The support that could


20 Mar 2010, 18:27

Fri 19 Mar – Isbells, VENcE

Isbells are a musical collective from Ghent, Belgium that produce atmospheric and intimate music, compared by some to Fleet Foxes. They did a set promoting their debut album Isbells. Using their voices, several types of acoustic guitars, a mandolin, ukulele, slide guitar and more, they attempted to reach the Vera-crowd and in some cases did.

Well, I'm sure musical taste is a highly personal thing and I saw many a happy face during the performance. To me however Isbells just sounded like lots of "oooohoooohoooo" and "lalaaalalaaa" with two notes on an otherwise unused bass guitar. Reverb galore, lyrics that didn't really do anything for me and a distant sort of stage-attitude that may have been caused by nerves. According to my girlfriend, Isbells' music is girly music: all cuddles and no sex. I tend to agree.

To me this concert would have been a wasted night, were it not for the support act - or foreplay to stick to the metaphor - VENcE. Now here's a bunch of talented musicians! Cello, violin, guitar, vocals, a great little drum kit combined with a variety of influences and bold creativity got the crowd a-foot tapping in no time. These guys clearly thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing together and the way they were doing it. The variation in their songs made listening a most pleasant experience. This band might go far. Go get their album The Beggar's Butler.


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