• MY Top 10 Producers In Hip-Hop History

    7 Ene 2012, 8:48

    This isn't a ranking of the statistical best producers in rap history. These are MY personal favorite 10. Producers like Marley Marl, Rick Rubin, The Bomb Squad, Timbaland are definitely in the top 10 producers ever as fact. But I have other producers that swerve in my lane of taste more so then the aforementioned sound masters. The order 1 through 10 is in personal favorite ranking. GO LARGE PRO! (*P.S. maybe I'll one day do a journal on the statistical best producers in Hip-Hop. Yeah, Dre's king. Drop Detox man, you can keep working out building up your chest like fifty cent used to look but make the album already).


    1. Large Professor

    I've been spinning Beatz Vol. 1 (2006) and Beatz Vol. 2 (2007) non-stop for a week plus. These sonic concoctions are perpetual gifts to the ears and soul that reinvigorate your hope in...anything. Music, Life, HIP-HOP, even if it seems to be at a dismal low.

    Reppping Flushing, Queens, Large Professor a.k.a. Large Pro a.k.a. Extra P began his voyage into music producing for the likes of Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo and Eric B. & Rakim (the PRIME MC/DJ Pairings of the 80's/early 90's, maybe Rap HISTORY). A true genius, he mastered the SP-1200, the top machine to craft instrumentals in the 90's. He taught DJ Premier how to use it. Wow right? Great minds think alike. Large Professor's sound is unique. You can't off the bat specify what it sounds like. It sounds, his style, very brainy, like "Mad Scientist" a classic instrumental. Or it can sound drum heavy and murderous like "Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball". Or it can sound up-beat and fun like "Vamos A Rapiar". "Looking At The Front Door" is the premier breakup song that helps one to cope and overcome a relationship and is also my favorite Rap song ever. The most sampled instrumental-song in Rap History, Bob James-"Nautilus" was probably best utilized by Large Pro who also hosted the arguable best posse cut in Hip-Hop History with "Live At The Barbeque".
    The Proof is in the Puddin': Fave Top 5 Beats he's produced.
    1. "Fakin' The Funk"-Main Source Feat. Neek The Exotic (1992)
    2. "Looking At The Front Door"-Main Source-Breaking Atoms (1991)

    3. "For My People"-Large Professor (1996)
    4. "The Heist ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Rock Marciano"-Busta Rhymes (1999)
    5. "You're Da Man"-Nas (2001)

    2. J Dilla (A.K.A. Jay Dee)

    Where the hell do you place the top 5 of Dilla's beats ever? His output was literally HUNDREDS of instrumentals crafted, the second in Rap History of musical output to only DJ Premier who may have more instrumentals created. All he did was WORK. He reigns supreme as the BEST UNDERGROUND PRODUCER EVER, in MUSIC. James Dewitt Yancey died in 2006, a definitely short life, but achieved SO MUCH in his time. His stature has probably grown even more in his passing. The best handler of samples in rap history. Spefically Soul samples. He evokes all that is classic of the material he samples while crafting a new sound, that becomes classic in itself. Dilla regenerated the past wealth of yesteryear's music Gods and reintroduced the sounds to new generations for all to love. He breathed life into any track he produced. Even his 20-30 second instrumentals on his various beat tapes are classic. Donuts (2006) is easily the best Hip-Hop instrumental compilation I've ever heard and may ever hear, which isn't a bad thing at all. Not only is Detroit proud of it's Native Son, but the WORLD is thankful and blessed to have experienced his life and sound.
    1. "Fall N Love"-Slum Village (2000)
    2. "Runnin'"-The Pharcyde (1995)
    3. "Secrets Of The Sand (Jay Dee Remix)"-Mood (1997)
    4. "Players"-Slum Village
    5. "The Light"-Common (2000)

    3. RZA

    The RZA has the most distinct trademarked sound style in Hip-Hop. Swords clang and slash through your ears and kung-fu punches and dialogue flood throughout every other beat he's made. You know a RZA beat when you hear it. A master of spinning Soul samples as well, he can transform a sugary sweet, soft soul-ballad 70's song into depressing, shadowy, yet somehow energetic music. Lethargic and bleak sounding, like "C.R.E.A.M." that somehow sparks your inner self with Energy and a positive outlook on life. In my opinion, RZA has, of any Rap Producer, the claim of the most, and best produced LP's. Wu-Tang Clan-36 Chambers: Enter The Wu-Tang, Raekwon-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..., GZA-Liquid Swords, are only a sprinkling of the great albums he produced. Those three albums are easily in Rap's top 15 or so albums ever. (Not to mention Method Man-Tical, ODB-Return To 36 Chambers, Ghostface Killah-Ironman being classics he produced as well).
    1. "Knowledge God"-Raekwon (1995)
    2. "4th Chamber feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest"-GZA (1995)
    3. "C.R.E.A.M."-Wu-Tang Clan (1993)
    4. "Hollow Bones"-Wu Tang-Clan (2000)
    5. "Black Jesus"-Ghostface Killah (1996)

    4. Pete Rock

    Pete Rock is the remix king in Hip-Hop. Biggie, Nas, Black Star, Das Efx, House Of Pain, Run-DMC, EPMD, Redman, Naughty By Nature, M.O.P., The Lost Boyz, Lords Of The Underground, KRS-One, Gang Starr, Ed O.G., Cormega, Brand Nubian, AZ, Big L, MICHAEL JACKSON all rocked with Pete for remixes. Pete Rock also holds the throne for the best instrumental in Rap History, arguably (not really arguable). "T.R.O.Y." is a loud siren-call that screams as loud as the sampled horns on the track. It calls to Hip-Hop that this music, called Rap, is, and can be, serious ART. Pete was probably the most sought after producer in Hip-Hop in the early 90's and he cranked out beats as easily as drawing air. Producing a classic debut with C.L. Smooth, "The Mecca and The Soul Brother" is in the talks of top 10 produced Rap LP's ever. Pete and C.L.! Reunite! Please!
    1. "Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)-Public Enemy (1991)
    2. "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)"-Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (1992)
    3. "The World Is Yours"-Nas (1994)
    4. "Flow On (Pete Rock Remix)"-Lords Of The Underground (1994)
    5. "Tha Game"-Pete Rock ft. Raekwon, Prodigy, Ghostface Killah (1998)[

    5. Havoc

    The best in Rap History at the grimy, dark sound period. Your blood bubbles hot, then frosts over cold when you hear a Havoc track. Havoc is the producing/rhyming half of Mobb Deep. After their debut "Juvenile Hell" with production from mainly other producers other than themselves, Mobb Deep still had no unique organic sound. Enter "The Infamous" (1995). The album is a soundtrack for everything dark and murderous in life. From beginning to end it's bone-chilling perfection. "Hell On Earth" (1996) is even DARKER and sounds like it was recorded in Hell itself. Havoc can also lace other acts than his own, giving Biggie, Nas, Jadakiss, even Tha Dogg Pound classic beats. Murda Muzik=Mobb Deep.
    1. "Survival Of The Fittest"-Mobb Deep (1995)
    2. "Shook Ones Pt. II"-Mobb Deep (1995)
    3. "Still Shinin'"-Mobb Deep (1996)
    4. "G.O.D. Pt. III"-Mobb Deep (1996)
    5. "Quiet Storm"-Mobb Deep (1999)

    6. DJ Premier

    Some feel Preemo is the best producer in Hip-Hop, even above Dr. Dre. He's made more apperances on classic Rap albums then any other producer. Proof: Nas-Illmatic, Stillmatic, Jay-Z-Reasonable Doubt, Notorious B.I.G.-Ready To Die, Life After Death not to mention all the Gang Starr albums. A Premier instrumental is instantly recognizable, with dusty drums and obscure samples flooded throughout. He probably uses samples in the most original ways than any producer. Whether it's water drops on Jeru The Damaja's "Come Clean" or a song from the 1920's Lee Erwin's "Thief of Baghdad" for Nas-"Represent". With Guru, he formed Gang Starr where his producing talents truely shined the best. R.I.P. Guru and let's cherish the time we have with DJ Premier.
    1. "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers"-Chubb Rock, O.C., Jeru The Damaja (1995)
    2. "Supa Star"-Group Home (1995)
    3. "Take It Personal"-Gang Starr (1992)
    4. "Bring It On"-Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money & Jaz-O (1996)
    5. "Nas Is Like"-Nas (1999)

    7. Organized Noize

    Possibly the most underrated production act in Hip-Hop, solo OR group producer wise. Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown are the Holy Trinity of beat making. Their sound is unique, can't be copied, inimitable. Their tracks have a distinct southern fried hotness to it, that can be frenetic, or slow as syrup if wanted. But their sound isn't really southern, it's regionless. A rapper from the West, or Midwest, East, could make an Organized Noize track sound ill. O-Noize can even master R&B, composing arguably TLC's best song ever, "Waterfalls", top 10 songs of the 1990's easily in music. The orchestrators for The Dungeon Family (OutKast, Goodie Mob, others), the three instrumentalists have classic LP's under their belts for days and days. OutKast-Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, ATLiens, Aquemini and Goodie Mob-Soul Food are easily all 5 Mic albums, 5 Stars, 10's out of 10's. A plus plusses.
    1. "Skew It On The Bar-B"-OutKast feat. Raekwon (1998)
    2. "Elevators (Me & You)"-OutKast (1996)
    3. "They Don't Dance No Mo'"-Goodie Mob (1998)
    4. "Crumblin' Erb"-OutKast (1994)
    5. "Waterfalls"-TLC (1994)

    8. Erick Sermon

    The master of funk in Rap. Arguably has a funkier sound then even Dr. Dre. E-Dubb's sound started out in 1987/1988 with his business partner in rhyme Parish Smith a.k.a. PMD. The two linked together to craft "Strictly Business", one of the best debuts in music history. The East Coast had hardly ever dabbled in blatant funk sounds, E-Serm sampling Zapp & Roger, Rick James, Kool & The Gang, Funkadelic and James Brown to name a few. Juggling his own groups beat making, he handed out beats to (while discovering) Redman, K-Solo, Keith Murray and Das Efx in the 90's. Bumping Erick Sermon you want to wild out, but more likely you'll want to just...chill...and smoke...drank...with out of this planet grooves and intergalactic melodies.
    1. "So What Cha Sayin'"-EPMD (1989)
    2. "Pick It Up"-Redman (1996)
    3. "Get Lifted"-Keith Murray (1994)
    4. "How High"-Method Man & Redman (1995)
    5. "Symphony 2000"-EPMD ft. Method Man, Redman & Lady Luck (1999)

    9. Da Beatminerz

    In my opinion these two, Mr. Walt and Evil Dee created the "Underground Sound" for Hip-Hop circa 1993. With murky basslines and abysmal, deliciously dark backgrounds with a swirl of hopeful soul samples, you arrive at a coagulated genius-inspiring custom made sound. You want to lace up your Steel-Toe construction boots and don a loose hoody when you hear Da Beatminerz. Mainstay in-house production team for The Boot Camp Clik & Duck Down Records, the duo dished out classically produced LP's for starving ears in the 90's. Black Moon-Enta Da Stage, Smif 'N' Wessun-Dah Shinin', Heltah Skeltah-Nocturnal are all easily classic albums not only beat wise, but lyric wise as well. The duo have a distinct "dirty" sound complete with wizzing crackles and pops and clever sample flips that can make the most serenading soul sample sound like War Music. Not to mention their DRUMS, the best in Hip-Hop since The Jungle Brothers in the 80's. Their custom drums sound like the planet is crashing in half with every kick and snare. Like the drum sticks split into splinters and the kick drum hitter tears and punches through the drum itself. Listen to Da Beatminerz and you are transported to the grimiest environments you could imagine.
    1. "I Got Cha Opin (Remix)"-Black Moon (1993)
    2. "Buck Em Down"-Black Moon (1993)
    3. "No Fear"-O.G.C. (Originoo Gun Clappaz) (1996)
    4. "Sound Bwoy Bureill"-Smif-N-Wessun (1995)
    5. "Bucktown"-Smif-N-Wessun (1995)

    10. Dr. Dre

    Yes, you were probably scanning down the list like "where the frick is the Doctor?". Dre is yes, the greatest producer in rap for simply being in N.W.A. (top 10 groundbreaking groups in Rap History), producing a bevy of classic albums from Snoop Dogg, N.W.A., Eminem, not to mention his two own solo albums, (Both being in the top 10 Produced Rap LP's discussion). Not to mention all the beats he's given to classic artists: 2pac, Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-Z, Scarface, the list goes on. His sound is the most memorable in arguably contemporary music as a whole. I just wish he'd stop procrastinating and make Detox already. Or at least make SUPER-CLASSIC beats for other artists like he used to do consistently. But that aside, Dre utilizes technology to the fullest and stays ahead of even younger cats when making beats. He reinvents himself consistently to birth new sounds (ala G-Funk in the 90's), and will always be in demand. A true maestro. The Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop.
    1. "Approach To Danger"-N.W.A. (1991)
    2. "Natural Born Killaz"-Dr. Dre & Ice Cube (1994)
    3. "Deep Cover"-Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (1992)
    4. "Been There Done That"-Dr. Dre (1997)
    5. "Let Me Ride"-Dr. Dre (1992)

  • The Best Artists In Music According To Me From 2000-2009

    24 Jun 2011, 13:14

    These are all gonna be rap artists because rock died around early 2000's with that whole limp bizkit/korn era, R&B is for females and children under ten years old, nobody gives enough props to soul/neo-soul album sales wise. and country's been horrible from inception. im a hip-hop head, whut do you expect. these were my fave artists in that started off nice then tipped the fuck down decade. All things must come up though so keep YOUR head up while everything around you is down. Vietnam-sayin?
    ok, all praises due to the vanglorious impeccable KE3 who put me on to this website i believe, him or Lukash101. well anyway all cred goes to KE3 for this journal idea, I dont bite the hand that feeds, i shake it.
    KE3 stands for "Kintaye Edwards The Third, chill cause if you fuck with Kintaye Edwards The Third then nigga that's my word"-Joe Budden "Through The Wire" Freestyle
    lolll....yeah. "Let's get it started" like a horrible black guy peas song. I mean "eyed".

    Here's my top 10.

    MF Doom

    His career could have ended when his brother's life did. R.I.P. Subroc of KMD. Zev Love X would transform into a metal-clad-faced literal rap villain in appearance by the name of MF Doom. Dropping the debut solo classic Operation Doomsday in 1999, he would go on to drop plentiful albums under alter-ego monikers Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah. Also dropped really good collab-duo albums that could be in the top 3, 4, or 5 of rap's best albums in their respective years, such as Madvillainy with Madlib in 2004, and DangerDoom with DJ Danger Mouse in 2005. Doom as he goes by now, no more "MF" prior to the Doom, also made probably the best instrumental collection in rap this decade with his Special Herbs Vol. 1-10 series.

    The Californian was busy as HELL, IS busy as hell in the past 10 years. First off in 2000 dropping the helium high squealed voiced debut of Quasimoto, his alter-ego. The Unseen is easily top 10 rap lp's of 2000 and the follow up of Quasi in '05 The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas is up there as well. Funky, Jazzy, Quirky, Dark, Underground is what this beatmakers sound is like. Arguably the best album of 2004 in music, Madlib would tag team a now classic album with MF Doom to craft Madvillainy, the two forming the super-duo Madvillain. An infinity amount of remixes for other artists, beats for other artists, and dropping compilation tapes like Blunted In The Bomb Shelter and Shades Of Blue, The Mind Fusion series, Beat Konducta series, not to mention another duet album with none other then a fellow beat-God J Dilla to craft Champion Sound, this spells out a busy man, with projects and lp's I haven't even listed yet to be named. Check out his "Jazz-Hop" group Yesterdays New Quintet, where he plays all the instruments on it, so the group in reality is HIMSELF.
    J Dilla

    R.I.P. James Dewitt Yancey. February 10, 2006 a legend passed. But the music lives on. Crafting with hands that never tired, even working on his beat machine on his HOSPITAL BED sick, he made the best album in music I heard in 2006 with Donuts, an instrumental collection so good putting vocals to them would be tarnishing art. He also produced for his ill-fated group Slum Village (R.I.P. Baatin) and collaborated with Madlib for Champion Sound. Go dig around for his beat tape collections and refresh your ear drums with his inimitable style. Hey, the mans in my top 6 of the top 10 producers in hip-hop history. He probably won't be outdone by anyone when it comes to soulful underground grimey sounding wax with the pops on the 12 inch recording sample style he perfected.
    Ghostface Killah

    The most solid artist in rap, and had the best string of albums in the past 10 years in rap, shaping up to go down as having one of the best discographies in rap history. Dropping maybe the best rap album of the decade, definitely the best album in rap in 2000, Supreme Clientele set the decade off with a bright, sun blinding start for all eyes to witness and all ears to hear. Would follow up with the slept-on Bulletproof Wallets in 2001, go to Def Jam for The Pretty Toney LP in 2004, drop the second best rap album in 2006 to J Dilla's Donuts, with his Fishscale, The Big Doe Rehab in '07, and Ghost deserves a Grammy for thinking of this LP title for his '09 opus alone "Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City".

    Things were not looking good for raps best lyricist. A Brookylnite named Jay-Z wanted Nas' lyrical throne, proving that not Nas, HE deserved the title of the best rapper doing it. Nas dropped two lackluster non-appealing albums unless your a die-hard Nas fan in 1999 and everyone thought it was lights out for Esco. Dropped QB's Finest, a collaboration project with Queensbridge rappers like Mobb Deep and...Nashawn Millennium Thug? in 2000 to start the decade off, an album which even...Memphis Bleek? said "that albums wack, sucks". Things aren't looking any better for Nas, his credibility is sinking lower then fat women drowning. 2001, drops a freestyle entitled "Stillmatic" to let the streets know, and Jay know, he's not done. That it ain't over till the fat lady sings, above water not drowning. Here comes Stillmatic, the album, in 2001. 5 mics are awarded to Nas courtesy of The Source Magazine and Nas wins the lyrical battle with Jay-Z sending a scorching ear melting heart welting track accurately titled "Ether", to top Jay's own diss track to Nas "The Takeover". That fat drowning lady, which is a decent metaphor for Nas' credibility sinking and plummeting, is now above water, singing her heart out, holding on to a lifesaver which is made of the album cover of Stillmatic, the album that saved Nas' career. Feeling good at platinum status again, Nas would drop God's Son, a great 4.5 out of 5 album, drop the notable double disc Street's Disciple in '04, claimed dibs on the phrase "Hip-Hop Is Dead" with an album of the same title in '06, and drop an album he wanted to call "Nigger" but just went with "Untitled" to calm down the Al Sharpton perm being sweated out to look like they got electrocuted hair all over the place types. Dropped a CD of unreleased tracks mostly all unheard besides a few cuts that hardcore Nas fans had heard prior, the disc being "Lost Tapes" an album I'd easily put above The Blueprint or Stillmatic or any notable album in music you can think of. My FAVORITE RAPPER ever, him or Pac, I go back and forth, had a great decade and hopefully he'll keep writing thief's themes for us cats that don't act right in the night.

    The most influential rapper, artist maybe in music period, of the last decade. Dropped the then hated on by rap heads, but now I think it's gotten better with time, The Dynasty in 2000, the PROBABLY best album IN MUSIC with The Blueprint in 2001, a great double disc in 2002, a "Good bye I'm retiring" 2003 farewell LP with the Black Album. Wait! He's not done, he's back like Jordan wearin' the 4-5 (although he said that bar before retiring) in 2006 with the, how shall I say it, Disappointing is a kind word, Kingdom Come, even rappers like Raekwon were saying that album sucks. American Gangster a generally well favored reviewed album which I don't really like but can't say that it's wack dropped in '07, and whats shaping up to be his worst album ever dropped in '09 with The Blueprint 3, which, incidentally I have to give a 3 out of 5. But Jay did his work and could retire for a second time in rap and we'd still be bumping his music.

    The best discography in rap music. Ladies and Gents is none other then OutKast (capitalize that "K" you fucks, it's not Outkast). Stankonia would drop in 2000, an album many consider one of the best lp's of that year and decade, giving Andre "3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton their long searched for and well deserved music industry success, finally going multi-platinum. The two would drop a Greatest Hits disc in 2001 scoring an original hit with "The Whole World" to boot. And then 2003 occurred. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, a double disc, would go on to sell 10 million plus copies and score an armful of Grammy's for the two, grabbing the most sought after award of the night "Best Album". You couldn't go anywhere without hearing "Hey Ya" on radio and/or TV. 2006 the two would drop Idlewild a solid album that COULD have been better, but is not a blemish at all to their track record of albums, the album Idlewild being a 4 out of 5. The two would drop a movie by the same name as well which is funny as hell and looks good stylistically. That would be about it for the two that decade. Andre would star in movies and get his own cartoon show on Cartoon Network. Big Boi would also star in movies with fellow legend Andy Milonakis and drop Purple Ribbon All-Stars mixtapes/Albums, "Kryptonite" being a legitimate hit in music. Check out "Da Art Of Storytellin Part 4". Big Boi drops a solo in 2010 but that's the start of this, so far crap decade, not the 2000-2009 we're focusing on here. But that Big Boi album was the best rap album I heard in 2010.
    Joe Budden

    "I'm the nicest dude out since Reasonable Doubt..." This dude could have been THAT dude. Let's track down the beginnings of the career of Joseph Budden The Third. Along with Fabolous, Joe Budden became a mixtape freestyle seminal legend in 2001 thanks to DJ Clue and DJ Envy, The Desert Storm family. Spitting lines like "blew trial like Crips in court" and "When ya guns is like the last Lennox Lewis fight, short on rounds" this was a rapper to keep an eager ear out for. In 2002 "Focus" would heat up mixtapes, and be featured on his debut LP in 2003, a self-titled album, Joe Budden. This would be a good album! 4 out of 5 for sure a great debut with thought provoking cuts like "Walk Wit Me" and "Ten Minutes". But the album wouldn't push units, barely scratching Gold sales. Kevin Liles at Def Jam was throwing papers around and cursing and flipping tables at the Def Jam Headquarters, while Joe Budden was getting steroid shots in his ass for his worn out vocal cords from performing live a lot. But the reason this guy is on my top 10, is for a craft that really hasn't given him too much money, but it HAS given him MC Respect whether you hate him or love him. That craft is the Mixtape. Mixtapes gave the cramped, caved-in feeling Budden space to breathe in this claustrophobic money hungry industry, letting him vent out deep hidden machinations and regrets, along with the usual unfuckwittable punch line. Mood Muzik the mixtape series just might be the best mixtape series in rap. in 2004 he dropped the first Mood Muzik, disgruntled with his album flopping but nonetheless still on his grind working in the booth. Bars like "longest nose on the block the whole hood'll call me Elephant Man" and "now put the purple in the air like Soul Plane", Jumpoff let us know he still had the Jerzy Fire for us. 2005 rolls around. His second LP "The Growth" is still in hiatus, shelved, Def Jam not putting it out. So what can he do? He can drop the best mixtape of the decade with Mood Muzik 2 at the literal tail end of 2005 in December. THIS TAPE, is just as good as alot of the best ALBUMS released in this decade. "You ain't sellin' white you lyin' dog, that's a never ending story without the white flying dog" and "I think of New Orleans when I step out in gators" are just clever as hell lines. But Joe can get introspective as well with lines like "I don't wanna live to be 80
    Life's a cycle
    The older you get, more you live like a baby
    You could barely move, folk gotta be there for you
    Diapers on, niggaz gotta take care of you
    Learn shit all over again
    Skin wrinkled, ya memory gone, and you a memory gone".
    In short, Mood Muzik 2 is the shit, and so is Mood Muzik 3.
    Mood Muzik 3 I don't even have to get into via this line right here, "With ridges on the barrel of the nose like Alf", it just seals the deal. Mood Muzik 4 is solid, but dropped in 2010, not in the 2000-2009 decade. 2008 Joe would put out a memorable I still don't even know what it officially is to this day, a mixtape? an ep? an album? a "Digital" album w.e. the F that means since most people download their albums today legally or illegally anyhow. Anyway yeah in '08 he made Halfway House which featured a track called "Slaughterhouse" with Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Nino Bless and all subtracting Nino would go on to form the group Slaughterhouse and in '09 drop the second best album in rap to Raekwon's Cuban Linx 2. '09 Budden also dropped two solo indie albums with Padded Womb, I mean Padded Room and Escape Route, two solid must hear LP's.
    So IS HE the best dude out since Reasonable Doubt? Well, seeing as he's usually the lowest ranked member in Slaughterhouse being out-shined with the other 3, and rappers with names like Canibus, Big Pun, even Eminem existing, he's probably not the best dude since 1996. But he had shining moments, momentary PROOF that he could be just as nice as any rapper as there's ever been.
    Dan The Automator

    The best producer you may have or have not heard of. one of the ten best albums in rap since 2000 was produced by this man with the collaboration album with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, the album being Deltron 3030. Scientific sounding, hard hitting, pulse-quickening beats soar through the album set in a futuristic world of beautiful hell. Lending producing talents to The Gorillaz debut LP and forming a duo-group with fellow-producer God Prince Paul, to form Handsome Boy Modeling School, one of the better underground rap groups of the decade, two instrumental minded brains concocting magical potions to create a great formula of audio stimulatory drug. Points for both donning fake mustaches when they perform. Daniel Nakamura is that shit.
    dead prez

    If you're not bumping these guys shame on fucking you. (Or just shame on you if you're not getting laid lately). Let's Get Free is top 3 albums of 2000 and top 10 of the decade 2000-2009. Revolutionary lyrics with thought-inducing, reality lines that make you go, "You know what, they're right. !" even if YOU'RE WHITE. I'm not going to spoil anything but just encourage you to hear the most purpose having rappers in Hip-Hop for yourselves. The song "Hip-Hop" is easily one of the best songs of the year, and I'd easily put the song in Hip-Hop's 100 Best Songs Ever. M-1 and get under your skin, sparing no one, not even BLACK people, critiquing all and any who deserve to be judged. They don't judge a book by it's cover, they just have the ability to know what the book contains inside, how you are as a person without personally knowing you. In a stagnant rap state these two resuscitate lady Hip-Hop each giving breath to a separate lung, and keep the shit fresh. 2004 they dropped Revolutionary But Gangsta, an album even the most crunk juice fueled party & bullshit all i do is dance not listen to lyrics rap fan to respect the sound and real shit they spat. "Walk Like A Warrior" with Krayzie Bone and "Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)" are stand out cuts. Peep the remix of the latter with Jay-Z. Dark, cryptic in sound, Bright and out and open in thought are the lyrics. They also scored a 1, 2, 3 hit-run with a Holy Trinity of mixtapes that sounded like albums. Turn Off The Radio, Vol. 1-3 are sacred food one must indulge in. Vol. 2 Get Free Or Die Tryin' shows the alternative to worrying about "Getting Rich", and Vol. 3 Pulse Of The People with DJ Green Lantern was like a lethal snap of viper jaws into the veins of the public to let everyone and anyone know, this racism shit, this injustice shit, this being locked up and jailed shit, this poverty shit, this murder and crime and drug shit, will never be swept under an American Rug and forgotten about. dead prez is here for life.

    If you're reading this, well...You're reading this...ha. I should be a journalist.

    MF DOOMJay-ZNasdead prezJoe BuddenMadlibOutkastGhostface KillahDan the AutomatorJ Dilla
  • The Top 10 Verses In Rap I've Ever Heard In My Life.

    2 Abr 2011, 12:48

    no bullshit, no long intro, let's just get to the listing. No particular order of greatness or favorite.

    AZ on "Life's A Bitch"- from Nas Illmatic
    "Visualisin the realism of life and actuality
    Fuck who's the baddest a person's status depends on salary
    And my mentality is, money orientated
    I'm destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it
    cause yeah, we were beginners in the hood as five percenters
    But somethin must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners
    Now some, restin in peace and some are sittin in San Quentin
    Others such as myself are tryin to carry on tradition
    Keepin the schwepervesence street ghetto essence inside us
    Cause it provides us with the proper insight to guide us
    Even though, we know somehow we all gotta go
    but as long as we leavin thievin we'll be leavin with some kind of dough
    so, and to that day we expire and turn to vapors
    me and my capers-ll be somewhere stackin plenty papers
    Keepin it real, packin steel, gettin high
    Cause life's a bitch and then you die"

    Prodigy on "Survival Of The Fittest"-from Mobb Deep The Infamous
    There's a war goin on outside, no man is safe from
    You could run but you can't hide forever
    from these, streets, that we done took
    You walkin witcha head down scared to look
    You shook, cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
    They never around when the beef cooks in my part of town
    It's similar to Vietnam
    Now we all grown up and old, and beyond the cop's control
    They better have the riot gear ready
    Tryin to bag me and get rocked steady
    by the mac one-double, I touch you
    and leave you with not much to go home wit
    My skin is thick, cause I be up in the mix of action
    if I'm not at home, puffin lye relaxin
    New York got a nigga depressed
    So I wear a slug-proof underneath my Guess
    God bless my soul, before I put my foot down and begin to stroll
    And to the drama I built, and all unfinished beef
    You will soon be killed, put us together
    It's like mixin vodka and milk
    I'm goin out blastin, takin my enemies with me
    and if not, they scarred, so they will never forget me
    Lord forgive me the Hennesey got me not knowin how to act
    I'm fallin and I can't turn back
    or maybe it's the words from my man Killa Black
    that I can't say so it's left a untold fact, until my death
    My goal's to stay alive
    Survival of the fit only the strong survive

    Kool G. Rap on "Allied Meta-Forces"-from Canibus Mic Club: The Curriculum
    Welcome to my world, danger and hazards
    Gang of bastards, bangin they ratchets
    King and the Jacker, slangin in traffic
    Claimin they cabbage, obtain half, they aimin for stackage
    Get brains from a bad bitch, keep blingin with karats
    Cops see me in Maddox, then let ya dame have it, flames to the attic
    The stains on ya fabric, the paint in the graphic
    Canibus and G Rap, bangin a classic
    And if that beef on the street - hate you enough,
    blow out ya brain in ya casket
    Don't you love this drug element?
    Where slugs crush ya melon and dome
    Chrome that's known to break bones in an elephant
    Shotgun pellets and, gunsmoke; smell the scent
    Big bullets, wiggle ya guts like gelatin
    Cut through ya skeleton, knockage intelligence
    Ride, stand, and bite the dust
    Jake wanna be like a Russian cuffed on that Riker bus
    We raised in the slums, with haze in our lungs
    Raisin the guns, knowin;
    My day'll come, razors under the tongue
    Clips in the steel, bricks in the wheels,
    chips in the field of fortune
    Dead men walkin with hits on the grills
    Late night at the spot, posted with goons, dope and balloons
    Coke and the doom, scheme; I'll leave you open with wounds nigga
    Witness G Rap put it back in perspective
    Beat up shit with a dash of the peppers
    Get blast for ya necklace
    Leave ya brains on the dash in ya Lexus
    We up in the club, dash for the exit
    Make ya spread 'em out - show you what this lead about
    Take it from an old thug, whoever clean cold blood
    Believe they bled it out (yo)
    Crave for the war, pop out rages with fours
    Hit the jackpot, blazin the raw - gettin bands in the pores
    Bitches and whores with dick in their jaws
    The frame drank sick of Valor, straight bandit spot
    Open up shop, turn the block to "Planet Rock"
    Shit with no chop, slept with the glock with the hammer cocked
    Servin the fiends, hop in the Suburban and lean
    Look at that don nigga swervin in Queens, playa
    Ballin a lot, brawlin for props, callin the shots
    Hit the curb, birds all on the flock
    Jockin, like "who that there covered in all of them rocks"
    It's royalty bitch, fall on the cock, recognize one
    Giacanna G Rap, that live one - pay homage
    Get it fucked up, I spray comments, nigga what?!

    Rakim on "In The Ghetto"-from Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
    I learn to relax in my room and escape from New York
    And return through the womb of the world as a thought
    Thinkin how hard it was to be born
    Me bein cream with no physical form
    Millions of cells with one destination
    to reach the best part as life's creation
    Nine months later, a job well done
    Make way, cause here I come
    Since I made it this far I can't stop now
    There's a will and a way and I got the know-how
    To be, all I can be and more
    And see, all there is to see before
    I'm called to go back to the essence
    It's a lot to learn so I study, my lessons
    I thought the ghetto was the worst that could happen to me
    I'm glad I listened when my father was rappin to me
    Cause back in the days, they lived in caves
    Exiled from the original man, they strayed away
    Now that's what I call hard times
    I'd rather be here to exercise the mind
    Then I take a thought around the world twice
    From knowledge to born back to knowledge precise
    Across the desert, that's hot as the Arabian
    But they couldn't cave me in, cause I'm the Asian
    Reachin for the city of Mecca, visit Medina
    Visions of Nefertiti, then I seen a
    mind keeps traveling, I'll be back after
    I stop and think about the brothers and sisters in Africa
    Return the thought through the eye of a needle
    For miles I thought and I just brought the people
    Under the dark skies, on a dark side
    Not only there, but right here's an apartheid
    So now is the time for us to react
    Take a trip through the mind and when you get back
    Understand your third eye seen all of that
    It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at

    Andre 3000 on "Babylon"-from ATLiens
    I came into this world high as a bird
    From second hand cocaine powder
    I know it sounds absurd
    I never tooted but its in my veins
    While the rest of the country bungies off bridges
    Without no snap back
    and bitches they say they need that
    To shake they fannies in these ass clubs
    they go the other route
    turn each other out
    burn each other out
    where a bonified nigga like me
    can't even get no back rub these days
    ain't that bleak on they part
    but let me hold it down
    cause they shut you down
    when you speak from your heart
    now that's hard
    while we ranting and raving bout gats
    nigga they made them gats
    they got some shit that'll blow out our backs
    from where they stay at

    Nas on "Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)"-from Mobb Deep "The Infamous"
    A drug dealer's dream
    Stash cream keys on a triple beam
    Five hundred SL green, ninety-five nickle gleam
    Condominium, thug dressed like a gentleman
    Tailor made ostrich, Chanel for my women friend
    Murderin, numbers on your head while I'm burglarin
    Shank is servin em, whassup to all my niggaz swervin in
    New York metropolis, the Bridge brings apocalypse
    Shoot at the clouds feels like, the holy beast is watchin us
    Mad man my sanity is goin like an hourglass
    Gun inside my bad hand I sliced tryin to bag grams
    I got hoes that used to milk you
    Niggaz who could've killed you
    Is down with my ill crew of psychoes
    Nas Escobar movin on your weak production
    Pumpin corruption in the third world we just bustin

    Ras Kass on "Reelishymn"-from Soul On Ice
    Who can I blame cuz my skull can't contain these thought waves
    My syntax hydroplanes as though my brain
    Slides over liquidated grains of asphalt caught cranial calluses
    Over analysis leads to paralysis, mediocrity my nemesis
    Try to fuck every radical feminist I meet, call it engage and defeat
    That's the reason why black men hide in the womb, homes
    Cuz life is all taxes and tombstones
    So as flesh and bone I zone my thoughts explode with rap shrapnel syntax;
    That'll wax to the past, and present the future of Ras Kass lies in the
    Like the coronal suture
    So I write truly fat shit for the core audience
    But sometimes I wonder does it really exist?
    Cuz true lyricists in hip-hop Joe Public be dissin
    Niggas don't relate
    Elevate and its treated like elevator music
    Cuz' niggas don't listen
    But ridicule is the burden of genius
    Have you ever seen this socioeconomic guillotine rip?
    A nigga's hopes and dreams
    And now I'm lead to believe that life is all about CREAM
    I'm living a life idealistically principle over profit
    But realistically good intentions are microscopic to fat pockets
    Exploitation is the world's oldest occupation
    And it's the task of Jamaican chicken when a nigga gets jerked
    Causing me to revert to verses -
    Versus snapping like your neighborhood post office worker
    (Before the Source and Rap pages)
    Niggas said my rhyme wasn't fly now I have the Juice like Omar Epps
    And crooked I
    Fools be on my dick like foreskin
    But what before then, so now when niggas prop me I'm skeptical
    Becuz this rap shit is extremely unethical
    And with slight notoriety comes anxiety
    Now I'm supposed to play celebrity when nobody celebrated me at my D.O.B
    And label reps wanna play me;
    But I'm familiar with record company rule #4080:
    Fuck Luther and Sadie for talking food out my babies mouth denying sample
    I'm losing my mind
    Outer body experience it's paranormal
    I say it ain't all good though
    So fuck the world with an AIDS infected dildo (doggy style)
    Life's a bitch named monogamy -- you only get one --
    I'm trapped in this path of pathology

    Chino-XL live freestyle with Cormega
    Chino, name in Indian: Murdering bear
    Come here let me whisper shotgun shells in your ear
    Out of fear they've destroyed my career
    I've nothing left
    But I will have my revenge in this lifetime or the next
    I experience road rage, walk in a slow pace
    Killed a handicapped man for parking in a regular parking place
    Learned my art with a leatherface, you must be kidding
    I consider myself a dog trainer: I'm most bitten
    But I've been written a billion bars of dissin
    for any rappers dead or livin that we've ever heard since we was children
    My brain got built-in Pentium chips, my thoughts the fastest
    For Shakespearian actors: "Chino shall busteth your asseth,
    When I spithed acid" ... yeah your freestyle was tight
    You better rhyme of the head good, you can't read or write
    A bittin' kid'll get twist if he front, no publicity stunt
    His life flash by his eyes quicker than Black History Month
    You wanna be a soldier but ain't reppin' it right
    Try me... metal detectors going off for the rest of your life
    No matter how hard it gets,
    I'd rather be a soldier drowning in my own blood
    Not a coward in my own piss
    Focus!... What the fuck you niggas think?
    I roll with killers that spent more time in the pen than ink?
    Don't even blink, and turn your voice down a decibel
    Or start lookin' for studios that's wheelchair-accessible
    Leave you a vegetable, trust,
    I have the letters on your FUBU sweater standin' for "Fucked Up By Us"
    We thrust into beef now
    Grill holds back like a Lee nail
    You yell as you reach hell
    You still wanna E-mail she males
    Your train of thought derails
    Lost dog, here's the details:
    I'' make you think you on a beach how I make you SEE shells/Seashells
    My L.A. airport beef was infamous,
    I whooped ass the entire five hour flight
    Plus three hour time difference

    Inspectah Deck on "Triumph"-from Wu-Tang Clan Forever
    I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies
    and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these
    mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery
    Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
    Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
    tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics
    I inspect you, through the future see millennium
    Killa B's sold fifty gold sixty platinum
    Shacklin the masses with drastic rap tactics
    Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths
    Black Wu jackets queen B's ease the guns in
    Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function
    Heads by the score take flight incite a war
    Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more
    Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly
    Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi
    Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock
    Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block

    Canibus, live Freestyle with Funkmaster Flex on the one, two's, with DMX and NORE.
    For Hip-Hop heads I provide the ultimate high //
    Canibus is the difference between Harvard and DeVry //
    See I deliver lyrical blows to pose a potential threat //
    To any emcees I've ever met, or will meet //
    I can't be defeated in beat //
    Lyrically I got more lines than streets //
    So if you got beef, you better speak now or forever hold your peace //
    Cause I'm coming from the stomach of the beast //
    Representing the East Coast from border to border //
    I'll battle this whole planet in alphabetical order //
    From A to Z, or whatever the case be //
    My brain waves beat against the rocks like the sea //
    See my style is every color in the spectrum //
    Your style is plain like trains without vandalism //
    Steady blinding niggas when I be shining //
    Holding the sun in my hand, I walk across the horizon //
    My I.Q. number has six zeros behind it //
    I possess the power to sleep with open eyelids //
    On a metaphysical level //
    I'll make you burst into flames just by looking at a picture of you //
    In fact, when ever I put the match to the buddha //
    My brain cells become parallel to a computer //
    Gathering thoughts at speeds that light couldn't exceed //
    Test scores the Japanese overseas can't believe //
    When I'm around other emcees I don't know how to behave //
    I feel like a metal plate in a microwave //
    Taking niggas beyond the lyrical speed limit //
    Digging graves and dumping bodies in it when I'm finished //
    Attracting shit like a musical magnet //
    I'll freak flows in binary codes and talk to faxes //
    Lifting weights and taking amino acids //
    Sprinting through marathons like they was sixty yard dashes //
    My reactions'll hit you, before your pro-actions hit me //
    Think about it, it's deep //
    My fan club got more followers than the Grateful Dead groupies //
    And my SAT scores got aliens trying'na recruit me //
    Cause lyrically I got superhuman abilities //
    And I'll make a mockery of anybody for drilling me //
    I get mad respect in this rap game //
    Emcees like you could only call me by my last name //
    You came out of a womans womb //
    I came out of a space pod Im a alien, a lyrical God //
    You gotta find twenty niggas like God, just to even the odds with me //
    My philosophies are iller than Socrates //
    I'll damage your physical with my verbal //
    My balance enables me to square dance in a circle //
    To me youre like a nigga trying'na jump a normal niggas hurdle //
    And word to my unborn child, I'll hurt you //
    Experiment on you like a mad scientist //
    And if my lyrics drive you crazy my fist will be the psychiatrist //

    AZInspectah DeckNasProdigy of Mobb DeepKool G. RapCanibusChino XLRas KassOutkastAndre 3000Mobb DeepEric B. & RakimRakimWu-Tang Clan
  • The Best Album In Music Since The New Millenium (2001) Jay-Z "The Blueprint"

    2 Abr 2011, 11:03

    : Definition of BLUEPRINT
    : something resembling a blueprint (as in serving as a model or providing guidance); especially : a detailed plan or program of action <a blueprint for victory>

    Released September 11, 2001
    Recorded July 2001; Manhattan Center Studios, Baseline Studios (New York, New York)
    Length 63:52
    Label Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

    Yes, the new millennium is 2001, not 2000. But any-who, Jay-Z, the most successful rapper ever, dropped his arguable best album if you don't choose "Reasonable Doubt" as his best, in 2001. September 11th. Wow. Rap still didn't have an undeniable crown holder, the title was ambiguous, and Jay knew who he had to annihilate to make the debate of "rap's best" a debate no more but a fact, in Jay-Z's favor, of him being the best MC, and not that creator of "Illmatic" from Queens. Armed with an arsenal of future producer legends Kanye West and Just Blaze, already legends The Trackmasters and Timbaland, and a lesser known but just as good, Bink, with Eminem dishing out one produced track, Jay had the perfect sound-scape to lay down perhaps his best compilation of songs he's ever recorded. Recorded in less then two days, a WEEK-END might we add. Equipped with only his mind, no pen or paper, Jay drew out his life and soul, all from memory and heart and his life, past and present, became flesh, real-life and moving in our ears and our OWN minds as he revealed what it was like to be Jay-Z. Selling 2 million plus, this album knows no boundaries when it comes to musicality, lyricism, song-writing, hit-making, and just overall greatness/enjoyment. Let's honor the best album in MUSIC since 2001. (Jay's not even one of my top ten rappers! But this album is just too sweet and heavy to not crown it/strap it with a championship title).

    I'm going to rank each song out of 5, and give commentary on each track. SO, enjoy the heavy analysis of the album, or just skip down and skim for each songs ranking/rating or whatever. It's your own time your using on your damn computer/i-phone/android/whatever the buttfuck else (No homo) you people use these days.

    1 "The Ruler's Back" Produced By Bink 5/5
    As soon as the bongos reverberate the sensuous slaps from the hands, you know you're about to be in for a musical masterpiece, not only setting the tone for the song, but for the ALBUM. Not since Reasonable Doubt has a Jay-Z album started out from second zero onward, so, SERIOUS. All business, no bullshit. Bink (a slept on producer of all-time) creates herculean-super-hero theme music for Jay-Z to announce his throne holding. As brassy horns scorch like heat-blasts over the track, sonic, loud thumping drums and snares give us an ALIVE! feeling that you can rarely find anywhere else. An unabashed "Fuck You All" spirit is encumbered on the lyrics to anyone who would even THINK of touching the ARM-REST of the King's chair. Because fan or not, the man earned his spot with endless hits since that '96 summer. With a nice tip of the hat ode to Slick Rick for hook borrowing, Jay lets you know he's out to lay down the verses of his life, giving you his most well rounded album to date that he can. With darts in hand, aimed at as of yet unnamed rapper's faces on posters, Jay proclaims,
    "Well in these times, well at least to me//There's a lot of rappers out there tryin' to sound like Jay-Z".
    Nice foreshadowing to that oh so known Track 2. Jay's in for the long run and he's going to prove it to you that he "Will Not Lose". So as the album starts off with a cannon-shot of a track, we are informed near the end that Jay and Roc-A-Fella company are here forever. "We gon' roll//'til the wheels fall off, y'all muh'fuckers check the tires". The Ruler's Back, in fact never left.

    2 "Takeover" Produced By Kanye West 5/5
    After an infamous Summer Jam in New York, 2001, rap heads and music enthusiasts alike were aware of an out and open wax-beef, and possible real-life-beef between Jay-Z and fellow rhyme-elitists Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Nasty Nas out of Queensbridge. A shorter version of the "Takeover" had the long brewing animosity finally flowing freely in the streets of NY City with fans salivating at the possibilities of classic rap records to be possibly recorded in the not so far future. Once you heard the screaming of Jim Morrison and the guitar riffs courtesy of The Doors you knew this was war. A then unknown producer, Kanye West delivers Jay an impeccable instrumental that would give Jay the perfect backdrop for what would become top 5 Diss Records in Rap History. With wit not sprinkled, but SHOVELED throughout the track Jay spits, "Hey lil' soldier you ain't ready for war//
    R.O.C. too strong for y'all//It's like bringin' a knife to a gunfight, pen to a test//Your chest in the line of fire witcha thin-ass vest". Who is he talking about SPECIFICALLY we want to know. Well, Exhibit A. Victim Number One, Prodigy.
    "I don't care if you Mobb Deep, I hold triggers to crews
    You little FUCK, I've got money stacks bigger than you
    When I was pushin weight, back in eighty-eight
    you was a ballerina I got your pictures I seen ya"

    Midget Michael Jackson.
    New York City was aghast and laughing uproariously at this embarrassing mammoth of a skeleton in the closet of one of the most hardcore rappers to ever breathe on a mic. But Jay's not done, he wants to beat the freshly dead horse once again, "Then you dropped "Shook Ones" and switched your demeanor//Well, we don't believe you, you need more people". Jay lets it be known that he has multiple bodies to snipe down on this song and exits verse 2 with what Summer Jam goers were cut off with until "The Blueprint" dropped. The nail in the coffin for Prodigy is the damaging bar "I sold what your whole album sold in my first week". With Nasir Jones in the cross-hairs Jigga Man throws Prodigy's body aside to switch victims, en-route to grab Nas by the neck spitting "You guys don't want it with Hov//Ask Nas, he don't want it with Hov', nooooo!"
    Exhibit B. Victim Number Two, Nas.
    Nas is alert. Wondering what his best competition has to offer him. Well, here Jay goes...
    "Nas I know you're missin all the - FAAAAAAAME!
    But along with celebrity comes bout seventy shots to your frame
    Nigga; you a - LAAAAAAAME!
    You's the fag model for Karl Kani/Esco ads"
    It's no secret that one of Rap's Champions, Nas, had dropped lukewarm albums in 1999, TWO of them. If Nas was on the ropes career wise prior to a Jay beef, now Nas was bouncing back forward off the ropes to receive a hay-maker from Brooklyn's Finest.
    "Went from, Nasty Nas to Esco's trash
    Had a spark when you started but now you're just garbage
    Fell from top ten to not mentioned at all
    to your bodyguard's "Oochie Wally" verse better than yours"
    Jay Number ONE, dissects Nas as a man, the Ghetto Survivor/Story Teller, cutting out his credibility as a rapper and a PERSON with acidic lines that melt flesh and rep. "There's only so long fake thugs can pretend//Nigga; you ain't live it you witnessed it from your folks pad//You scribbled in your notepad and created your life"
    Jay Number TWO, amputates Esco's Body of Work, analyzing and clarifying what's good and what's not. Also proving that longevity doesn't equal success.
    "Use your - BRAAAAAAAIN! You said you been in this ten
    I've been in it five - smarten up Nas
    Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divide
    That's one every let's say two, two of them shits was doo
    One was - NAHHH, the other was "Illmatic"
    That's a one hot album every ten year average"
    Jay clearly pounds on his chest proving that he's had more hits in the little years he'd been in the game since 1996 while Nas debuted in 1994. Not only does Nas get ran over the tires of the bus, his baby's mama is at the receiving end of some venom, even though no names are named,
    "And you know who, did you know what with you know who, let's just keep that between me and you...".
    All in All Jay's here to let all know that no one is fucking with him. Only those with some substantial name in the music biz (Prodigy & Nas) get dissed outright, while everyone else Jigga had beef with in 2001 (Jayo Felony, Bravehearts, Meeno [who?]) are capsulized in half a bar,
    "And all you other cats throwin shots at Jigga
    You only get half a bar - fuck y'all niggas..."
    He indeed took-over.

    3 "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" Produced By Kanye West 5/5
    The lead off single to the LP. This is how MUSIC, not just RAP singles should be. Simultaneously being bragadocious but reflective at the same time. This is just a neighborhood anthem, makes you feel good and maybe even squeeze out a proud tear or two for Marcy's Native. Jay's "seen hoop dreams deflate"(a clever simile) and let's it be known that a sordid past can be overcome and that when he tells you tales of the underworld its for you to avoid and not to indulge in. "Like I told you sell drugs; no, Hov' did that//so hopefully you won't have to go through that". This makes you want to throw up the diamond and celebrate H to the Izzo. Jackson 5 provide the timeless instrumental its heightened beauty with the everlasting sample.

    4 "Girls, Girls, Girls" Produced By Just Blaze 5/5
    I've seen some thorough rap-heads give this song a 4 out of 5 or even lower. What the hell! This instrumental is PERFECT! And the theme is clever as hell, full of comedy and a brag-track that's actually digestible for once that other rappers just come off unbelievable or just down right stupid or boring talking of their women and cars and money. Jay is "The Blueprint" for that model of how to talk about your money and success the best. Slick Rick, Q-Tip and Biz Markie, all legends, make the hook, and song just that more sweet. After listing off various women-conquests in detail Jay summarizes them at the end of verse one with,
    "Now that's Spanish chick, French chick, Indian and Black
    That's fried chicken, curry chicken, damn I'm gettin fat
    Arroz con pollo, french fries and crepe
    An appetite for destruction but I scrape the plate".
    That's how you pull off mainstream singles with cleverness on the side.
    DON'T SLEEP ON THIS SONG like this chick in the song Jay spits about,
    "I got this ho that after twelve million sold
    Mami's a narcoleptic, always sleepin on Hov'
    Gotta tie the back of her head like Deuce Bigalow
    I got so many girls across the globe.."
    Pitch, swing, and a home-run.

    5 "Jigga That Nigga" Produced By The Trackmasters 4/5
    THIS SONG ISN'T BAD! I LOVE the beat. It's just the only song on here that could have been sliced out. The subject matter is more generic then the song title, (Did we not already basically hear the hook on Vol. 3 "Jigga My Nigga"?). But lines like, "Jigga get this whole bitch jumpin like six-fo's" and "I am, killin 'em out there, they needin first aid//Cause the boy got more 6's than first grade" save this song from graveyard land where songs like Nas's "Braveheart Party" that used to be on Stillmatic, lie in death, completely scrapped from one's classic album, left off of future releases of the same album.

    6 "U Don't Know" Produced By Just Blaze 5/5
    "Turn my music high, high, high, high-er......
    {*"You don't know.. what you're doing, doing, doing, doing.."*}
    Sure I do.."
    If I could give this song a 10 out of 5 if that even makes sense I would...
    I'm about to say this song>The album. "U Don't Know" easily ranks as my favorite song on the album and Top 5 Jay songs I've ever heard. And, thanks to JUST BLAZE! this instrumental is hands down top 2 or 3 HARDEST, GRIMIEST, instrumentals ever made in MUSIC, up there with Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Pt. II" instrumental opus. This is vintage Jay. Easily the best shit-talker with swag flowing off the tongue with ease, Jay is rap's biggest playboy, the Black Hugh Hefner, no fuck that, Hugh Hefner's the White Jay-Z. Only BK homeboy Biggie Smalls can rival Jay in pure style on the mic. "I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell//I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well". Throughout Jay counts up the literal MILLIONS he was and is amassing as he was even spitting inside that booth his net worth skyrocketing higher and higher, "one million two million three million eighteen months, 80 million more..." And quite arrogantly, breath-taking even, Jay quips "I'm rapin' Def Jam 'til I'm the hundred million man". Man, this song's so good I'm bout to play it right now, and hopefully live by these words Jay spits, "Put me anywhere on God's green earth, I'll triple my worth//Motherfucker - I, will, not, lose".

    7 "Hola' Hovito" Produced By Timbaland 5/5

    An original sound, period, for Hip-Hop. It's almost weird to learn no sample was used by Timbaland for this obvious Spanish-influenced track. It's an Anthem for Jay, one of his many monikers such as Hova, Jigga, Hov', "Hovito" now joins the list in the A.K.A.'s. Jay shines bright here, and wants it to be known, shines BETTER then anyone else, "Yeah you shinin but the only thing you're leavin out
    You're a candle in the sun - that shit don't even out".
    BUT! with this following paragraph, easily top 5 "WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?" lines in rap-history is uttered with this powerful statement that will cause debate and sure head scratching to whether it's true or not,
    "If you haven't heard, I'm Michael, Magic and Bird
    all rolled in one - cause none got more flows than Young
    Plus got more flows to come
    And if I ain't better than Big, I'm the closest one"
    No question since Biggie and Pac's passing, since Nas never went for the crown in rap with hits and great albums to boast about, Jay was INDEED, the closest one, and the top living rapper. And this is coming from a Nas super fan.

    8 "Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)" Produced By Kanye West 5/5
    "First the Fat Boys break up, now every day I wake up
    Somebody got a problem with Hov....
    Whassup y'all niggas all fed up cause I got a little cheddar
    and my records movin' out the store?"
    This is easily the "Halftime" apex of the album, the peak of the mountain in which Jay plants the flag on top of the highest height and lets everyone know, "This fucking album is a classic". As Jay surveys from the top all the underlings of music he dishes out quick, classic genius lines like ,
    "Yung'uns ice-grillin me, ohh - you not feelin me?//Fine; it cost you nothin' - pay me no mind".
    Kanye West is a co-conspirator on the track for supplying an instrumental that sounds like it deserves an Oscar for "Best Music In A Motion Picture" or something. Bobby Blue Bland (like you've heard of him) supplies a great sample to which Jay can deride all those who oppose with ease. He doesn't need your love if you won't give it.
    "And then the Fugees gon' break up, now everyday I wake up
    Somebody got somethin to say.....
    What's all the fuckin fussin for? Because I'm grubbin more
    and I pack heat like I'm the oven door?"
    Jay always eyed that throne, and had to make hits to sit in it. Fully lounging big willie style Jay can afford, literally to say lines like this, "I thought I told you characters I'm not a rapper//Can I live? I told you in ninety-six//that I came to take this shit and I did".
    And never forgetting the Prodigy's and Nas's he spits,
    "Then Richard Pryor go and burn up, and Ike and Tina Turner break up
    Then I wake up to more bullshit
    You knew me before records, you never disrespected me
    Now that I'm successful you pull this shit".
    It's no dispute, with SoundScan and BillBoard to boot, that Jay was, and somehow STILL IS, Rap's and a lot of the times MUSIC'S most successful artist. But EVEN AFTER ALL THE HIT MAKING! Haters and doubters still exist, and Jay drops a gem of a truth-jewel in your head with, "Jigga held you down six summers; damn, where's the love?"

    9 "Never Change" Produced By Kanye West 5/5
    A bit sappy, Kanye isn't needed on the hook, but it's a heartfelt-feely type song and the beat is plush and comfortable so yeah, let's just give it a 5. Jay bites Nas on here, Esco's line on "Verbal Intercourse" by Raekwon, "From the womb to the tomb presume the unpredictable, gun salute life rapidly that's the ritual" is blandly transformed into "From the womb to the tomb, from now until my doom//Drink army from one cup pass it around the room". But for this upcoming line alone "Never Change" gets a 5.
    "We can get paper longer than Pippen's arms".

    10 "Song Cry" Produced By Just Blaze 5/5
    OK, just gonna say it. I give this song a 0 out of 5. I just don't like it. The video's horrible too. It's just too cheesy. The preceding song you thought it got corny but here comes "Song Cry" that makes ME want to cry literally at how horrendous it is. The song is basically about Jay reminiscing over past loves and life failures everyone has. But Jay makes it out in the song and video like he was a big "stud/pimp" which, lol, just no, women weren't careening over Jay jumping over gates to be wrapped in his arms. Even Jay said it somewhere before "And all the wavy light-skinned girls is lovin me now//My self-esteem went through the roof". lol. BUT! I can see, and hear where people will love and adore this song but I just don't dig it, but I'm not dull-headed to where I'd rate the song anything lower then a 5.

    11 "All I Need" Produced By Bink 5/5
    The Bongos come to life on Track 1...
    One of the most ferocious songs lyrically you'll get to hear on this LP. Jay's the heavyweight champ in Rap and his pugilistic swing is deadly,
    "Plus the jab is sick, and its Zab quick//Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six..."
    The Mind is a deadly weapon that Jay does not mind letting go round after round, "Wanna act out a movie I could give you a clip//But no adlibbin' nigga stick to the script".
    Bink is just as good as Just Blaze with beats, flipping a Natalie Cole classic "I Can't Break Away", and gives the album that super-force it needs to push Jay to timeless land...Another win for the R.O.C.

    12 "Renegade" (feat. Eminem) Produced By Eminem 5/5
    Yes, Eminem murdered him on his own shit, as the albums only guest appearance in full. But Jay holds his own. A dark, sinister beat "Renegade" is, and both rappers, easily the top 2 in Hip-Hop detest all doubters and critics in the music business and life in general. Em sends a low blow to all adults with the razor sharp lines,
    "Now now, that's when you start to stare at who's in the mirror
    and see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrassed
    And I got nothin to do but make you look stupid as parents
    You fuckin do-gooders - too bad you couldn't do good at marriage!"
    Em's verse is easily top 20 or so in rap history, and it's hard to rebuttal from something like that if you're in Jay's position, but he sends some nice lines with
    "I bring it through the ghetto without ridin 'round
    hidin down duckin strays from frustrated youths stuck in they ways
    Just read a magazine that fucked up my day
    How you rate music that thugs with nothin relate to it?
    I help them see they way through it - not you
    Can't step in my pants, can't walk in my shoes
    Bet everything you worth; you lose your tie and your shirt"
    But here comes Em again,
    "See I'm a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare
    Jesus Christ the King of these Latter Day Saints here
    To shatter the picture in which of that as they paint me
    as a monger of hate and Satan a scatter-brained atheist
    But that ain't the case, see it's a matter of taste
    We as a people decide if Shady's as bad as they say he is
    Or is he the latter - a gateway to escape?"
    It's not rap that brainwashes the kids, its the PARENTS or MENTORS, so-called, that brainwash the kids into thinking that one music is "RIGHT" and another is "WRONG" when all musics share their right/wrong quotients. Violence, drugs, sex, weren't created by music, specifically rap so don't pretend like it was. Here comes JAY with some more potency in thought,
    "I had to hustle, my back to the wall, ashy knuckles
    Pockets filled with a lot of lint, not a cent
    Gotta vent, lot of innocent of lives lost on the project bench".
    SEE! Jay didn't get "raped" or TOTALLY obliterated when you READ the lyrics, or LISTEN closely, but yeah, Em gets the higher nod here in a song of which should be done more in Hip-Hop, two Heavyweights squaring off ALONG-SIDE one another, and not AT one another via a beef, diss records back and forth. Oh, And an album wouldn't be complete without a B.I.G. shout-out,
    "Raisin my fingers to critics; raisin my head to the sky
    Big I did it - multi before I die"
    Multi-millions he did sell in units, and Multi-millions he did make, and is making.

    13 "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)" Produced By Bink 5/5
    How do we close out a virtually perfect album? We turn the tempo down....We let the beat breathe....No need to rap right away...Let us all soothe ourselves....and relax....As Bink crafts an instrumental that will ultimately be the soundtrack music to the slide-show of Jay's life that we are gracious enough to see like a movie through Shawn Carter's words.
    "Momma loved me, pop left me
    Mickey fed me, Annie dressed me
    Eric fought me, made me tougher
    Love you for that my nigga no matter what bruh"
    We are immediately let into the dim spots of Jay's familial past, which was alluded to back on songs like "You Must Love Me" and "Lucky Me" all on his 1997 album "In My Lifetime, Vol. 1". But the dimness soon becomes a SPOTLIGHT, when moments of clarity are shone on the struggles of life, and the communal, but hectic bond one shares with ones bloodline
    "Momma raised me, pop I miss you
    God help me forgive him I got some issues
    Mickey cleaned my ears, Annie shampooed my hair
    Eric was fly - shit, I used to steal his gear"
    All are praised, and indicted by Jay, simultaneously. We all have our positives and negatives as individuals, even Jay doesn't spare himself in the act of storytelling, "East Trenton grew me, had me skippin school
    Valencia's boyfriend Vovo had me makin moves".
    This is REAL-LIFE SHIT! Drug Selling and crime! Not just a fabricated rap tale! And forced into these situations for a man to come out on TOP of society! We can see why his Momma Loves Him. The roots of his musical career are preened and examined as Jay scrolls back in his memory bank to give us revealing info,
    "Kitchen table - that's where I honed my skills
    Jaz made me believe the shit was real
    Labels turned me down, couldn't foresee
    Clark sought me out, Dame believed
    Primo laced me, Ski did too
    "Reasonable Doubt" - classic, shoulda went triple"
    Analyzing himself, Jay-Z wants to know how you think, or even I, can analyze him, without living his life,
    "Unless you was me, how could you judge me?
    I was brought up in pain, y'all can't touch me
    Police pursued me, chased, cuffed and subdued me
    Talked to me rudely; cause I'm young rich and I'm black
    and live in a movie, not livin by rules"
    Wordplay isn't even a thought with that tongue twister of a paragraph as the REALNESS hits us the hardest. We all know Jay's the shit, par excellence as a rapper, but he goes that extra mile to give us reality in its purest form, to where we almost damn near know the guy personally.
    Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek, Roc-A-Fella family, brothers from another mother, are encouraged as an older brother would give confidence to his younger sibling in these hard to digest, if you're the two rappers, but true nonetheless bars, "Bleek you're still with me - nigga what did I say?
    The time is comin; you one hit away
    Beans I ain't tryin to change you - just give you some game
    to make the transition, from the street to the fame"
    All that and Grandma's Banana Puddin' mark this as one of the most revealing tracks rap has had the honor of hearing and the crown, if not already firmly placed on Jay's skull, gets WELDED to his head after this "seeking for perfection and found it" music album. He will not lose.

    "Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)" Produced By Just Blaze 5/5

    We will do anything but "Breathe Easy" while listening to this track, a pure work-out, mentally, which will stiffen our physical muscles and make us sweat from the pure heat that Jay spits all over the track.
    "I jog in the graveyard
    Spar in the same ring
    Now it's house by the building
    Where Malcolm X was slain".
    He's in for the long haul. While you all are sleeping and resting Jay's out working, he's the "Ghetto's Billy Blanks" for fucks-sake.
    "Maintain your stamina
    Hov will damage ya
    Spot you two rhymes y'all niggas is amateurs
    The fifth
    A dead lift if
    Niggas don't want to get shot then y'all niggas better squat
    I drop your set for rep"
    Do y'all understand the double meanings here?
    Just Blaze produces a top 10 instrumental in music I've heard since 2001 here. The beat is a staple in the mixtape world for rappers to flex their own lyrical muscles upon. Cryptic with a bone-chilling piano playing in back with thumping bass galore, the music and the lyrics will leave you exhausted. In a good way. To spar with Jay is to spar with the best so you better,
    "Bring your squad
    Biceps, Triceps, and Quads
    We don't struggle with undeveloped muscles"
    another double meaning with the "muscles" bit. But yeah, A highlight of the album, even the fucking BONUS tracks are classics.
    lol, "Rap on Steroids".

    "Girls, Girls, Girls" (Remix) Produced By Kanye West 5/5
    A nice way to close out the album, a great remix for one of the more standout songs of the album, the original Girls, Girls, Girls. "Trying Girls Out" by The Persuaders shines here as a perfect sample to be cut and looped and made fresh once again via Jay-Z and Kanye West. The songs fun and light and full of clever lines like, "so love Jay with your mind girl and not your heart
    and some day I'll slow down, but for now I get around
    like the late Makaveli or Perelli twenty inches
    or Caine and O-Dog's stick up tape from Menace".
    Jay is the master of balancing main-stream marketability that sells, and the pure punchlines that rap-heads love to read and hear.

    In Summary, the album is a 5 out of 5, a 10 out of 10. And you're talking to someone who likes, and THINKS Nas "Stillmatic" is a better album, or a Ghostface Killah "Supreme Clientele". AND I also don't give out 5's or 10's generously or casually. But I can't deny greatness here and will just give the Camel-Man I mean Jigga-Man his just due. Props, just stop all that damn biting man. You're good without the bites.Jay-ZThe Blueprint
  • Eminem Discography Album Ratings (1996-2010)

    8 Jul 2010, 15:48

    ok, let's just get it started....
    even though Em's used the N word frequently in his past, *May still do it, we dont know* you can't deny the milk colored MC's skills. In honor of his "Recovery" *Em's sniffing crushed xanaxes as we speak/type*, I wanted to rank all of dudes efforts he's made.

    Im gonna rate each song, then the album as a whole's rating will be given. Skits/Interludes obviously don't need a rating. I'm gonna highlight, 3 or so songs each album as my favorite standouts on each lp.


    1 Infinite 4.5/5 "Oh yeah, this is Eminem baby, back up in that motherfucking ass....One time for your mother fucking mind", lol. Corn. But yeah, Complex-Syllables/Multi's give this a 4.5.
    2 W.E.G.O. (Interlude)
    3 It's OK 4.5/5 (The only other real, high ranking song on here. "My little brother's trying to learn his mathematics//He's asthmatic, running home from school away from crack addicts" lol. This is why Em would have to regroup his thoughts, and come up with a better style to rap with.)
    4 313 4/5 (dark beat. nice.)
    5 Tonight 3/5 [fuckin corny, worst song on the album?]
    6 Maxine 3.5/5 [corny again]
    7 Open Mic 4/5 [good, not classic]
    8 Never 2 Far 3.5/5 [corny wanna be "The World Is Yous"-Nas]
    9 Searchin' 3/5 (Gosh this is fuckin corny, an Eminem love song? w/o, MURDER in it? "I'm reminiscing on your tenderness and the snuggling and teasing//Missing what I remember, kissing and hugging and squeezing" This sounds like a ghostwritten rap for LL Cool J)
    10 Backstabber 3.5/5 [fuckin waste of time, but decent imagery in the story]
    11 Jealousy Woes II 3.5/5 (lol @ Proof's woman voice on the intro. seriously, gotta youtube this shit for ya, but ya, cool beat here, but nothing amazing rhyme wise. Decent outro to a first LP)

    DONT go stanning this album just becuz it's Eminem. If he didn't blow up, 97% of you queers'd never heard it. His style wasnt down pat yet, using Nas/AZ Illmatic styled syllables and flows and just sounding really corny to be honest on alot of these songs. But its DARK, and MOODY, and I like that. His raps lyrically are a HIT or a MISS. Even his Uncle Ronnie said this album was just a lot of noise, saying nothing really.

    LP Rating=3.5/5

    D12 - The Underground EP (1997) *I guess recorded 1996, released later*
    1 6 Reasons 4/5 (even w/o Slim Shady on it, D12 make a good song here. Proof wins. "Impossible to hold down like vomit, Mics I palm it,You stay to bomb it, Like tourists that's Islamic"
    2 Art of War 4/5 (Got Bugz on here, Em a no show again. good song)
    3 Derelict Theme 4/5 (Still no Em. Still good though)
    4 Chance to Advance 4/5 (First Em Sighting on here. Good song.)
    5 Activity as Phuctivity 4/5 (Get em Bugz.."I'm a brand named guy who loves to stay high//Got a ten inch dick and the gun the same size")
    6 Filthy 4/5 (Kinda Short IMO, But Em saves the day. "Make plans for the casket, your head lands in a basket//A dead man's in the plastic, I got red hands and the mask fits")
    7 Fuck Battlin 4/5 (Great uptempo beat. Nice "Battle" themed lyrics. Weird to hear D12 rap like this. Wish Bugz never passed away.)
    8 Cock and Squeeze 4/5 (Downtempo beat=win. Bugz & Proof go in. Even Kon Artist shows up).
    9 Bring Our Boys 4/5(Eye-Ku spits hard, Em, everyone pretty much. Song titles kinda queer though.)
    10 Bad News 4/5 (real dope beat here. funky. Kon Artis & Kuniva tag team the track.)

    Even w/o Em, this is when D12 were more "underground", hence the EP name. "Dark" even, yes, LYRICAL. Before they were just completely jokes on the mic. Theres still comedy on here no doubt, via Bizarre, but it just sounds better in these earlier days you know, the right balance of comedy and lyrical bars. Proof and Bugz were the nicest on these cuts. Eye-Ku who's on Infinite should have stayed in the group.

    EP Rating: 4/5
    not a bad song on here. Better then any D12 album afterward lol.

    Eminem - The Slim Shady EP (1997)
    1 Intro (Slim Shady)
    2 Low, Down, Dirty 5/5 (If it werent so, dark maybe? It woulda been on SSLP. My fave song on here.)
    3 If I Had... 5/5
    4 I Just Don't Give a Fuck 5/5
    5 Mommy
    6 Just the Two of Us 5/5 (SSLP's beat version would be better)
    7 No One's Iller 4.5/5 (Kanye West "Drive Slow" same sample.)
    8 Murder, Murder 5/5 (The version on the Next Friday soundtracks better)
    9 If I Had... (Radio Edit) 5/5
    10 Just the Two of Us (Radio Edit) 5/5

    EP Rating: 4.5/5
    HERES where he gets better. HERES where he deserves a major record deal and a man named Dr. Dre catches wind of our melanin-lacking friend and "the rest is history" like a Jin album you never bought.

    Eminem - The Slim Shady LP (1999)
    1 Public Service Announcement
    2 My Name Is 5/5 (not playable for me nowadays, too, "comedic" and popular)
    3 Guilty Conscience 5/5 (crazy concept)
    4 Brain Damage 5/5 (lol Deangelo Bailey)
    5 Paul
    6 If I Had 5/5 (Depressing, feels and sounds authentic)
    7 '97 Bonnie & Clyde 5/5 (crazy concept again)
    8 Bitch
    9 Role Model 5/5 (love the Dre beat here.)
    10 Lounge
    11 My Fault 5/5 (lol, em's crying at the end)
    12 Ken Kaniff
    13 Cum On Everybody 4.5/5 (not all-time classic 5 here. just good)
    14 Rock Bottom 5/5 (you can feel the pain on this one)
    15 Just Don't Give a Fuck 5/5
    16 Soap
    17 As the World Turns 5/5 (GO GO GADGET DICK!)
    18 I'm Shady 4.5/5 (Just a Curtis Mayfield hook bite. Lyrics sound recycled from other songs on here or somethin. Even Great albums have filler on them you know.)
    19 Bad Meets Evil 5/5 (Really nice here. This songs slept on IMO. Great back n forth with Royce)
    20 Still Don't Give a Fuck 5/5 (Better ending maybe then MMLP's ending?)

    LP Rating: 4.5/5
    Yes, dont be so shocked! This not only isn't the best album of 1999, it's not top 10 debuts in rap either. ITS A GREAT ALBUM! Dont get me wrong. But This and MMLP are some of the most overrated albums in history. It's not a flat out 5. Once you boil down to it, all he's talking about is struggling to feed his daughter, popping bills and fucking fat bitches. This is great stuff! But you can't pull an all time classic with material like that. This isn't a stand-up comedy album is it. It's rap, Hip-Hop. So yeah, I love this album. Don't think I'm hating on it. Just get in touch with reality is all I'm saying.

    Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
    1 Public Service Announcement 2000
    2 Kill You 5/5 (I'm gonna admit it. One of the best intro-songs of an album I've heard.)
    3 Stan 5/5 (Top 10 stories in rap? possibly)
    4 Paul (skit)
    5 Who Knew 5/5
    6 Steve Berman (skit) *Dres rappin about big screen TV's, blunts, 40's and bitches...Youre rapping about homosexuals and vicodin....*
    7 The Way I Am 5/5
    8 The Real Slim Shady 5/5 (IMO, his last real great "First Single For an album")
    9 Remember Me? 4.5/5 (beats dark, but it's not a 5, just dope. shout out Sticky Fingaz and RBX.)
    10 I'm Back 5/5 (Kids in the hook=a plus)
    11 Marshall Mathers 5/5 (ICP gets owned)
    12 Ken Kaniff (skit)
    13 Drug Ballad 5/5 (This is "Cum On Everybody Pt. 2" But its better then Cum on Everybody, so it gets a 5)
    14 Amityville 4.5/5 (Bizarre ruined the song. Shame, cause Em gave the most energetic verses of the LP on here.)
    15 Bitch Please II 4.5/5 (I wanna give it a 4, but since Snoop's original was classic, gotta give this a semi-classic, gr8 beat)
    16 Kim 5/5 (Again, top 10 stories in rap? or concepts? I dunno, but its crazy. Suprised this was even allowed on the album jeez. "NOW BLEED BITCH BLEEEED! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEED!"
    17 Under the Influence 4/5 (Horrible hook, and Em's verse, kinda sucks. "I'm like a fuckin wasp in the hospital lost
    Stingin the fuck outta everything I come across in the halls" wtf? D12 gave an uninspiring performance so, songs not bad, but not great.)
    18 Criminal EHHHHHHHHHH, i this really a 5? What's he rapping about really? It FEELS like a 5, but lyrically if you listen it isnt. I dunno, I'll give it a 5/5 for "Hey, it's me, Versace
    Whoops, somebody shot me!
    And I was just checkin the mail
    Get it? Checkin the 'male'?"

    alone. A good outro to an album, but again, whats the song about? Em robbing banks?

    LP Rating: 4.5/5
    (I think SSLP is better, but NEITHER are all-time 5's. I can name 4 or 5 albums just as good or better from 2000 then MMLP. Now a 4.5 is a hell of an accomplishment, so quit thinking im under-rating or "hating" or something. This is no Illmatic. This isnt a Reasonable Doubt. Hell, its not even a "It Was Written" or "In My Lifetime Vol.1". This is just "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" on steroids. But shout outs for making of the most entertaining albums of the year.)

    D12 - Devil's Night (2001)
    1 Another Public Service Announcement
    2 Shit Can Happen 4/5
    3 Pistol Pistol 4/5 (cool vibe here. Em saved this from being a 3.5)
    4 Bizarre (Skit)
    5 Nasty Mind 4/5 (usual fuck sluts song. cool. funny.)
    6 Ain't Nuttin' But Music 4/5 (should give it a 3.5, but songs too funny. "Whoops I did it again didn't I my shit's harder-to figure out than what Britney's tit size is" Bizarre's tolerable on this track too.)
    7 American Psycho 4/5 (Em kills the hook. nice guitars on here)
    8 That's How (Skit)
    9 That's How... 4/5 (THATS HOW PEOPLE GET FUCKED UP)
    10 Purple Pills 4/5 (Yeah, we've all heard this..)
    11 Fight Music 4.5/5 (aint the beat insane? liked the "warriors" inspired vid too)
    12 Instigator 3.5/5 (Couldve used Em. cool beat though. Just pointless rhymes tho.)
    13 Pimp Like Me 4/5 (Another "Bitch" song, beats good, Em kills hook so its ok)
    14 Blow My Buzz 3.5/5 (Filler. Not even Em could make this a 4. leave this on the cutting room floor.)
    15 Obie Trice 4/5 (First time alot of us heard Obie.)
    16 Devils Night 4/5 (love the beat here, dark vibe, good hook)
    17 Steve Berman (Skit) *lol, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. NOWWWWW!*
    18 Revelation 4/5 (yeah, this shits crazy, the energy of it. Em's best verse on the LP maybe? I consider this the album outro then "Girls" the bonus track)
    19 Girls 5/5 (IMO ended Limp Bizkits career. either that or Bizkit just made horrible music after Chocolate Starfish)

    Decent debut, but give Em credit cause he pulled ALOT of dead-weight on this album, making up for the generic verses D12 spat. The beats saved this album from being a 3.5. Leave it to Em to find rappers who spit more grotesque then he even can. But w/o the skills to accompany the "Gross" style.

    LP Rating: 4/5

    Eminem - The Eminem Show (2002)
    1 Curtains Up (Skit)
    2 White America 4/5 (This aint a damn 4.5, dont get gassed. Decent album intro, thats it.)
    3 Business 4/5
    4 Cleanin Out My Closet 5/5 (Classic man, one of the most revealing songs in music not just rap.)
    5 Square Dance 4/5
    6 The Kiss (Skit)
    7 Soldier 4/5 (He coulda had a 4.5/5 if the subject matter wasnt corny. Yeah, Em a "Soldier", a "Street Warrior". lol, still good though, nice flow. Beats insane.).
    8 Say Goodbye Hollywood 4/5
    9 Drips 4/5 (Fun track, not a waste of a song like Em would do on future LP's)
    10 Without Me 4.5/5 ("And Moby! You can get stomped by Obie, you 36 year-old baldheaded fag blow me..." That alone gets a 4.5, plus the flows insane.)
    11 Paul Rosenberg (Skit)
    12 Sing For the Moment 4.5/5 (Again, not a damn 5, just cause Em raps "Serious" and "Dramatic" doesnt make every song like that a 5. If thats the case, every Joe Budden song gets a 5 I guess, so, just stop jocking Em's nuts too hard all Im saying. speakin of Joe, he did this beat justice as well, just as good as Em's if you ask me..)
    13 Superman 4/5 (Beat sounds like the songs a 4.5 or 5 or somethin, but its just a "Song for the ladies" type deal. good, not classic.)
    14 Hailie's Song 4/5 (again, just a 4. He does way too many songs for his daughter. Fuck it, 4.5/5 YOU HAPPY! there you go. Being way too generous there.)
    15 Steve Berman (Skit)
    16 When the Music Stops 4/5 (Decent D12 filler song that appears on every Em album ever since MMLP).
    17 Say What You Say 4.5/5 (WOW. Great collab here. Dre was pissed on this. The beat itself is a highlight of the LP)
    18 'Till I Collapse 4.5/5 (Probably the best verses of the LP are on this song I think. Nate kills the hook.)
    19 My Dad's Gone Crazy 4/5 (Filler. I always skip this, or better yet just turn the album off since its basically the end. Just too cartoony for me. Sounds like he sampled Rugrats.)
    20 Curtains Close (Skit)

    Solid effort. But it's nothing extraordinary. All artists with long discographys have that "cool, not classic" album in their collection so...

    LP Rating: 4/5
    one of the best of 02, But there were better.

    Original Soundtrack - 8 Mile (2002)
    1. "Lose Yourself" (by Eminem) 5/5 (Everyones heard this..not gonna BOLD it as a fave, its classic though)
    2. "Love Me" (by Eminem, Obie Trice & 50 Cent) 4.5/5 (a 5's too big of a rating. 4.5 will do. Best beat on the soundtrack though)
    3. "8 Mile" (by Eminem) 4.5/5 NAH. 5/5, he went in too much. It's basically "Lose Yourself Pt. 2" though.
    4. "Adrenaline Rush" (by Obie Trice) 4/5
    5. "Places To Go" (by 50 Cent) 4/5
    6. "Rap Game" (by Eminem, 50 Cent and D12) 4/5 (Fifty, the king of HOOKS!)
    7. "8 Miles And Runnin'" (by Jay-Z & Freeway) 4/5
    8. "Spit Shine" (by Xzibit) 4/5
    9. "Time Of My Life" (by Macy Gray) 4/5 (I always skip this though..)
    10. "U Wanna Be Me" (by Nas) 4/5
    11. "Wanksta" (by 50 Cent) 5/5 (Come on, it's Wanksta, the hottest song of 2002 probably.)
    12. "Wasting My Time" (by Boomkat) 4/5 (4 I guess..I've heard this song like once. I always skip it. Shouldnt of been on the soundtrack)
    13. "R.A.K.I.M." (by Rakim) 4/5 (HORRIBLE flow, either the engineer recorded his verse off beat, or the beats just too sporadic, I dunno.)
    14. "That's My Nigga Fo' Real" (by Young Zee) 4/5 (lol, yea, MAYBE my favorite song on here, classic hook, SHOULD give it a 4.5)
    15. "Battle" (soundtrack version) (by Gang Starr) 4/5 (gang starr's usual consistency here.)
    16. "Rabbit Run" (by Eminem) 5/5 (Gotta give it a 5. You can like, FEEL his pent up anger build up and shit, like youre in his shoes you know.)

    lol @ Jay and Nas on the same soundtrack, sending subliminals at that at one another. Yeah, top 10 soundtracks in rap for sure. ew, "for sure", gotta go FASHO! But yeah. That Boomkat and Macy Gray could've been left off but whatever.

    Soundtrack Rating: 4.5/5

    Eminem - Straight From The Lab (2003)
    1. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" 4/5
    2. "We Are Americans" 4/5
    3. "Love You More" 4/5
    4. "Can-I-Bitch" 4/5
    5. "Bully" 4/5
    6. "Come on In" (featuring D12) 4/5
    7. "Hailies Revenge (Doe Rae Me)" (featuring D12 and Obie Trice) 4/5 *Ja Rule bashing, Benzino gets some too.*

    Dont really need to rate this, but it's an obvious 4/5.
    Various unreleased shits. Track 2, 3 on Encore Bonus Disc and "Come On In" is on D12 World as "6 In The Morning".

    D12 - D12 World (2004)
    1 Git Up 4/5 (good intro, Em coulda used this on Encore)
    2 Loyalty 4/5 (Obie and the beat save this from 3.5 land)
    3 Just Like U 3.5/5 (Hi-Tek's 5 mic beat gets tarnished by Mr. Showercap fat)
    4 I'll Be Damned 3.5/5 (D12 w/o Em on this LP sounds boring. Filler song.)
    5 Dude (Skit)
    6 My Band 3.5/5 (decent radio song thats it.)
    7 U R the One 3.5/5 (another filler. "For the bitches" generic-ish. Kon artis killed the hook tho)
    8 6 in the Morning 4/5 (Em came through.)
    9 How Come 4/5
    10 Leave Dat Boy Alone 4/5 (Red Spyda kills the beat)
    11 Get My Gun 4/5 (ha when Em's gun jams)
    12 Bizarre (Skit)
    13 Bitch 3.5/5 (was this necessary? Yeah em's verse is funny but still. Filler)
    14 Steve's Coffee House (Skit)
    15 D-12 World 4/5 (Kanye's beat and the "WELCOME TO D12 WORLD!" hook make this track a good one)
    16 40 Oz. 4/5 (Trackboyz of JKwon "Tipsy" fame supply a great beat)
    17 Commercial Break 4/5 (an interlude, but since it's rapping it counts. Young Zee should've had an album put out by Interscope Records, o well.)
    18 American Psycho II 4/5 (4 I guess. Beats nuts, B-Real supplies a good hook)
    19 Bugz 97 4/5 (Interlude. What could of been. RIP)
    20 Good Die Young 4.5/5 (The beat alone merits this a 4.5, nice dedication song)
    21 Keep Talkin 4/5 (Nice song. gr8 beat. Basically Em/D12 stomping Ja Rule deeper down his grave then he already was.)

    Whats so good about this album. I bought it the first day, and it hasn't grown better since 04. Do you REALLY, want a D12 album, thats mostly D12, and not enough Em? In fact, it could be honest to say, the only exceptional songs on here are the ones with Em. D12 isn't horrible, just a 3.5 talent group. So, the LP gets,

    LP Rating: 4/5 (I SHOULD give it a 3.5. A notch down from their debut which sounded better. just a lil better, you get tired of all the Poo and Vomit and Child Raping after a bit. )

    Eminem - Encore (2004)
    1 Curtains Up
    2 Evil Deeds 4/5
    3 Never Enough 4/5 (wow, 50 showed up on this one.)
    4 Yellow Brick Road 4/5 (blah. Em wasnt dating black girls back then and he knows it..)
    5 Like Toy Soldiers 4.5/5 (Just talks about beef. Doesnt really need a 5/5. The beats the highlight here. Video's eery as fuck, RIP Proof)
    6 Mosh 5/5 (Best song on the LP, Fuck Bush.)

    7 Puke 3/5
    8 My 1st Single 3.5/5
    9 Paul (Skit)
    10 Rain Man 4/5 (Most listenable song on the LP for me. He talks about nothing. But thats the point. Your allowed ONE of those on your album.)
    11 Big Weenie 3.5/5 ( and heres where you cant do it TWICE on the album, lol. Just dumb this is. but not too horrible)
    12 Em Calls Paul (Skit)
    13 Just Lose It 3.5/5 (bland, sounds like Disco. Should of had a better "First Single of the LP" with this.)
    14 Ass Like That 3.5/5 (The beats better then the song. Songs pointless.)
    15 Spend Some Time 4/5
    16 Mockingbird 4/5 (the 190th Haley dedication song.)
    17 Crazy in Love 4/5
    18 One Shot 2 Shot 4/5 (I like the out of order storyline on this one)
    19 Final Thought (Skit)
    20 Encore 4/5 (Way to close an album. Classic beat. props Dre.)
    Bonus1 We as Americans 4/5
    Bonus2 Love You More 4/5
    Bonus3 Ricky Ticky Toc 4/5

    Sounded like a classic album kind of, up until...."Puke".....Then from there its just a plane crash. Still, his worst album to date, but it's not as horrible as some say. It's just Em has higher standards. A bland album with some hidden jewels tacked on it.

    LP Rating: 3.5/5

    Eminem - Curtain Call - The Hits (2005)
    1 Intro
    2 Fack 2/5 (His worst song ever? even worse then his teenage boy basement tapes? Lets just take an INTERMISSION. and read some lyrics shall we?)

    "AH, your finger just went in my ass!
    OW THAT HURTS, take it out now
    Ohh, wait a minute, oww
    Put it back in, in in in
    This don't mean I'm gay, I don't like men
    I like boobs, boobs, boobs
    Now see that gerbil, grab that tube
    Shove it up my butt, let that lil' rascal
    nibble on my asshole, uhh, yeah
    Right there, right there {*Em's voice goes up*}
    Ohh, I'm cumming, OHH YEAH"

    lets just continue.

    3 The Way I Am 5/5
    4 My Name Is 5/5
    5 Stan 5/5
    6 Lose Yourself 5/5
    7 Shake That 3.5/5 (Not horrible, just pointless. Em proves he can make "Club songs" but they dont really sound good though.)
    8 Sing For the Moment 4.5/5
    9 Without Me 4.5/5
    10 Like Toy Soldiers 4.5/5
    11 The Real Slim Shady 5/5
    12 Mockingbird 4/5
    13 Guilty Conscience 5/5
    14 Cleanin Out My Closet 5/5
    15 Just Lose It 3.5/5
    16 When I'm Gone 4/5
    17 Stan (Live) 5/5

    LP Rating: N/A. It's a collection. But if you had to rate it then a 4.5/5. Pointless to rate it though.

    Eminem - Eminem Presents The Re-Up (2006)
    1 Shady Narcotics (Intro)
    2 We're Back 4/5 (I felt like "EM'S BACK!" when I heard this ish, he killed it)
    3 Pistol Pistol (Remix) 4/5 (Obie does good on the Devil's Night LP beat)
    4 Murder 3.5/5 (Bizarre & Kuniva offer a generic track. Wow, "Murder". Never heard a song about that b4)
    5 Everything is Shady 3.5/5 (Ca$his aint nuthin special. The beats better then him)
    6 The Re-Up 4/5 (Eminem and 50 Kill this. Beats raw as fuck.)
    7 You Don't Know 4/5 (The single with banks, fif, ca$his, em. Em's hannibal lecter in the vid.)
    8 Jimmy Crack Corn 4/5 (Again, Em and 50 do damage)
    9 Trapped 4/5 (RIP Proof.)
    10 Whatever You Want 3.5/5 (Boring Kon Artist/Swifty track)
    11 Talkin' All That 3.5/5 (Another boring Ca$his track. Guns. Kill. Guns.)
    12 By My Side 3.5/5 (Stat Quo coulda done better. rappin about nothin.)
    13 We Ride for Shady 4/5 (Alchemist is the real winner here. Obie outspits Ca$his.)
    14 There He Is 3.5/5 (Bobby creekwaters a horrible poor mans T.I. Em, I know you can find better talent then this..)
    15 Tryin' Ta Win 3.5/5 (Another filler Stat Quo track.)
    16 Smack That (Remix) 3.5/5 (Not dead ass horrible. but not really good.)
    17 Public Enemy #1 4/5 (Crazy em shit as usual. Shoulda been on Encore)
    18 Get Low 4/5 (Stat Quo finally kills a track. The beats still better tho. waddup Dre)
    19 Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) 4/5 (Good 50 cent remix, the original beat's obviously better then Em's version)
    20 Shake That (Remix) 3.5/5 (Another boring Em track. Nate Dogg does better then Em, Ca$his AND Bobby Creek on this)
    21 Cry Now (Shady Remix) 4/5 (GREAT Collab song. Obie gets my vote against Kuniva, Stat, Ca$his & Bobby Creek)
    22 No Apologies 4.5/5 (Great ender to a ok album-mixtape. EM does wonders on here)

    Good album that kept us in touch with Em, so he wouldnt appear M.I.A. But honestly, the best songs on here are whatever Em's on. Bobby Creekwater, Cashis, they suck. G-Unit's a hit or a miss. D12's laughable. Obie's bland, good but not great. So its a cool compilation, but thats about it.

    LP Rating: 3.5/5

    Eminem - Relapse (2009)
    1 Dr. West (Skit)
    2 3 A.M. 4/5 (Maybe I should 4.5 it. Miley Cyrus shoutouts prevents me from doing this)
    3 My Mom 4/5
    4 Insane 4/5
    5 Bagpipes from Baghdad 4/5 (4.5 if he didnt have a fascination w/ Nick Cannon-Mariah and waste a WHOLE verse on brain-dead lesbian sex)
    6 Hello 4/5
    7 Tonya (Skit)
    8 Same Song & Dance 4/5
    9 We Made You 3.5/5 (GREAT flow. thats about it. corny)
    10 Medicine Ball 4/5 (Love the Christopher Reeve verse, but this is just "Rain Man Pt. 2", rapping about nada. Beats cold as fuck tho)
    11 Paul (Skit)
    12 Stay Wide Awake 4/5
    13 Old Time's Sake 4/5
    14 Must Be the Ganja 4/5
    15 Mr. Mathers (Skit)
    16 Deja Vu 4.5/5 (This and Beautiful, maybe 3 A.M., only songs with purpose on the LP)
    17 Beautiful 4.5/5

    18 Crack a Bottle 3.5/5
    19 Steve Berman (Skit)
    20 Underground/Ken Kaniff 4/5 (4.5 almost, but what does he rap about? Jason Vorhees and crushing soft-shell tacos with a prosthetic arm?)

    Bagpipes and Medicine Ball are the best beats on the LP. The rhymes on there were good, but corny at times, so the beats on those>the song itself. This album was like WILDFIRE! when it came out. Then, people started to realize it was just "Eh". Not saying much lyrically. The two weakest songs on here are We Made You and Crack A Bottle. Everything else is pretty airtight. Whether you say so or not, it was top 5 of 09, but not the best obviously. Dre destroyed the production hands down, give us an instrumental version Dre.

    LP Rating: 4/5

    Eminem - Relapse: Refill (2009)
    1 Forever 4/5 (Em kills everyone, what a suprise)
    2 Hell Breaks Loose 4/5
    3 Buffalo Bill 4/5
    4 Elevator 4/5
    5 Taking My Ball 4/5
    6 Music Box 4/5 (THIS SHITS NICE! He should've rapped like this on Relapse, Dark, but with PURPOSE. No butthole jokes or fart sounds)
    7 Drop the Bomb on 'Em 4/5

    Bonus songs on the Refill. cool shits.

    Eminem - Recovery (2010)
    1 Cold Wind Blows 3.5/5 (Wow, he's back on the "Relapse" shit. WTF, this is disappointing, especially for an album intro. WTF, the hooks gay.He's lucky I wont give a 3. It's that bad.)
    2 Talkin' 2 Myself 3/5 (LOL. You gotta be kidding me. This beat's so gay. This is a queer hook. Kobe's queer. This is soooo laughable. I'm laughing rite now at this. I feel bad, like, actually FEEL bad for Em. lol. The only good thing about this is the rapid flow. but, lol. This shits so gay Im sorry....He actually thinks he's "making up for that Relapse album" on this. wow. This is like a Britney Spears beat. fuck this.)
    3 On Fire 3.5/5 (Talk about filler. There is NO point to this song. He's lucky I dont give this a 3, via the beat. Wow, Em, fuck me or your fans, you let yourself down on this LP. Every song so far has sucked. This is his worst album ever. wow. lets continue.)
    4 Won't Back Down 3.5/5 (Just because he screams and raps "angry" doesnt make the song/lyrics better. Dont get gassed. Whats his problem with Michael J Fox? lol, what Christopher Reeve died now he has no crippled/diseased celebs to talk about? DJ Khalils the star here. lol, "TURN ME BACK UP!" that was cool.)
    5 W.T.P. 3/5 (Em. Dont make dance songs. Youre not Nelly. Youre not Jigga. Youre not Fif. Arent yall tired of this? This dude wasting tracks for crap all the time? What kind of a fuckin "Recovery" is this? ITS THE SAME SHIT! lol.)
    6 Going Through Changes 4/5 (Poppin pills all over the song, so much for a "Recovery". more like "Relapse: Again". But this is a good song, great sample, RIP Proof)
    7 Not Afraid 4/5 (good song yeah yeah yeah, blah. lol @ flying like superman with no cape in the video. What is he "Taking a stand" against though? eh.."Lets be honest, that last Relapse album was EHH" lol, well, this "Recovery isnt even "EHH" its fuckin "Puke".)
    8 Seduction 3/5 (why...why....why another female-type song, why! Em's in a catch-22. I dont want to hear him cutting up a woman like a cantaloupe, he's done that too much, and yet I dont want to hear him "Seducing" and "cuddling up" with one. JUST SPIT PUNCHES DUDE! lol..Waste of a track here..)
    9 No Love 3.5/5 (oh great, this is just what I need...Wayne...fuck...I wanna skip this so bad..only 10 seconds in. We all know damn well Em doesnt like Wayne. Em wouldnt had made a song with Cash Money 10 years ago. This shit sucks. I was about to say Wayne outspit him, but nah Em came through. So it can get a 3.5. songs still gay though)
    10 Space Bound 3/5 (This hook is horrible, the singing on it makes me wanna claw my eardrums out. What is this Folk-Guitar bullshit? No, No, this doesnt deserve a 3.5. This is gross. Wow, how suprising, he kills a woman in the song. Where have we heard that before? Um, every Eminem album EVER!)
    11 Cinderella Man 3.5/5(First of all, this song titles queer. I shouldnt even let this song play. Come on, this shit is boring. You can sit here and tell me this shits hot. You all will swallow up anything this guy spits. He could fart on a song for 4 minutes and youd love it. I can do what he spits in the song too. "I'll grab the clouds and throw lightning bolts all over you dude IM CINDERELLA MAN, CINDERELLA MAN!")
    12 25 to Life 4/5(ok, Ill admit. He got me on this one, tricked me, on some Common "I Used To Love H.E.R.". Thought he was rappin about a bitch. Ok, this song gets a thumbs up. The beats still sissy-like though. Man, Dre's shaking his head at the beats on this album.)
    13 So Bad 3/5 (lol, I have a feeling Yes, this song will be "So Bad". Oh ok, Dre's only beat on the album. Lets see what happens lyrically. "Why you think I got on my pajamas"....I spoke too soon....This shits so boring. Half these songs on here are for "The bitches". It doesnt work for Em. Waste of a beat. He coulda rapped about why he feels he's one of the best rappers out but no. Even lyrical guys make bland songs.)
    14 Almost Famous 4/5(Snore, im sick of all these bitches voices on hooks/samples. I'll give him a 3.5 for the first verse alone. it was pretty lyrical. lol, "You laughed at his Infinite CD" fuck yeah. that shit was corn like this here Recovery.)
    15 Love the Way You Lie 3/5 (wow, WTF. another females voice all over the song/beat/sample. This cd is so Emo-chick. Having "Soft" beats doesnt make you more "Human" or "Intellectual".)
    16 You're Never Over 4/5 (The hook, him singing sounds so gay. This is literally "Not Afraid Part 2". Just Blaze gives a good beat. See, he couldve rapped THE WHOLE ALBUM about Proof and it wouldve been dope, but nope. He wanted to rap about women and white trash parties with occasional chainsaw shout outs and vegetables on his dinner plate flying. Since its a Proof dedication it gets a 4.)
    17 Untitled *Here We Go*-Is the title I guess, 4/5 (Good lyrics, shouldve been in rotation maybe earlier in the album, I dont know, nothing can save this crap fest of an album I wasted my time listening to. Shout out to Havoc on the beat)

    This album is the reason he'll never be ranked above Jay-Z in the all-time lists. He has nothing to rap about anymore. Unless he makes fun of celebrities I dont see what he can talk about. Go back to rapping about chainsawing limbs? He already did a little bit of that on this RECOVERY! Does he not understand how to switch up this gay shit? Im an Em fan but fuck. 2010 was a waste for Marshall Bruce Mathers The 3rd. Id rather play Drake. Im almost to that point. The fucks with the legends, THE BEST of the past decade, making gay-techno-sounding shit, Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, now this B.S. from Em. This new age hippy shits gay. Grab your testicles back fags. And never leave Dr. Dre's side again when it comes to beats. This was a TeenNick Instrumental Album or something, fuckin KidzBop.

    I gave an extensive review of "Recovery" since its new and all.

    LP RATING: 3.5/5 IM BEING GENEROUS! COULD GET A 3! This is like Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, a horrible gay effort with some good songs on it! Corny beats!

    so thats it. I hope you enjoyed your fucking self.

    I'll rank Em's Solo albums in order of me liking them,
    There you have it.

    EminemThe Slim Shady LPThe Marshall Mathers LPInfiniteThe Eminem ShowEncoreRelapseRelapse: RefillRecoveryThe Underground EP8 Mile OSTStraight From the Lab EPCurtain Call: The HitsDevil's NightD12 WorldEminem Presents The Re-UpD12Obie Trice
  • Best Mixtapes In Rap Since 2002-2010.

    1 Jun 2010, 14:12


    I did best albums ever once, and got 97% of it all right, missed like, 2 0r 3 albums, that people brought up, that I could've added in the best lp's since 1984-2007 journal entry I did but BLAH!

    lets git dine to bidniss....


    The Savior Of Hip-Hop, the Buzz producer, the "keep my fans parched starving tongues wet until my LP drops", the place where unknowns grab our minds and become stars out of the blue.

    But it is also.....
    -tapes that they can be.....

    but you gotta love it! life would be empty without mixtapes. and they've existed since the inception of hip-hop, where old breakbeats would be distributed on cassettes for b-boys to spin to, and for dj's to play, and create more tapes for the heads out there, via their turntables.

    nowadays, rappers, alot of them, make better MIXTAPES, then ALBUMS! AHHHHHHH!
    is this good or bad!
    its both!
    but lets stop the talking/typing (if you've even read this far into my mind of madness) and just list the fuckin tapes...

    Im gonna go Olympic on that ass, and give a gold, silver, and bronze award each year. because, thousands, maybe MILLIONS, of tapes are made each year by well-knowns and never will-be-shit unknowns. SO, its only fair, and interesting that runner-up winners are listed.

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    G-Unit-50 Cent Is The Future (DJ Whoo Kid)

    This is the reason the year started on this list is 2002. Prior to that, mixtapes, on the whole, were Various Artists on one tape, such as a DJ Clue, Kay Slay, Doo Wop, Tony Touch, etc. very rare did you see an artist making a FULL TAPE. But here comes Fif, a true innovator, making a lot of SONGS out of OTHER peoples beats. Even OUTDOING! the original song maker. A classic for the ages, when Fif, aka the Best Hook Creator in rap, was still a respectable MC. But Banks outshines all on this. YAYO IS NICE! FUCK WHAT THE HATERS SAY! In these days Yayo was nice on the M-I-C. AND, this tape put "DJ" (No scratchin ass pause button/press play lookin fuck) Whoo Kid on the map. From this year on out, other artists would take this method of making a tape and employ themselves.
    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Notorious B.I.G.-Rap Phenomenon (DJ Dirty Harry & DJ Vlad)

    Great tape. Lot of unreleased freestyles and verses, classic blends. But on the whole, as you'll see in next year's winner, not as nice as the 2pac Rap Phenomenon tape would be. Fifty still wins 2002.
    ***THIRD PLACE*** (TIE)
    G-Unit-No Mercy No Fear/God's Plan (DJ Whoo Kid)

    Yeah, these are literally that good. But Fif is the future is slightly better then these two. I'm not a Fifty stan or anything, but these tapes were just that good to warrant a tie. They're like the same thing both of them. PRE-GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' SHIT!

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    2Pac-Rap Phenomenon II

    Craziness....Best Blend/Remix/Custom Track making tape ever maybe. The best way to take someones vocals and put them on an insane beat. Pac rappin over Big's "Sky Is The Limit" is fuckin nuts! Proof he was the best writer ever in Hip-Hop. Flat out, bar none, tape of the year, probably of the decade, fuck it.
    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Lloyd Banks-Money In The Bank (DJ Whoo Kid)

    Dude was my favorite rapper in freshman year man. AND! he was the undisputed punchline king in rap. period. "Me and money go together like mosquitos in a tire/I'm waiting on the day to see your freeloading expire/I wear my outfits once while you reload in your dryer". Nuff said...
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    Styles P-Ghost Stories

    SHITS RAW! Most playable tape for me this year honestly. Styles P may be the most consistent mixtape maker that you're unaware of doing so. Kills GZA's "Cold World". Took all the best beats of that time in 03 and abolished them.

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    Jadakiss-The Champ Is Here (DJ Green Lantern & Big Mike)

    Will Smith in Ali knockin on them bongs supplied possibly beat of the year in 04 produced by Green Lantern. "Born light but his hands his ears were dark". Fuck ridin a beat, Jada "parallel parks on a track". Mixtape song of the year=Carry Ya Casket.
    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Joe Budden-Mood Muzik:The Worst Of Joe Budden (DJ On Point)

    "Longest nose on the block the whole hood'll call me Elephant man." "Rappers is like Tyson's Team cant they see it's time to retire that mic!" second best probably of this year. The weakest of the mood muziks but it's still a classic i guess.
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    G-Unit Radio Vol. 8-The Game [The Fifth Element] (DJ Whoo Kid)

    First Game tape I heard. "200 Bars", wow. Out of all Game tapes I've heard, this is the most well rounded one. Games horrible at hooks, but a beast on the freestyle tip.

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    Nas-Living Legends Vol. 1 (DJ Dirty Harry)

    Best tape of the year, by a hair or two. no clear cut winner for this year. this year stunk. the mixtapes were nice, but not SUPERNICE! and the albums blew. the tapes this year>The LP's. Hip Hop's slump began here. But this Dirty Harry genius of a blend tape was and is crazy. Nas=my fave MC ever so this shit was banana splits the more.
    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Clipse/Re-Up Gang-We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 (Clinton Sparks)

    we got it 4 cheap series are among the best mixtape series' ever. Gotta give Clipse a nomination you know. "Daytona 500" OMG! Ghostface is proud.
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    Young Jeezy-Gangsta Grillz:Trap Or Die (DJ Drama)

    I got diarrhea flow, I shit on niggas, even when Im constipated I still shit on niggas...
    Nuff said...Nice appetizer to 2005's best album (yes fuck what you heard) Thug Motivation 101.


    Joe Budden-Mood Muzik 2:Can It Get Any Worse? (DJ On Point)
    2005? 2006?
    Yes....It pains me to say....I was, and are, at times, an avid Pig Buddens hater. Joey's saying "Hi" to me....But man..this shit.....Ok, only thing that comes close, is bar exam 2. and that Pac Phenomenon. but man, this tape gets the best tape of the decade. NOW, since , I cant remember exactly when it dropped, I was there, I got the leak, like, probably as early as anyone on the planet did, Joe was selling it on, I dont remember if it was like, late december something 2005, or, early-January 2006. In any case, the fact that I had a winner for 05/06 and MM2 wasn't one of my choices confirms that I don't know and probably never will, the specific year. I Googled like a mug, and some sources say 2005, others say 2006 it dropped. anywho. This Gets "MIXTAPE OF THE DECADE".

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    Lil' Wayne-Dedication 2 (DJ Drama)

    I like Banks MMITB4 more but fuck it. More people seemed to rep this tape then others this year. It was, and is hot. "Sportscenter" on Jay's "Advantage Carter" is a classic freestyle. and one of the best outros I've admittedly heard to a tape OR album, just might be "Georgia Bush". Nigga got his eyelids tatted 2. thats raw man.
    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Lloyd Banks-Mo Money In The Bank Vol. 4 (DJ Whoo Kid)

    I think this is better then Dedication 2, but whatever. Covers cool. 3-D Banks. lol. "Killaz Theme" off of Mobb Deep's original beat feat. Cormega is ill as fuck. And he killed Cassidy's "AM To The PM" better then Cass. "Whip shine like baby oil on it". Last year Banks had a big buzz, 06. Fucked up with that horrible Rotten Apple album.
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    Pharoahe Monch-The Awakening (Clinton Sparks)

    MY, personal fave of the year, this literally dropped new years eve 06, lol so that gets the 2006 stamp. I would have probably made it my 07 favorite if it dropped just a day later but yeah. Nameplay/Wordplay of the year goes to this tape, "We all know that War sucks...But what the fuck sucks more then Warsuk backwards....Marinate on that for a minute...R-A-W-K-U-S" GET THAT PAYBACK MONCH! And like he said, "And I know you don't agree, but throw down some ice for the nicest MC I SHUT EM DOWN!"

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    Joe Budden-Mood Muzik 3 (DJ On Point)

    I used to rank Bar Exam over Mood Muzik 3, and it can go either way, cause Budden dropped a hot, but not as good as MM2, tape with 3. Really Royce could be First place and Budden second, but I think Joey just went in too much to not get the prize. Hell, I even said when released, that MM3 "Sucks". But with time reality sat in. Quick Bars--> "Sometimes you got to lose the fight if you trying to win the war
    I'm focused on tomorrow
    I'm done seeing my friends in the rearview thinkin we really closer than we are"

    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Royce Da 5'9"-The Bar Exam (DJ Premier & Statik Selektah)

    Hot. Classic styled Royce on here, the last remnants of that late 90's/early 2000's royce until he slows down his style with more catch your ear lines then usual, via Bar Exam 2. But classic Jay-Z beats, Preemo, Nas beats make this a nice freestyle tape. Originals like "DING!" make it that much better.
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    Chamillionaire-Mixtape Messiah 3

    Chamillitary mayne!....Hot tape, Chamill with his Mixtape Messiah would have made 06 list, but the ones on there edge it out. But I give him a nod here in the 07. Peep him rhymin over Jay's "Renegade". Chamills one of the few southern rappers with like, punchlines to boot. and an ill flow.

    ***FIRST PLACE***

    Royce Da 5'9"-Bar Exam 2 (Green Lantern) & Gemini-The Testimony Of Gemstones
    Yes, a tie. I used to think Bar Exam 2 was Bar-None the best tape of the year. BUT! When you hear this Gemini/Gemstones tape man, you'll be saying, its just as good, or even better, then Royce's tape. Both kill it and I cant pick a winner so yeah. Chicago and Detroit win. Man that BE2 cover is fruity. like a Starburst Ad.
    Two quick quoteables-Gem-"Chillin in the cut like the blades to a sled".
    Royce-"I Murder Inc., let Ashanti & Irv Gotti watch
    A walkin' mollie wop
    Tell your whole fellas to cock off
    Drop the jeans
    And take out a foot like when you take a sock off"

    ***SECOND PLACE***
    Immortal Technique-The 3rd World (DJ Green Lantern)

    THIS SHITS LIKE AN ALBUM. If youre tired of all this bling bling/bitch-slut/guns guns/weed-coke talk in your rap, this is an injection of realness for you. "The Payback" (featuring Diabolic & Ras Kass) gets best beat on the tape. "Snatch that chain off your neck thats worth 50 Africans". SHIT!
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    Wale-The Mixtape About Nothing

    Great tape. must hear. Crank that flying squirrel!! lol "Back in the Go-Go" was the second best song I heard in 08, with Bun B and Pusha T. Stand out line, "Your 16-bit like Genesis." man o man.

    ***FIRST PLACE***
    Joell Ortiz-Covers The Classics (DJ Green Lantern)

    I didnt even like dude when I first heard him in 04 or so. Then, around the slaughterhouse album drop, dude stepped his shit up mad crazy, even spitting the best on the S.House album out of him, crook, royce, and buddens who did the worst. This tape's perfect, can't skip a track, dope classics raped. This year 09 could have been mad nicer with tapes, but o well, it wasnt horrible.
    ***SECOND PLACE*** (TIE)
    Lil' Wayne-No Ceiling/Drake-So Far Gone

    I could give a flying flip about either artist, but wayne dropped his hottest tape since probably dedication 2 with this, and Drake, even though I personally dont dig the dude, I respect that he's got skillz, and even though his tape had too much singing and auto-tune, it was a solid tape, not my taste though.
    ***THIRD PLACE***
    Whiz Kalifa & Curren$y-How Fly

    Wiz Kalifa's wack....BUT, he had a slew of hot lines on this tape. And Currensy is just dopeness. I like him more then Wayne and Drake, and all them others. This tapes laid back but energetic you know. Surprise of the year this tape is to me. Currensy's always been solid though with every tape he does.

    Royce Da 5'9"-The Bar Exam 3 (DJ Whoo Kid)

    Your white nipple look like a little baby toe.......


    Yeah its early, but this will most likely be tape of the year. period. I dont even wanna talk about it.
    its just that nuts.
    OutKast's "B.O.B." gets bombed like Baghdad by Royce.
    "Real Hip Hop"'s the nicest beat on there I think.

    so there you have it....
    The Papoose's, Lupe's, the million other wayne tapes that arent as good as the dedication's 1 and 2, yada yada yada, all these other peoples made bangers yes, but i think every year i put i rounded out the cream of the crop tapes. i wanted to put Sean Price and more Styles P and Raekwon and shit like that on the list, but there wasnt room you unnastan' me?

    50 Cent
    Lloyd Banks
    Tony Yayo
    Notorious B.I.G.
    Styles P
    Joe Budden
    The Game
    Re-Up Gang
    Young Jeezy
    Lil' Wayne
    Pharoahe Monch
    Immortal Technique
    Wiz Khalifa
    Joell Ortiz
    Royce da 5'9"
  • Best Hip-Hop Albums Year By Year Since 1984 ('84-'07)

    20 Oct 2008, 13:59

    Now, I was thinking. Why not compile the best of the best year to year? Now I feel that, alot of people, pick their personal faves from a specific year. I don't believe in favoritism. Like, My favorite album from '95 is 2Pac Me Against The World, but yeah, I'd put Raekwon's epic album above it. Melo should have won Rookie Of The Year, but lost to a mediocre more popular Lebron! *Even though NOW Lebron is the better player* So yeah, keep that in mind in your day to day journeys. DON'T GET BRAINWASHED!

    Pretty much. Nothing else compares this year. lol, there was only like, 10 rap albums this year anyways. First true Hip-Hop classic.

    LL Cool J-Radio
    Again. No competition really. But,
    2. Run-D.M.C.-King of Rock can get a shout out

    Run-D.M.C.-Raising Hell
    2. Beastie Boys-Licensed to Ill
    3. Just-Ice-Back to the Old School
    First diverse year in rap music album wise. Prior, it was pretty much just Def Jam and Kurtis Blow running it. Mainstream America started taking notice with this little thing called "Hip-Hop" this year, with Beastie and Run both going Platinum.

    Eric B. & Rakim-Paid In Full
    2. Boogie Down Productions-Criminal Minded
    3. LL Cool J-Bigger And Deffer
    CLOSE! Year. BDP and Rakim are arguably tied. BUT! Paid In Full is just too monumental. Said to be the best Rap album ever made. Ra, the first truly complex MC.

    Public Enemy-It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
    2. Boogie Down Productions-By All Means Necessary
    3. Slick Rick-The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick
    Hip-Hop's BEST YEAR! Album wise AND! Culturally. Too many great LP's to list. The simple 1, 2, 3 picks don't justify how good this year was. Was born this year too :) .

    Boogie Down Productions-Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop
    2. De La Soul-3 Feet High and Rising
    3. The D.O.C.-No One Does It Better
    SHOUT OUT GETO BOYS! Grip It! On That Other Level
    Cool year. Hip-Hop was like a moving train putting out classic product after classic product like it was easy as breathing. Now some heads may say "De La should be the best!" But nah, that album ain't even their best. De La Soul Is Dead>3 Feet High And Rising. The REAL Blueprint (Sorry Jay, ha) was full of classic commentary and battle ready rhymes that are still being sampled and abused to this day. (Jay, Ja "I got a hunnid guns a hunnid clips", etc.) Go BUY. Or, what I know a lot of you do, "download". Ha. You cheap bastards...

    Ice Cube-AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
    2. A Tribe Called Quest-People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
    3. Brand Nubian-One for All
    SHOUT OUT RAKIM! Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em !
    AHH! maybe the best year of Hip-Hop album debuts ever. YES, even better then '94's Nas/Biggie fiasco. Tribe! could have easily have been the best album this year. Same with Brand Nubian. BUT. Cube was just TOO innovative with his debut opus. Scribing classic hood tales that were entertaining and at the same time informative, I can see why this was The Source magazine's first classic rated album. (Back then they used 5 turntables, not mics. ha.)

    De La Soul-De La Soul Is Dead
    2. A Tribe Called Quest-The Low End Theory
    3. Main Source-Breaking Atoms
    SHOUT OUT CUBE! Lethal Injection.
    AHHH! again like 1990. Too many good choices. MY personal fave is Main Source-Breaking Atoms. BUT, like I said, I observe what albums were overall the strongest from that specified year. I was debating Tribe's Low End Theory. I like it better then De La Soul Is Dead, but De La just made a too creative album here that felt like an experience rather then just an LP. Props to De La for creating skits as well. Yep. Go hear this now if you haven't already.

    Dr. Dre-The Chronic
    2. Brand Nubian-In God We Trust
    3. Ice Cube-The Predator
    Ehh. This year, something was a flux. Not too many classic LP's. Ice Cube-The Predator might be the second best. I dunno. But The Chronic hands down is champion of 1992. But I can see why The Source didn't reward any album 5 Mics from 92' until, 2002, (Re-rating Both The Chronic and 2001 from 4.5's to 5). Surprised there still isn't an instrumental version of The Chronic yet.

    Snoop Dogg-Doggystyle
    Wu-Tang Clan-Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
    2. De La Soul-Buhloone Mindstate
    3. A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders
    TIE! YES! Closest year Tie way I'd say. I prefer Wu this year, but then again, Doggystyle's production could be said to be the best ever in Rap music. Any music maybe. Dre went all out here. *Daz too, Dre stealing Dillinger's beats, but that's another story, ha* I think everyone's heard these two LP's, so no need to go into detail. *I hope everyone has. If you haven't, go and kiss an oncoming train and tell me if it felt good.

    Best debut ever? Best album ever? Any music genre? Well whatever the case, if these discussions come up topic wise, it must be true to some extent. You know? But yeah, 1994 was a great year, the second best Hip-Hop year in fact. ALOT! of classic crack LP wise this year will provide you with for your listening pleasures. But Illmatic is the clear cut winner. Fact, let me play it right now. ha.
    2. Common-Resurrection
    3. The Notorious B.I.G.-Ready to Die
    SHOUT OUT! Scarface The Diary

    GREAT YEAR! Cuban Linx=Top 10 for me! Should be in anyone's top 10 list! They didn't invent mafioso rap here, but damn sure made it a staple in Hip-Hop in 1995. Without this LP, we may have never gotten a Camel Lipped MC's classic debut the very next year, hell, maybe no "The Firm" Nas mafia talk, and NO CLIPSE/RE-UP GANG! NO D-BLOCK! Hell, even Wayne's braided ass cites influence. Great beats paired with impeccable lyrics still not fucked with to this day make this an original refreshing album that will last forever.
    Raekwon-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    2. 2Pac-Me Against the World
    3. Mobb Deep-The Infamous
    SHOUT OUT! GZA - Liquid Swords !

    Jay-Z-Reasonable Doubt
    Fugees-The Score
    2. 2Pac-All Eyez on Me
    3. Ghostface-Ironman
    SHOUT OUT! Redman Muddy Waters !
    LAST GREAT YEAR. :( . I would have originally just put Reasonable Doubt by itself. But, I was listening to The Score's timeless, moody, but yet, joyful instrumentals, and man, it was just an overload. The lyrics are social and thoughtful as well. With L-Boogie being a lyrical threat at the same time, threatening to play her "enemies like a game of chess" on "How Many Mics".

    The Notorious B.I.G.-Life After Death
    2. Jay-Z-In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
    3. Ma$e-Harlem World
    Sad year. Pac was dead. Then Biggie followed. Glam-Rap a.k.a. "Jiggy" music started flooding radio. 80's hits remixed with a rap twist. HOW GENIUS PUFF! But it worked, and wasn't THAT bad. Seeing as many albums had this sound, and are damn near classics, (Ma$e-Harlem World, Puff Daddy/Bad Boy Family-No Way Out, Foxy Brown, Jay-Z, Lil' Kim, EVEN Will Smith, etc.). But yeah, again, no contest. Nothing can touch this LP this year. Not to say there wasn't anything else good. BUT. It is in my opinion the worst rap year prior the 2000's.

    2. DMX-It's Dark And Hell Is Hot
    3. Busta Rhymes-Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front
    SHOUT OUT ! Jay-Z Vol. 2 Hard Knock LIFE!
    KAST WINS! KAST WINS! If Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, one of the best debuts there ever will be, and ATLiens, one of my favorite's ever and one of the best Sophomoric music albums ever, didn't give them their "Classic" stamp. Then Aquemini damn sure did. Organized Noize ya'll some fools for this album! Lyrically top 10 in rap ever it could be stated. Best southern album for damn sure. Shout out to DMX's takeover, Jay-Z's finally blowing up, and Lauryn Hill's dominance from this year. MASTER P! Ha.

    Dr. Dre-2001
    Mos Def-Black On Both Sides
    Eminem-The Slim Shady LP
    2. Ja Rule-Venni Vetti Vecci (YES. it's that good)
    3. Pharoahe Monch-Internal Affairs
    Hip-Hop was pretty cool this year. High tech beats were starting to show up via Timbaland, Rockwilder, Hi-Tek and of course Dr. Dre. Dre's 2001 is the clear cut winner, but I thought I'd throw in the mix, what I think could as well be album of '99, Mos-Black On Both Sides. Lyrically insane and instrumentally chill, AND amped as fuck. But Dre's production is what gave him album of the year. Some say the best produced album ever. And the singles were all just big as hell as well. Threw Em in the mix for all the white boys who are screaming pulling their hair "WHERE'S SLIM SHADY! AHHHHHHHHHH!" Ha. But, it's not F*in with the aforementioned. 3rd best though. (Even though some not in the know call it the second or EVEN the best? eww. I love SSLP though so I'm not hatin'. YEP! Just played it yesterday even.)

    Ghostface-Supreme Clientele
    2. Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP
    3. Deltron 3030-Deltron 3030 (YES! EXPAND YOUR LISTENING!)
    Blah. Sloppy year album wise. Felt like 1997 remixed. Mainstream singles overshadowed any artistry. This was my heyday though. Radio was nice. SHAKE YA ASS! E.I. E.I. UH OHHH! WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU! BIG PIMPIN' SPENDIN G'Sss....could go on and on ha. Prior to misconception, GHOSTFACE KILLAH! Truly has the best album of the double-O. Em yeah, gets Second Place here. KIDS GET IN THE KNOW!

    Jay-Z-The Blueprint
    2. Nas-Stillmatic
    3. Ludacris-Word Of Mouf
    AHHH! My favorite, and choice is Stillmatic. But, I get on knee, and admit when something is better then another. So, with The Blueprint, Jay just raped the music game here. Man this album is good. Probably the best album of the new millenium. ANY music genre. I still catch goosebumps off "You Don't Know". I love the cover too. Great color scheme. Hell, the bonus cuts were better then some rapper's ALBUMS that year. LOT OF classic mixtape tracks were birthed off these hard hitting, yet, soulful beats. Shout out to Just Blaze and Kanye who got their fame card with this album. Also to the slept on Bink!.

    Scarface-The Fix
    2. Talib Kweli-Quality
    3. Nas-God's Son
    Cool year. High School shit. Nelly and Em, Jay, were all doing their industry takeover shit as usual. Ja Rule would soon face his career ender with a unknown "50 Cent" catching noise, and Clipse-"Grinding" was the best song out, had everyone banging on their lunch tables with their fist. The Fix is the best album fuck what ya heard from '02. Just for "Guess Who's Back" featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel alone. Let's not even talk about "My Block". Damn, that was a great video.

    BUT! I'll be honest. Nas-God's Son and Talib Kweli-Quality are higher ranked this year for me. Eminem Show ain't even a bad pick. BUT! This is where I wish people would admit that an album is better then their personal favorite. Like, if your an idiot and love the hell out of Tha Carter III for whatever reason, ok. But don't scream in my face how it's the best of '08 when it's not even top 25. So yeah, great year, not super classic, but it felt good.

    OutKast-Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
    2. Freeway-Philadelphia Freeway (YES! YES! DO YOUR RESEARCH!)
    3. Jay-Z-The Black Album
    lol, what up Fif, you got rich, and didn't die tryin' ...yet...
    HITS GALORE! DAMN DAMN DAMN! ha, Youngbloodz-Damn! I used to think it was a 3 way tie '03, with Kast, Jay, and Fif. But nah, Kast's album has a better lasting effect to this day. A double disc of mayhem, off color love songs, and craziness galore to make you think, dance, and whatever-else. HEY YA! had 5 year old kids jumping up and down like the ground was made of trampoline. "A Day In The Life Of Andre Benjamin" is one of the best songs I'll ever hear. AND DON'T SLEEP ON BIG BOI'S DISC! "Tomb Of The Boom" could be top 5 collaborations tracks post-2000. RESET! BREAK!

    The Foreign Exchange-Connected
    2. Kanye West-College Dropout
    3. Masta Killah-No Said Date
    MAN! THIS YEAR STUNK ALBUM WISE! The Mixtapes were way better then all the sub par albums this year, (G-Unit RADIO!). And I don't wanna hear no "What about Kanye?" shit. Cause I even like The Alchemist-1st Infantry more then that album. I know it's a good album, but it's boring as shit to me. Wouldn't be listenable if it weren't for the guest appearances. THE INSTRUMENTALS! now are a classic talk. "Spaceships" whoo! But It's not the best album of that year. That's just the generic choice for the mainstream consensus. This year is where, independent albums start to become album of the year choice within Hip-Hop. Whodathunkit...*Mobb Deep-Amerikaz Nightmare and Masta Killah-No Said Date are my faves from this year. Hate on that Mobb album if you want! It's the most listenable for me in '04. Shout out to 8Ball & MJG who made the best street songs that year.[

    Young Jeezy-Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101
    DJ Muggs vs. GZA-Grandmasters
    2. Kanye West-Late Registration
    3. Common-Be (Ehhh, Beanie's efforts better....)
    Fuck this year. It was so pooey that artists like Little Brother, Lil' Kim, and Common's Be were in talks of classic LP's. *In which there was no 5 out of 5 album this year, Minstrel Show's Instrumentals>The Album* Kanye has the most listenable album this year, even if I initially hated on it. As much as a fag you may think he is, I won't deny he's the best producer in MUSIC this side of Timbaland. Beanie Sigel's The B. Is Coming is slept on as well. But yeah, mediocre year. This is where the "Hip-Hop Is Dead" talks started popping up when I noticed this vision back in 03'. But yeah, Jeezy's album has some of the most atmospheric beats I've ever heard. and Grandmasters will be the best collab album ever maybe. (COME ON AZ/NAS !)

    J Dilla-Donuts
    2. T.I.-King
    3. Clipse-Hell Hath No Fury (yeah, id put it above Nas hip hop is dead).
    Pretty decent album year if you think about it. No clear cut best, these two, Ghost and Dilla go hand in hand. So, all you mainstream kids go get you a copy of "Donuts". On a sidenote, that Roots Game Theory was ass. Back then I'd shout it out as "Top 3 or 5 of the year!" without hearing it. Then I did and it was snoreabull. Rising Down>That. T.I. King is a favorite. Good album. Not better then Fishscale though. GREAT! Mixtape year too. Lloyd Banks was killing it, and as much as Wayne is an annoying high pitched rat-mouse with lion dreads, he did kill it with Dedication 2. So yeah, id say Mixtapes>that year album wise. SHOUT OUT TO JEEZY! "The Inspiration" gets hate nowadays, I don't know why. It's a great 4 outta 5. No one hated on it back then but do now some reason. But yeah, respect them MIXTAPES! They KEEP THIS RAP SHIT AFLOAT! Clipse had a banger that year too. Nas dropped a good dud. Meaning it was ok, but not what it should have been SHAME ON YOU JAY! Should have stayed retired!

    Blu & Exile-Below the Heavens
    I dont even know..this year really,
    2. fuck it.
    yall tell me. i dont really know. fuck that year. Lupe The Cool aint better then his debut, so get off that shits nuts.
    Since Hip-Hop's sucked since like, 03', this album was refreshing to hear. I wasn't a believer really that this album was THAT good, but it is man. I don't know if it's from the year being limited until 4th Quarter release wise, or what, but this is the obvious choice to pick. I didn't buy an album this year though. :( . It stunk.

    Well, that's it. As far as '08, I wouldn't say there is a clear cut winner. YET. COME ON DRE! shit, I'm even looking out for some King Mathers/Relapse and MAYBE Before I Self Destruct. My choice is Kidz In The Hall-The In Crowd. Even if you don't agree, it DOES have the best songs and beats I've heard in '08. Only better produced LP is DJ Muggs/Planet Asia-Pain Language. OUT!

    LL Cool J
    Eric B. & Rakim
    Public Enemy
    Boogie Down Productions
    Ice Cube
    De La Soul
    Dr. Dre
    Snoop Dogg
    Wu-Tang Clan
    The Notorious B.I.G.
    Mos Def
    The Foreign Exchange
    Young Jeezy
    DJ Muggs vs. GZA
    J Dilla
    Blu & Exile
  • Joe Budden feat. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I & Royce Da 5'9"

    14 Oct 2008, 8:55

    off of the halfway house mixtape or whatever the fuck it is.

    some mc shit here.
    i dont think anyone outspat another,
    so I dont wanna see any budden stans going "OMG! HE KILLED EVERYONE!" cuz he doesn't. crooked i and royce are the best rappers in this group with budden 3rd. i hate Joell Snoretease and Nino Bless suprised me on this track. better then his past verses.

    nuff typin and watch whoever/listen whoever.

  • Mood Muzik 3 Sucks..

    18 Mar 2008, 20:39

    fuck was this...The beats were ehhh, I'd rather hear dudes rhyme over other niggas beats, thats real mixtape material, this is just his album being "released" since he's forever stuck on the shelf.


    you bored net fags just jock this shit for whatever reason,
    Lil' Wayne Dedication 2 was hotter and I'm not even a weezy fan,
    any styles p tape, jadakiss the champ is here>This MM3

    in fact...
    MM3's cover was better then the tape

    but! nice dedication track to stack bundles and thats it...
    shit started out boring...he shoulda did what he did on MM2, coupla other dudes beats with original material spliced together.

    this dude aint no fucking "best"
    one kool g rap verse,
    better yet,
    one chino Xl BAR>MM3
    ras kass would shit on buddens existence, waddup BIS!

    Budden is better then alot of new cats tho obviously, im not hatin, im just statin facts. i play mm1 and 2 here and there so yeah...

    im out...
  • My Gnarls barkley-St. Elsewhere (2006) Review hmmm......

    12 Ene 2007, 11:50

    Ok...SO! I was told to listen to this album from a few different outlets. I was meaning to hear it back in 06' kept forgetting to get around to it. One of those things you wanna do but somehow keep forgetting. But anyway...Here's my track by track play by play rating of this LP..

    Go Gadget Gospel-This is pretty much a loud mess, when I heard this I was like "Ok, this is stupid"....Was making my expectations for the album pretty low, sounds like a fake Outkast eclectic type track circa Speakerboxx/Love Below. 3/5 *Being kind, really a 2.5

    Crazy-Here we go...This rescues that sad excuse for an intro, seems like that intro was just half assed, to lead up to the smash single off of here, Cause you dont wanna open an album with ur big hit. BUT! Lol this song can be looked at as kinda "Queer" sometimes though, like, I wouldnt be rockin this in the car or have this on a myspace page or somethin. One of those songs you play alone at home lol. Good shit nonetheless...A bit short, but its that good short, since you can play this on repeat for a long time if need be.5/5

    St. Elsewhere-Nice chill track here, with some uptempo parts in it. Nice moody underlayers included too. Good title track for the album. 4/5

    Gone Daddy Gone-Eh...Sounds like a fake Gorillaz type song here, with the guitars and whutna. Kinda too, dorky sounding. On some Weezer Disney Channel Halloween special music ish. Not horrible, but nothing great. 3.5/5 *Being nice here, since its listenable it wont get a 3/5

    Smiley Faces-Good sounding track here, lol, thats another thing, cant really say "beat" for this album, cause its alternative, but yeah...Good sounds here. Like that organ/accordion sounding ish, and those little batty sound effects. Real "moody" again. 4/5*Almost 4.5

    The Boogie Monster-Starting out nice here..Dark feeling, but pleasant dark. AGAIN, kinda sounds, animated, like, Count Chocula on audio lol but, the sound switches up every so often so thats good. I'll give this a 4/5 as well. Good lyrics if you really listen. Metaphor styled.

    Feng Shui-Oh My Goodness! Nice asian flavored beat here, yes, beat, its hip hop styled. Nice and short. Wished it could've been longer but thats ok. Its good enough we'll forgive the shortness. A highlight of the album right here. 4.5/5 ahhh...fuck it....5/5..this is crack here...could repeat this for awhile..

    Just A Thought-"And I trieeeeeed..Everything but suicideeee......But It's crossed my minddd...." This album captures some great emotions. Cee-Lo's such a natural with his singing. "Life is a one way street". Singing with meaningful lyrics. Liked the drums here, added a menacing effect to the laidback background, like those little, marracca sounding shakers as well. 4.5/5 Good track to make the album solid, not quite perfect, but its still nice. The overall sounds could've been smoothed out better I think.

    Transformer-This sounds like it couldve been on Speakerboxx/Love Below, either disc of the double album. So, since its on that level of similarity, this gets an automatic 4/5. Solid track..Loved it..

    Who Cares-From word of mouth, or the Luda way "Word Of Mouf", this track was said to be like the second best, from what I've seen peeps say, under "Crazy". As it starts, I hear a good dreary soundscape, that goes into a uptempo mini-frenzy with a Isaac Hayes sounding voice going "But Who Cares.." Sounds like, this could be put into a movie scene, where a person is going through something serious at that particular moment. Thought it was "aighht......" at first listen. But I gave it a second spin and declared it better from what I heard the first time. Don't think its the second best song on here, but its good. I'll give it a 4.5/5 sympathy rating lol. Good song though.

    On-Line-Here we go again! One of the few straight Hip-Hop sounding songs. Not that "band" sound thats dominant on the disc. MC Shan-"The Bridge" styled drums, with a yes, BEAUTIFUl background here. I'll have to give this a 5/5 for the instrumental alone.

    Necromancing-Yeah, this shit was serious, probably the best lyrical song on here. Reminds me of a video game dramatic music type ish. Tekken, Final Fantasy or something. Great theme here, and the track sound is just so fucking chill and morbid. Sounds like the "End of the world" or something, what you'd hear as a million robots fly down to earth and kill us all. 5/5 again.

    Storm Coming-Reminiscent of Necromancing. New idea/theme here, but the same dark type menacing feeling here with tinges of soul with the harmonized singing and whutna. So, I'll give this a VERY HIGH 4.5/5. Not as quite powerful as Necromacning but still a near classic in its own right. Godamn a great beat here..Futuristic sounds galore.

    The Last Time-YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!! This is how you close out an album! The beginning, middle and end are the main strong points in an album. So not only do you have to keep the album flowing and moving inbetween those parts, you gotta start and end your album with some monumental shit if you want your album to be memorable and talked about. I loved the background singing on this...and the kind of, obvious outro sounding type shit to it all. Like, where your watching a movie, and the credits are rolling, and the songs all dramatic and stuff. But leaves you with an uplifting feeling "Keep pushing on" type emotion. "Through the thick and thin, if you keep on moving you'll make it" Type shit. Classic, I just wish the harmonic singing in the beginning could've been used throughout the song, but its all good...Just could've made the song that much better but guess what, it's still a 5/5 in my book..YEP!

    So In closing...

    This albums good. I'll admit, nothing GREAT, like balls out get an erection from, but its solid. Im not one of those hardcore close minded skeptic rap heads, I actually used to play alternative rock before rap really around 99' so yeah. I appreciate all forms of music besides queer hick Country. But, I didnt know what to expect really from this LP.

    I felt at times, some of the songs were looking for a trademark sound, sounding like Gorillaz but just not as good bites. But then it'd turn around and a classic-esque track would drop, so it made up for some of the lackluster songs on here. Nothing flat out horrible on the album, but yeah, some kinda stale tracks. The Great outweights the "ehhh" though.

    Great listen to get. Wouldn't really buy this right away, not that groundbreaking, to make me wanna rush out and cop it ASAP, but maybe if I was in a used CD store I'd pick it up for 6-7 bucks or whatever. Must-Download here though. And "Crazy" cements the album as one of the best recordings of 06'. "Crazy" is arguably song of 06'. T.I.'s "What You Know", Ghostface "Big Girl" Clipse-"Mr. Me Too", E-40 "Tell Me When To Go" and Nas "Black Republicans" are the only songs outweighing or on par with "Crazy". If you can get past the somewhat homo guitar licks and disco type drums then its a great song to mellow out to. (Talking to my hardcore hip hop heads here).

    4/5 is my verdict for the album as a whole. Maybe as time goes on I can see a possible 4.5 here...Dangermouse and Cee-Lo are a great pair and has the world anticipating their follow up. A bit overrated artist wise Gnarls barkley, but hey, Im happy the guy who created "The Grey Album" and Cee-Lo who isn't credited with the whole off the wall eclectic singing rapper role which is usually given to Andre 3000, (in which Cee-Lo was doing before Dre started to do on The Love Below with his own debut LP Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections in 2002).

    Good album though, must hear, waitin' on a sophmore. Make THE TRACKS LONGER NEXT TIME THOUGH..SHIT! At least make half the songs short and the other half normal, some of these beats deserved longer play then 1 or 2 minutes. But again, this doesn't detract value from the songs, just, could've made the album a possible perfect rating.

    Cheers to a good album...

    St. ElsewhereGnarls Barkley[/artist