• Bloodstock Top 5!

    16 Ago 2009, 11:56

    -randomer wearing a shirt saying "DANI FILTH'S A CUNT" in massive letters

    wordd. I don't normally do these, but fuck it, Bloodstock kicked too much ass for it not to be written about. And noone will read this anyway so let's rock :D

    Bands I saw
    Municipal Waste
    Arch Enemy
    The Haunted
    Uncle Rotter
    Blind Guardian

    Note that there's no Sunday bands here, and the fact that I'm writing this on the Sunday...meh, there are only four bands I want to see today and I've already seen three of those before so I couldn't really be bothered lol. (long story short I'm a pussy)

    with #1 being best band of the weekend (obviously)...

    #5 - Blind Guardian

    They basically fulfilled all of my expectations - they were pretty much as good as I thought they were gonna be! Unfortunately I wasn't as goddamned familiar with their set as the rest of the crowd - the only BG album I know more or less word for word is A Night At the Opera but they didn't play one goddamned song off it! GUTTED. Still though, their fucking choruses are so damned easy to pick up, I was singing along to the likes of Nightfall and Mirror Mirror in no time! Fortunately I took the liberty of learning The Bard's Song before I left so I had no problems there :D haha, fantastic performance overall though. They absolutely nailed all their songs and Hansi was on top form on vocals! Really excellent, I was as gutted as the rest of the crowd when their set was over; fucking Cradle of Filth, BG should've been the final headliner!

    #4 - Enslaved

    Alright, the fact that Enslaved are one of my favourite bands and that I'm sat here typing this wearing an Enslaved shirt makes me somewhat biased, but fuck me they were good. Considering they play prog black metal, sing-alongs and mosh pits were non-existant, but that's the thing with Enslaved (and prog metal in general really) - you LISTEN to the band! Just a fucking brilliant performance overall - awesome set, everything sounded exactly as it was supposed to and the band just generally put on a great show. Was nice to see they had a good sense of humour too! Quite amusing watching Grutle complain about the taste of Carlsberg, haha :P

    #3 - Kreator

    I saw Kreator co-headlining with Celtic Frost a couple of years ago and to be perfectly honest, despite the fact that I bought a shirt, I wasn't too impressed. Good performance 'n all, but I got a tad bored, wasn't really feeling it. Because of that, I wasn't exactly too psyched to be seeing them again. Fuck me though, they REALLY turned it around at Bloodstock. So fucking intense, HUGE pit, brilliant set (I actually lost my fucking mind when they played Enemy of God, I was in that circle pit for so long haha) and an incredibly good crowd pleaser! The build-up to Flag of Hate was nuts, we were all so fucking hyped and when they finally started playing...dude. Haha absolute insanity. So fucking good, so much goddamed fun, wish they had a longer set! Completely redeemed themselves in my book, looking forward to seeing them again!

    #2 - Sodom

    Back in the day, I used to be a bit of a Sodom nut. Must've listened to nothing but them for about a month, became a pretty fucking big fan and have wanted to see them live for a long fucking time, so I guess I'm a tad biased here. Still though, this was their first UK show in 20 years so the rest of the crowd was as hyped as I was to be seeing them. Oh man...they were SO good. The atmosphere was excellent, they played their incredible set-list (could not BELIEVE they played Surfin Bird! Went berzerk in the pit when that came on haha!) to perfection and, like Kreator, were a fantastically good crowd pleaser. They were just incredible to watch and hopefully this experience will encourage them to come back to the UK sometime soon! They definitely had a good time - Bernemann was smiling all the way through the set! Some random Sodom groupie dude was filming the whole performance and about mid-way through while we were all chanting "SODOM! SODOM!" for about the one millionth time, Angelripper grabbed the camera and filmed the whole audience chanting. Fucking brilliant moment.




    About five HUGE pits, a massive wall of death (which I went in and survived! Always wanted to go in one :D) and an attempt to break the world record for most crowd surfers during one song (whether they actually broke the record I'm not sure, I doubt they pulled it off but if they did, I was one of the crowd surfers! GET IN). Oh yes, Municipal Waste absolutely OWNED Bloodstock. Not only the best show of the weekend for me but probably one of the best shows I've ever had the pleasure of being at. I'd known that Municipal Waste were renowned for their rowdy party atmospheres at their shows but this was something else. It was fucking beautiful - everyone just got so goddamned crazy, myself included! I ended up turning into one of those shirtless metalheads you see at shows just diving into the pit every 20 seconds going fucking mental hahaha. Was just unbelievably good fun. Brilliant set as well, wonderful mix of old and new! The stuff from the new album they played sounds fucking awesome, can't wait to hear that. Seriously, I don't think words can describe just how awesome they were, you really had to be there...the atmosphere was just so uplifting, fuck me. They were just absolutely amazing, if they do a proper UK tour sometime soon you can damn well bet you'll see me at one of their shows. ;D FACE THE WASTE!

    Honourable Mentions
    Arch Enemy

    Fucking great weekend. 'Til next year, BOA!

  • Necrophagist at Nottingham, 7th March 07...DUDE XD

    8 Mar 2007, 16:52

    Wed 7 Mar – Necrophagist, Origin, Misery Index

    Yeah, so the line-up was Diskreet, Origin, Misery Index and Necrophagist...

    Diskreet - Mmm, these guys weren't too bad I guess. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, I hadn't heard anything from these guys before, just knew they were death metal/deathcore. They were alright, weren't a bad opener I guess. Nothing particularly memorable, but like I say, they were just the opening act. Later on, just before/after (I forget =P) Misery Index, I saw a few of these guys in the crowd. I saw their drummer at the bar area, and I saw their vocalist talking to some dudes near the merch table. Dunno about you, but I thought that was pretty damn cool.

    Origin - Wow. These guys were really impressive. I was quite familiar with Origin's work (I have all three of their albums =)) before, and it's absolutely badass. Plus, I had heard they were a pretty good live act, so my expectations were set fairly high. They did not disappoint. These guys kicked total ass. Such a fucking good act! Really got the crowd going (myself included! =P), and they were just a great act. They had a fantastic sense of humour too, which I thought was great. I loved their sound test at the start - "Syphilis. Syphilis! Testicles. TESTES! TESTEEEES!!" Haha, their vocalist was great. A snarling beast with a great sense of humour would be an accurate way to describe him imo. There was this one point where he asked us all to do the horns, and there was this one apathetic jackass at the front who wouldn't bother. Their vocalist noticed, pointed at him and just yelled "THAT MEANS YOU TOO MOTHERFUCKER! GET YOUR FUCKING HORNS IN THE AIR!" Haha, that was great...but yeah, Origin were fantastic. I felt obliged to buy some of their merch after a performance like that, so I got me a nice Origin shirt. =)

    Misery Index - This was the second time I'd seen these guys. First time I saw 'em, they were a support act for Fear Factory. I think they were a lot better this time, they seemed to have a better set list, some really catchy riffs in some shit they played. However, they kinda failed to get the crowd going. They were pretty good, but I just found them slightly dull. I dunno, there was nothing wrong with the music, it's not like they gave a bad performance, it just felt kinda bland. Pretty typical death metal really. Imo, Misery Index should've been before Origin. Origin played for a decent amount of time, but it would've been really nice to see them play as long as Misery Index, as they were on for at least 40 minutes. But yeah, Misery Index were alright, but I think we were all expecting a little more than what they gave us.

    NECROPHAGIST - Alright, now tbh, my expectations weren't set particularly high for Necrophagist. I'd heard many people say that they aren't as good live as they are on their albums, like Muhammed can't pull off their material live 'n shit like that...and I believed those people. I mean, their music is extremely technical, I was kinda doubting they could pull it all off live. But guess what? They proved me wrong. They TOTALLY proved me wrong.

    NECROPHAGIST WERE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Just...WOW. I was absolutely amazed. They opened with Stabwound and pulled it off perfectly. I could already see that this was gonna be a fucking badass performance. But it just got better! I honestly don't know how they did it, but they did! Muhammed was sweating like a pig (and with good reason!), but nevertheless, he and his bandmates seemed to have an endless supply of energy. They just kept going and going. They seemed to pull all their songs off flawlessly! Absolutely brilliant, some songs were even better than their studio versions! (Extreme Unction in particular, that sounded absolutely FANTASTIC! I swear they played it faster!)

    What a fantastic setlist too. For one, their opener was the almighty Stabwound, but they also threw in amazing songs such as To Breathe In A Casket, Intestinal Incubation, Ignominious and Pale, Epitaph and Seven! My favourite Necrophagist song is definitely Foul Body Autopsy, and I honestly didn't expect them to play it. But guess what they played near the end? FOUL BODY FUCKING AUTOPSY. <3 I couldn't fucking believe it, I went crazy on that one. XD They closed with the fuckin' awesome Fermented Offal Discharge and just left us all stunned. I loved the reaction this guy had next to me who clearly hadn't heard Necrophagist before - "This is ridiculous! There's one guy playing an extremely complicated riff, and then the guy next to him is playing an even more complicated riff! Madness!"

    Necrophagist completely blew me away last night. They were just absolutely fucking fantastic. I can't wait to see them again sometime, hopefully they'll match the performance they gave last night. (To surpass it would be godlike; they'd have to play like all their songs faster than they do on the albums! And that would just be insane...)

  • I fucking HATE iPods.

    1 Feb 2007, 19:51

    I'm sorry, I just had to vent my rage. But honestly though, this just takes the piss.

    First iPod - was nice when it worked, but sometimes it wouldn't turn off and it would randomly freeze. iTunes would do the same, but my iPod generally still worked, so I put up with it. But then, randomly, the battery on my iPod started draining super fast, lasting literally 10 minutes. I returned it to Apple, who then sent me a new iPod...

    Second iPod - this was really nice at first, it didn't freeze up or give me any trouble. However, like 20 minutes ago (I know, the way I'm telling this makes it sound like I've had ten iPods =P), I got a random message after putting some songs on it. Somethin' about my damn iPod being corrupted. Gave me a choice - either restore it or unplug it. Why, oh why, did I unplug it? Mainly because I didn't want to lose all my shit. So I unplug the fucker, and it freezes on the "Do not disconnect" screen. I've tried resetting it, but it doesn't respond. And PC won't read my iPod now. So now, I'm left with no choice but to leave the battery to drain (which'll take a few fucking days), then plug it in and see what happens! Hopefully it'll read it and I'll be able to restore the fucker or whatever (which, personally, I think is unlikely), but even so, this is fucking ridiculous.

    I swear, I should've bought a Creative Zen... >_<

    I used to love Apple for allowing me to carry 30GB of music in my pocket. Now I hate them.

    I'm tellin' yeh, I'm tempted to smash this fucker to bits right now. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna give Apple the satisfaction of taking £220 and giving two iPods which are pieces of shit. If this shit doesn't work, I'm sending it back again. I won't get a refund from them, they'll just repair/send me another crappy iPod. I want my damned money back though, I wanna go buy a Zen or maybe one of those Sony ones...10GB less, but it's Sony, and I love Sony.


    Trust me, if you're thinking of getting a large MP3 player, DON'T GET AN IPOD. THEY'RE SHIT.
  • Pissed Off?

    15 Nov 2006, 17:46


    9 Oct 2006, 16:29


    Are you a Deicide fan? Are you not a Deicide fan? Do you love death metal? Are you a metalhead? Are you a person? Then join Homage For Satan - The Official Deicide Group!

    Even if having the honour of joining Last FM's OFFICIAL Deicide group is not enough, here's a fact that'll make you join - KELSI OWNS IT! KELSI! OWNS! DEICIDE! GROUP!!! I know, I couldn't believe it either when I first heard, but it's true! SO JOIIIIIIIN!! Even if you don't like Deicide or have no fuckin' idea who they are, join. Do it for the muffins! XD

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    ...muffins pwn

    The following bands also pwn:

    Fear Factory
    Ascension of the Watchers
    Children of Bodom
    Cannibal Corpse
    Sonata Arctica
    Anaal Nathrakh
    Arch Enemy
    Strapping Young Lad
    Amon Amarth
    Mors Principium Est
    Impaled Nazarene
    Napalm Death
    Daft Punk
    The Prodigy
    Spawn of Possession
    Blind Guardian
    Blood Stain Child
    Bolt Thrower
    Cattle Decapitation
    Cephalic Carnage
    Control Denied
    Dark Funeral
    Edge of Sanity
    Electric Six
    Fragments Of Unbecoming
    General Surgery
    Hate Eternal
    Immortal Souls
    Job for a Cowboy
    Joe Satriani
    Massacre of the Umbilical Cord
    Old Man's Child
    Omnium Gatherum
    Prostitute Disfigurement
    Scar Symmetry
    The Absence
    The Arcane Order
    The Black Mages
    Theory of a Deadman
    Weird Al Yankovic

  • Fear Factory. Live. Nottingham. WOW.

    11 Abr 2006, 10:29


    Alright, so the 1st support act was Misery Index, and they were pretty fucking awesome. Yes, I didn't know any of their songs or albums (then again, not sure if anyone else did either), but they sounded fantastic. A pit came outta fucking nowhere when they started playing, I got thrown straight into it. Great opener.

    2nd support was Breed77, and they were...hmm. Well, they were alright, but nowhere near as fast and furious as Misery Index. I was surprised that they managed to get a pit started...

    And then came Fear Factory. And oh my fucking God, they were just amazing. It is extremely difficult for me to put into words just how good they were. They were excellent. The crowd was excellent. As a was beyond excellence.

    They played their best songs EVER imo. They've also lived up to the claim on their website; they played at least one song from EVERY album. It was just so awesome, they played their best songs from each album. They could still pull off their classic "Martyr" from SOANM which I thought was fantastic. I think the crowd went craziest when they played "Linchpin", that was just fucking great. Everyone (including myself) was jumping for that, and I just dove straight into the mosh pit. Great fun!

    Haha, we wouldn't let them leave either. Just when it looked like FF were about to go off stage, everyone just started chanting "FEAR FACTORY! FEAR FACTORY!" It was just excellent. The way everyone (including myself) knew all the words to every song they played was brilliant too. When they played Demanufacture, the whole audience was just yelling "I'VE GOT NO MORE GODDAMN REGRETS! I'VE GOT NO MORE GODDAMN RESPECT!" Burton was loving it, haha...

    All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic concert. I came out with a nice Fear Factory hoodie too, which was worth every penny after a gig like that. Any Fear Factory fan who hasn't seen them yet should certainly see them. Last night was probably the best gig I've ever been to. :)

    Highlights - Demanufacture, Archetype, Cyberwaste, Linchpin, Edgecrusher

  • Glory Of The Exploding Head

    1 Feb 2006, 16:27

    Look slightly to your left, and you shall see the majestic exploding head in all its glory! Bless the man who managed to crush the guy's head. He must eat muffins.

    Anyhoo, yeah, been listening to a lot of black metal, power metal, modern metal and some death metal lately. Main shit would be Children of Bodom, Kiuas, Cannibal Corpse, Nokturnal Mortum and Fear Factory (as usual).

    I would've also put thrash metal, but I am unsure if Sepultura's new stuff is still classed as thrash metal...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't call Dante XXI a thrash metal album really...

    And wtf's up with all these A-Z journal entries I've been seeing lately? Some people must have a lot of time on their hands...more time than me, and I did not think that possible.

    So why did I make this clearly pointless journal entry? Because I was bored outta my fucking mind. Laters.

  • VOTE!

    7 Nov 2005, 21:45

    Just a message to any AoTW fans reading this (or any bored individual reading this) - please vote for the proposed image on the AoTW page, it's the best image anyone will get, and we only need at least 4 more votes. Thanks. :)
  • Hmm...

    12 Ago 2005, 17:42

    A first journal entry...Well, I got back from my trip to London today...While there, I decided to buy a Coal Chamber CD (Coal Chamber - The Best Of Coal Chamber). It's awesome, but I wanted something heavier. I wanted the whole album to have songs like "Fiend", "Loco", "Sway", and "Oddity". Then I heard that Dez Fafara quit CC and joined DevilDriver...So, I bought their debut album, and it was just what I was looking for. Fast, furious and fucking loud. Let me just say, DevilDriver pwns! All Metal fans, buy their debut album...It owns! I shall be getting their 2nd album soon...That beeth all from teh Project of Black today. Any bored prick reading this should listen to Fear Factory or DevilDriver immediatly.

    "Guys...Where Are We?"