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  • Soundtrackked

    her album is pretty standard indie-folk fare, but somehow still very enjoyable! I wish you both nothing but the best. she would be my wife but I don't think annie clark would be very happy with that.

    3 Jul 20:15 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    I can't believe I've never rec'd Rustie to you but you need to listen to him.

    23 Jun 20:12 Responder
  • pixel_dude

    I see you're already aware of the brilliance that is world's end girlfriend, so my recommendation to you would be to check out Serph, and maybe Joseph Nothing. Cheery, slightly absurd Japanese electronica always hits the spot! I won't recommend any video game stuff because then this post would continue forever. Have you got any good instrumental music to recommend? :)

    9 Jun 5:48 Responder
  • pixel_dude

    Hey your charts are like mine! Except mine are a lot more Japanese, I guess... Massive respect for the Motoro Faam love.

    8 Jun 5:30 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    is the ping pong ED insanely catchy or am I just insane?

    27 May 5:26 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    yessss, bill evans is my favorite jazz pianist. the album Mingus Ah Um is godlike, so go check that out if you haven't already. let's see: andrew hill is pretty great, probably second to bill in terms of pianists, but hill's style is completely different from that of bill evans. sonny rollins and ornette coleman are pretty ballin saxophonists. the thing I love about jazz is that it's all so good. hardly any misses from the stuff I've listened to. let me know if you need specific album recs. word, I'll check her out. I only see one album on jpopsuki, should I just go for that one?

    24 Abr 18:06 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    thx simo I'll check it out asap! if you have anymore jazz recs, feel free to send them my way =) I used to be pretty heavy into the stuff, but it's been so long that it feels like I'm visiting albums for the first time again.

    24 Abr 4:22 Responder
  • BossaQuest

    The hip-hop Spirit Agent, and the emo band SORA from Japan.

    16 Abr 1:38 Responder
  • BossaQuest

    Spirit Agent and Sora, two of my favorite finds of recent. I've showed Tanner sora and he really enjoys them.

    13 Abr 13:32 Responder
  • BossaQuest

    yay, we're friends on now.

    9 Abr 19:06 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    Would you hate me if I told you I haven't seen Mulholland Dr. either? (don't kill me) Ahhhh I'm really interested in checking out his stuff, mostly Stalker and Solaris. Fuck!!! I've been wanting a movie tracker account for so long ;_; Yeah I have What too. Just need a PTP account and my ring of private trackers will be complete.

    27 Mar 2:11 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    It's actually pretty funny because I watched Blair Witch on Friday night lol. I'd actually think you'd handle it well; it works mostly through suggestion since it's a first-person found footage movie. No music or sudden cuts to employ cheap jump scares. Anyway yeah I did! Basically lived up to exactly what I expected from it. Certainly one of those most impressive feats in cinematography/editing for the time. I agree, the deterioration of Kane emotionally was one of the most fascinating story elements I've seen in quite awhile. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was the lack of connection after watching it. I thought about the whole thing for a bit but it didn't stick with me like I thought it would. Objectively it's probably near perfect though.

    23 Mar 15:27 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    Aw man, I think Blair Witch Project is one of the first horror movies that I genuinely appreciated once I started taking movies seriously. I always wonder if it still holds up today. Sounds amazing, and my film professor has delved into a rather lengthy (and tangent) discussion about it so I can already appreciate it even in today's context haha. Sorry I haven't been able to catch up with it yet, I'll try to tomorrow morning and let you know my thoughts!

    21 Mar 5:07 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    Oh I don't want to make it seem like I hate EVERYONE in my department, it's just usually a tossup. Most of my closer friends are in other majors. Glad you can connect so easily with people in your classes though. Hmmmm, well out of the ones we've watched thus far I can easily recommend The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Peeping Tom, The Black Cat, and The Exorcist. Halloween is my personal all-time favorite. We're exploring horror in chronological order of release date, so those are all pretty old but still great nonetheless. Yeah we do the same, I WISH we could watch the full films shown in the clips but gah time. Oh cool, I've never seen it despite it being one of the most universally loved movies of all time lol. I'll see if I can find the time for it later this week.

    17 Mar 15:55 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    Her new album is my least favorite I think, but all of her stuff is at least good so you have a lot to look forward to! But yes, an amazing performer for sure. Haha it didn't even bear the slightest semblance to Spring Breakers unfortunately :( I had to get a bunch of errands done but I also got to relax at home so that was nice. Maybe next year I'll run into Alien. That's awesome man. I wish I could say the same about the people in CS, I dislike a good majority of them lol. That sounds like it could something! Kinda like a film club sorta thing. I'm taking this horror film class right now and we just watch one movie a week so I'm always fiending for something more. I'd be down to watch whatever you guys are watching in class if that works or we can pick out something else.

    17 Mar 4:13 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    yo!!!!!! not all that much, my man. I got this part-time information technology consulting job recently and I'm really excited about it since it's very relevant to my major (computer science). idk how much you listen to her, but I saw st. vincent a couple weekends ago and she was amazing; definitely one of the best shows I've been to. other than that, it's been the same old same old. just got back from spring break so I'll be on my regular routine in no time lol. what about YOU? I saw on the lair that you're settling in at uni which must be exciting. still doing the film thing you mentioned awhile back?

    17 Mar 1:42 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    I'm glad you liked it! My rip of CC is 480p so the quality isn't all that great, but no I don't think it's meant to be "blurry", though it is shot on relatively old cameras so that might explain it. Oh yes I need to see that and Chungking Express as well. Apparently the rest of his filmography is mostly hit or miss unfortunately.

    21 Ene 5:43 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    Same. There are a lot of movies from 2013, that I actually liked quite a bit but were by no means outstanding, that I think could benefit from a second viewing. Only God Forgives is one of them, Computer Chess is one of them - highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. Maybe one day I'll go through and add everything but for now I'll just watch 'em as they come. Welp I've added both of them to my watchlist and HOPEFULLY will be checking out them soon but I watch stuff so randomly lol. Hoop Dreams and Goodfellas are two movies that I'll rec you just because they're absolutely essential. In the Mood for Love is an amazing Chinese romance film that I'm surprised relatively few have seen, so go check that one out too.

    16 Ene 20:49 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    Yeah, I like Refn. He definitely has great insight when it comes to aesthetics but part of me thinks he makes decisions for his films that are often too metaphorical for his own good. With OGF, I feel like he gets lost in the idea of making a film to to be analyzed and consequentially makes one completely devoid of structure which undermines the points he's trying to express. Drive is almost a masterpiece though so I guess I can't criticize him just for one movie lol. Nah, I started my Letterboxd account after taking a film class at college during my first semester, so sometime near the end of 2012? There's probably at least 200 or so (mostly Hollywood summer blockbusters) that could be added but I'm way too lazy to do that. Feel free to rec me something anytime though, I probably haven't seen it.

    15 Ene 22:17 Responder
  • Soundtrackked

    I'm pretty impressed at the depth people get at in their huge reviews, but there's something nice about a concise review too. Ahhh, I need to see The World's End desperately (thought haven't even seen Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead). OGF was good but I'm sure a lot of it went over my head in my first watch because I was mesmerized by the cinematography; definitely need to rewatch that soon. I saw Inside Llewyn Davis today and it was EXCELLENT. I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you like other Coen Bros films and/or folk music.

    15 Ene 5:14 Responder
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