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Atoms for PeaceAmok 24 Ago 9:41
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This your man from Chi-Town The Windy City Chicago...I'm a Hip-Hop Head although I can play anything almost. Cheers to the REAL music....
"Feeling good feeling great...feeling great feeling good how are you?"
"I think in life it is important to explore as many avenues as you can - you don't know what talent sleeps within your soul, mind and physical body until the day you decide to give something ago."-sari_kirsty

The feeling of being 12 years old and waking up in the middle
of the night and somebody in yo room. Yo heart starts beating so fast
you can hear it pumping. The veins in yo temple pulsate as you stare at
the intruder. Then after a few minutes you realize he ain't moving. So
finally you let 'em hang and turn on the light and the killer turns into
yo coat throwed over the chair.

The feeling of sitting at the red light early in the morning and two or
three motherfuckers cross the street. Yo senses heighten, reflexes
sharpen vision's enhanced adrenaline flows as they rush across the
street you leave the print from the heater grip in yo palm then yo heart
rate and breathing drag back to normal as you realize these niggas just
goin' to the store.

Many of us mistake Phobia for true fear. Whereas fear is a gift from
God to be used for self-preservation. Phobia are obstacles strategically
placed in society by opposers of positive existence. Through
stereotyping, innuendo, false documentation, and glorification they'll
turn your fear switch to a permanent on. We can change this by changing
the small truth within' the lie. Death is a small price to pay for
You know who it is.
You know what it is. Peace out.
-Big Rube, poet, on OutKast's-Phobia

"Too Blessed to be Stressed!"
^Thanks to
Love doesn't just exist it is created - hate doesn't just exist it is created - we create it.
^Thanks to
WORST RAPPER NAME: Cool Nutz. and Mr. Man and Boob of Philly's Most Wanted (Boo-Bonic, Boob's the shortened version)
WORST CLOTHING LINE IN RAP: Shady Limited Gear exclusively @ K-Mart, "Twizm" by Shaq, Shago, lol..SHAGO, by Lil Bow Wow, Hurricanes by game and P. Miller sneakers.
Best Hair-Do Trends: Hi-Top Fade or Dread Locks on top of a fade, like the sides is shaved and the top looks like a palm tree or suttin'.

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