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Tema Duración
1 Blessed By HateHunted By The Living Dead descarga gratuita 3:40
2 Blessed By HateHeadshot (yeah, in the head, dude!) Loved track 4:31
3 Blessed By HateMonsterkill, Too Easy With A Redeemer 3:34
4 Blessed By HateThree Dimemsion descarga gratuita 3:12
5 Blessed By HateWhoreship her performing arts 4:45
6 Blessed By HateTaking The Law Into My Own Fists Loved track 5:05
7 CarnifexLie to My Face 3:00
8 CarnifexDead in My Eyes 1:38
9 Suicide SilenceNo Time to Bleed 2:22
10 WhitechapelThis Is Exile 3:40
11 LiferuinerIf Being Fake Was an Olympic Sport 3:03


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