• Bands I've seen live! *updated*

    1 Ene 2007, 22:06

    * April 18 2005 I saw Robert Plant and the Strange Sensations with special guests Hanif
    at Cirkus, Stockholm and that was my first rock concert ever. It was a really good show and they played a few Led Zeppelin songs like Heartbreaker, Black dog, Babe I'm gonna leave you and Whole lotta love.

    * October 8 2005 I saw Motörhead at Hovet, Stockholm with special guests Hardcore Superstar and Meldrum and that was also a great show! Lemmy and the boys sure know how to make their fans happy.

    * November 30 2005 I saw Helloween at Arenan, Stockholm with special guests Primal Fear. This might be the best show I've seen maybe because Helloween is my favourite band.

    * January 14 2006 I saw Gamma Ray at Klubben, Stockholm with special guests Ram and The Storyteller. Also a great show and not just great, it was amazing!

    * November 18 2006 I saw Iron Maiden at Globen, Stockholm with special guests Trivium. I've changed my mind! THIS is the best show I've seen and not Helloween but they are both really great. But the Iron Maiden concert could be my only one with them but Helloween should be around for a few more years and therefore make a few more albums.

    * June 5 2007 I saw Mötley Crüe at Globen, Stockholm with special guests Papa Roach. OMG! They fuckin' rocked. Best use of bombs, fire and fireworks I've ever seen. Everything was just great! Hard to write something about this because they were so good I can't describe the feeling.
    I love these guys anyway!

    * August 17 2007 I saw Enter The Hunt at Märstakalaset. I barely got to hear these guys because I didn't plan to see them but I saw the last few songs. They were alrigt. Krister Linder also was in the same class in school as my dad for 2 weeks!

    * August 17 2007 I saw Björn Rosenström at Märstakalaset. Tell you one thing: He's childish and immature but he fuckin' rocks xD

    * August 17 2007 I saw The Poodles at Märstakalaset. I was front row almost center. Fuckin' best show of the evening!!! I had some eyecontact with Pontus the bassist before they started playing when he was tuning his bass behind a screen and looked out at the audience. Then during one of the first song the singer Jakob went to my side of the stage pointed at me with the micstand and said"Hur é läget grabben?"(translates to "How are you doin' kid?" or something like that), I gave him two thumbs up!
    Then he threw his waterbottle out in the audience! It didn't even reach the crowd so when the show was over I squeesed my arm through the fence in the front row to get the bottle.
    When they were done I bought a poster for them to sign and then Jakob signed the bottle and I shook his hand!

    * August 24 2007 I saw Hammerfall at Gröna Lund, Stockholm with special guests Dream Evil. I was there with a few friends. I ruined my voice from screaming so much and my neck still hurts! Can't walk properly 'cause my legs hurt to. Dream Evil is one of the best metal bands in Sweden in my opinion and they were great. Hammerfall was absolutely amazing. They played both old and new stuff. At this point I was sweating like a pig! Best concert I've ever been to!! And I had a great time after the concert when we ran around screaming Hammerfall songs and I started chanting as loud as I could "Helloween Helloween Helloween Happy Happy Helloween OoOoOoOoh".

    * October 13 2007 I saw Moi dix Mois at Klubben, Stockholm. Absolutely amazaing, but it's Mana-sama so it can't be anything else, right?
    I stood in the frontrow right in front of K and he was sooo cool. From the beginning I didn't think that K fitted in the band but now he has convinced me! Mana was just as beautiful as always.
    I lost my voice just like every other concert!
    I hope they come to Sweden again sometime in the future!

    * October 27 2007 I saw Rush at Globen, Stockholm. What can I say... wow. It was... really good, but still I felt a little dissapointed with the setlist. I mean they are some of the coolest musicians on the planet and they put on a great show. I loved it but I missed a few songs. Dispite of that it was REALLLY REALLY GREAT!!!!

    * December 8 2007 I saw Helloween and Gamma Ray at Arenan, Stockholm with special guests Axxis. I can't describe this, it was amazing. Just check what I wrote the last time I saw the two headliners!

    * March 30 2008 I saw Versailles x Matenrou Opera at Klubben, Stockholm with special guests Dead by April. Man, they all rocked. They held a signing session afterwards with both Versailles and Matenrou Opera. Matenrou Opera signed my ticket and Versailles signed my cd.
    KAMIJO spoke in Swedish :D

    * April 5 2008 I saw Slytherin Sweethearts, Solitary Snape, Nevilles and the Trevor and Dean Thomas Wake at Midsommargården, Stockholm.
    Fun show. I'm a friend of all the bands so that made it even more fun! Had pizza with a few of them afterwards.
    This was, according to people who claim to know this kind of stuff, the first Wizard rock concert ever in Scandinavia.
    You can check the bands out at MySpace!

    July 16 2008 I saw Iron Maiden at Stockholm Stadium, Stockholm with special guests Lauren Harris and Avenged Sevenfold. Second time seeing Maiden, much better this time.
    They rocked mine, everybody elses and their own socks off!
    I was almost front and center!