became Skinnier And Skinnier While Our Leaders Became Fatter… 10:41 1
Error Has Turned Animals Into Men, and to Each the Fold Repeats 5:38 1
Truths Arise 1:48 1
In Illusions Of Order 7:34 1
Giving Birth To Imagined Saviors 6:07 1