The Best Artists In Music According To Me From 2000-2009


24 Jun 2011, 13:14

These are all gonna be rap artists because rock died around early 2000's with that whole limp bizkit/korn era, R&B is for females and children under ten years old, nobody gives enough props to soul/neo-soul album sales wise. and country's been horrible from inception. im a hip-hop head, whut do you expect. these were my fave artists in that started off nice then tipped the fuck down decade. All things must come up though so keep YOUR head up while everything around you is down. Vietnam-sayin?
ok, all praises due to the vanglorious impeccable KE3 who put me on to this website i believe, him or Lukash101. well anyway all cred goes to KE3 for this journal idea, I dont bite the hand that feeds, i shake it.
KE3 stands for "Kintaye Edwards The Third, chill cause if you fuck with Kintaye Edwards The Third then nigga that's my word"-Joe Budden "Through The Wire" Freestyle
lolll....yeah. "Let's get it started" like a horrible black guy peas song. I mean "eyed".

Here's my top 10.

MF Doom

His career could have ended when his brother's life did. R.I.P. Subroc of KMD. Zev Love X would transform into a metal-clad-faced literal rap villain in appearance by the name of MF Doom. Dropping the debut solo classic Operation Doomsday in 1999, he would go on to drop plentiful albums under alter-ego monikers Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah. Also dropped really good collab-duo albums that could be in the top 3, 4, or 5 of rap's best albums in their respective years, such as Madvillainy with Madlib in 2004, and DangerDoom with DJ Danger Mouse in 2005. Doom as he goes by now, no more "MF" prior to the Doom, also made probably the best instrumental collection in rap this decade with his Special Herbs Vol. 1-10 series.

The Californian was busy as HELL, IS busy as hell in the past 10 years. First off in 2000 dropping the helium high squealed voiced debut of Quasimoto, his alter-ego. The Unseen is easily top 10 rap lp's of 2000 and the follow up of Quasi in '05 The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas is up there as well. Funky, Jazzy, Quirky, Dark, Underground is what this beatmakers sound is like. Arguably the best album of 2004 in music, Madlib would tag team a now classic album with MF Doom to craft Madvillainy, the two forming the super-duo Madvillain. An infinity amount of remixes for other artists, beats for other artists, and dropping compilation tapes like Blunted In The Bomb Shelter and Shades Of Blue, The Mind Fusion series, Beat Konducta series, not to mention another duet album with none other then a fellow beat-God J Dilla to craft Champion Sound, this spells out a busy man, with projects and lp's I haven't even listed yet to be named. Check out his "Jazz-Hop" group Yesterdays New Quintet, where he plays all the instruments on it, so the group in reality is HIMSELF.
J Dilla

R.I.P. James Dewitt Yancey. February 10, 2006 a legend passed. But the music lives on. Crafting with hands that never tired, even working on his beat machine on his HOSPITAL BED sick, he made the best album in music I heard in 2006 with Donuts, an instrumental collection so good putting vocals to them would be tarnishing art. He also produced for his ill-fated group Slum Village (R.I.P. Baatin) and collaborated with Madlib for Champion Sound. Go dig around for his beat tape collections and refresh your ear drums with his inimitable style. Hey, the mans in my top 6 of the top 10 producers in hip-hop history. He probably won't be outdone by anyone when it comes to soulful underground grimey sounding wax with the pops on the 12 inch recording sample style he perfected.
Ghostface Killah

The most solid artist in rap, and had the best string of albums in the past 10 years in rap, shaping up to go down as having one of the best discographies in rap history. Dropping maybe the best rap album of the decade, definitely the best album in rap in 2000, Supreme Clientele set the decade off with a bright, sun blinding start for all eyes to witness and all ears to hear. Would follow up with the slept-on Bulletproof Wallets in 2001, go to Def Jam for The Pretty Toney LP in 2004, drop the second best rap album in 2006 to J Dilla's Donuts, with his Fishscale, The Big Doe Rehab in '07, and Ghost deserves a Grammy for thinking of this LP title for his '09 opus alone "Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City".

Things were not looking good for raps best lyricist. A Brookylnite named Jay-Z wanted Nas' lyrical throne, proving that not Nas, HE deserved the title of the best rapper doing it. Nas dropped two lackluster non-appealing albums unless your a die-hard Nas fan in 1999 and everyone thought it was lights out for Esco. Dropped QB's Finest, a collaboration project with Queensbridge rappers like Mobb Deep and...Nashawn Millennium Thug? in 2000 to start the decade off, an album which even...Memphis Bleek? said "that albums wack, sucks". Things aren't looking any better for Nas, his credibility is sinking lower then fat women drowning. 2001, drops a freestyle entitled "Stillmatic" to let the streets know, and Jay know, he's not done. That it ain't over till the fat lady sings, above water not drowning. Here comes Stillmatic, the album, in 2001. 5 mics are awarded to Nas courtesy of The Source Magazine and Nas wins the lyrical battle with Jay-Z sending a scorching ear melting heart welting track accurately titled "Ether", to top Jay's own diss track to Nas "The Takeover". That fat drowning lady, which is a decent metaphor for Nas' credibility sinking and plummeting, is now above water, singing her heart out, holding on to a lifesaver which is made of the album cover of Stillmatic, the album that saved Nas' career. Feeling good at platinum status again, Nas would drop God's Son, a great 4.5 out of 5 album, drop the notable double disc Street's Disciple in '04, claimed dibs on the phrase "Hip-Hop Is Dead" with an album of the same title in '06, and drop an album he wanted to call "Nigger" but just went with "Untitled" to calm down the Al Sharpton perm being sweated out to look like they got electrocuted hair all over the place types. Dropped a CD of unreleased tracks mostly all unheard besides a few cuts that hardcore Nas fans had heard prior, the disc being "Lost Tapes" an album I'd easily put above The Blueprint or Stillmatic or any notable album in music you can think of. My FAVORITE RAPPER ever, him or Pac, I go back and forth, had a great decade and hopefully he'll keep writing thief's themes for us cats that don't act right in the night.

The most influential rapper, artist maybe in music period, of the last decade. Dropped the then hated on by rap heads, but now I think it's gotten better with time, The Dynasty in 2000, the PROBABLY best album IN MUSIC with The Blueprint in 2001, a great double disc in 2002, a "Good bye I'm retiring" 2003 farewell LP with the Black Album. Wait! He's not done, he's back like Jordan wearin' the 4-5 (although he said that bar before retiring) in 2006 with the, how shall I say it, Disappointing is a kind word, Kingdom Come, even rappers like Raekwon were saying that album sucks. American Gangster a generally well favored reviewed album which I don't really like but can't say that it's wack dropped in '07, and whats shaping up to be his worst album ever dropped in '09 with The Blueprint 3, which, incidentally I have to give a 3 out of 5. But Jay did his work and could retire for a second time in rap and we'd still be bumping his music.

The best discography in rap music. Ladies and Gents is none other then OutKast (capitalize that "K" you fucks, it's not Outkast). Stankonia would drop in 2000, an album many consider one of the best lp's of that year and decade, giving Andre "3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton their long searched for and well deserved music industry success, finally going multi-platinum. The two would drop a Greatest Hits disc in 2001 scoring an original hit with "The Whole World" to boot. And then 2003 occurred. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, a double disc, would go on to sell 10 million plus copies and score an armful of Grammy's for the two, grabbing the most sought after award of the night "Best Album". You couldn't go anywhere without hearing "Hey Ya" on radio and/or TV. 2006 the two would drop Idlewild a solid album that COULD have been better, but is not a blemish at all to their track record of albums, the album Idlewild being a 4 out of 5. The two would drop a movie by the same name as well which is funny as hell and looks good stylistically. That would be about it for the two that decade. Andre would star in movies and get his own cartoon show on Cartoon Network. Big Boi would also star in movies with fellow legend Andy Milonakis and drop Purple Ribbon All-Stars mixtapes/Albums, "Kryptonite" being a legitimate hit in music. Check out "Da Art Of Storytellin Part 4". Big Boi drops a solo in 2010 but that's the start of this, so far crap decade, not the 2000-2009 we're focusing on here. But that Big Boi album was the best rap album I heard in 2010.
Joe Budden

"I'm the nicest dude out since Reasonable Doubt..." This dude could have been THAT dude. Let's track down the beginnings of the career of Joseph Budden The Third. Along with Fabolous, Joe Budden became a mixtape freestyle seminal legend in 2001 thanks to DJ Clue and DJ Envy, The Desert Storm family. Spitting lines like "blew trial like Crips in court" and "When ya guns is like the last Lennox Lewis fight, short on rounds" this was a rapper to keep an eager ear out for. In 2002 "Focus" would heat up mixtapes, and be featured on his debut LP in 2003, a self-titled album, Joe Budden. This would be a good album! 4 out of 5 for sure a great debut with thought provoking cuts like "Walk Wit Me" and "Ten Minutes". But the album wouldn't push units, barely scratching Gold sales. Kevin Liles at Def Jam was throwing papers around and cursing and flipping tables at the Def Jam Headquarters, while Joe Budden was getting steroid shots in his ass for his worn out vocal cords from performing live a lot. But the reason this guy is on my top 10, is for a craft that really hasn't given him too much money, but it HAS given him MC Respect whether you hate him or love him. That craft is the Mixtape. Mixtapes gave the cramped, caved-in feeling Budden space to breathe in this claustrophobic money hungry industry, letting him vent out deep hidden machinations and regrets, along with the usual unfuckwittable punch line. Mood Muzik the mixtape series just might be the best mixtape series in rap. in 2004 he dropped the first Mood Muzik, disgruntled with his album flopping but nonetheless still on his grind working in the booth. Bars like "longest nose on the block the whole hood'll call me Elephant Man" and "now put the purple in the air like Soul Plane", Jumpoff let us know he still had the Jerzy Fire for us. 2005 rolls around. His second LP "The Growth" is still in hiatus, shelved, Def Jam not putting it out. So what can he do? He can drop the best mixtape of the decade with Mood Muzik 2 at the literal tail end of 2005 in December. THIS TAPE, is just as good as alot of the best ALBUMS released in this decade. "You ain't sellin' white you lyin' dog, that's a never ending story without the white flying dog" and "I think of New Orleans when I step out in gators" are just clever as hell lines. But Joe can get introspective as well with lines like "I don't wanna live to be 80
Life's a cycle
The older you get, more you live like a baby
You could barely move, folk gotta be there for you
Diapers on, niggaz gotta take care of you
Learn shit all over again
Skin wrinkled, ya memory gone, and you a memory gone".
In short, Mood Muzik 2 is the shit, and so is Mood Muzik 3.
Mood Muzik 3 I don't even have to get into via this line right here, "With ridges on the barrel of the nose like Alf", it just seals the deal. Mood Muzik 4 is solid, but dropped in 2010, not in the 2000-2009 decade. 2008 Joe would put out a memorable I still don't even know what it officially is to this day, a mixtape? an ep? an album? a "Digital" album w.e. the F that means since most people download their albums today legally or illegally anyhow. Anyway yeah in '08 he made Halfway House which featured a track called "Slaughterhouse" with Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Nino Bless and all subtracting Nino would go on to form the group Slaughterhouse and in '09 drop the second best album in rap to Raekwon's Cuban Linx 2. '09 Budden also dropped two solo indie albums with Padded Womb, I mean Padded Room and Escape Route, two solid must hear LP's.
So IS HE the best dude out since Reasonable Doubt? Well, seeing as he's usually the lowest ranked member in Slaughterhouse being out-shined with the other 3, and rappers with names like Canibus, Big Pun, even Eminem existing, he's probably not the best dude since 1996. But he had shining moments, momentary PROOF that he could be just as nice as any rapper as there's ever been.
Dan The Automator

The best producer you may have or have not heard of. one of the ten best albums in rap since 2000 was produced by this man with the collaboration album with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, the album being Deltron 3030. Scientific sounding, hard hitting, pulse-quickening beats soar through the album set in a futuristic world of beautiful hell. Lending producing talents to The Gorillaz debut LP and forming a duo-group with fellow-producer God Prince Paul, to form Handsome Boy Modeling School, one of the better underground rap groups of the decade, two instrumental minded brains concocting magical potions to create a great formula of audio stimulatory drug. Points for both donning fake mustaches when they perform. Daniel Nakamura is that shit.
dead prez

If you're not bumping these guys shame on fucking you. (Or just shame on you if you're not getting laid lately). Let's Get Free is top 3 albums of 2000 and top 10 of the decade 2000-2009. Revolutionary lyrics with thought-inducing, reality lines that make you go, "You know what, they're right. !" even if YOU'RE WHITE. I'm not going to spoil anything but just encourage you to hear the most purpose having rappers in Hip-Hop for yourselves. The song "Hip-Hop" is easily one of the best songs of the year, and I'd easily put the song in Hip-Hop's 100 Best Songs Ever. M-1 and get under your skin, sparing no one, not even BLACK people, critiquing all and any who deserve to be judged. They don't judge a book by it's cover, they just have the ability to know what the book contains inside, how you are as a person without personally knowing you. In a stagnant rap state these two resuscitate lady Hip-Hop each giving breath to a separate lung, and keep the shit fresh. 2004 they dropped Revolutionary But Gangsta, an album even the most crunk juice fueled party & bullshit all i do is dance not listen to lyrics rap fan to respect the sound and real shit they spat. "Walk Like A Warrior" with Krayzie Bone and "Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)" are stand out cuts. Peep the remix of the latter with Jay-Z. Dark, cryptic in sound, Bright and out and open in thought are the lyrics. They also scored a 1, 2, 3 hit-run with a Holy Trinity of mixtapes that sounded like albums. Turn Off The Radio, Vol. 1-3 are sacred food one must indulge in. Vol. 2 Get Free Or Die Tryin' shows the alternative to worrying about "Getting Rich", and Vol. 3 Pulse Of The People with DJ Green Lantern was like a lethal snap of viper jaws into the veins of the public to let everyone and anyone know, this racism shit, this injustice shit, this being locked up and jailed shit, this poverty shit, this murder and crime and drug shit, will never be swept under an American Rug and forgotten about. dead prez is here for life.

If you're reading this, well...You're reading this...ha. I should be a journalist.

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