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14 Abr 2008, 13:04

I went to a Katie Melua gig yesterday. And I freaking loved it to pieces!

In a previous journal I told you how I started to like calm, relaxing music. For some reason, Katie Melua has been topping my charts lately. And yesterday, she's showed to the world why.

Support act was Andrea McEwan. Completely unknown, apparently this tour was her first time performing for an audience. Some songs have been posted on her MySpace page recently, but other than that I could not find any information about her.
She's on the same label as Katie Melua (Dramatico) and they seem to share producer Mike Batt. That makes her a logical choice for the support slot on this tour, especially since her music is quite similar to that of Katie Melua, I think they've written a couple of songs together. She has a bit more minimalistic approach, with only guitar, bass and a drumtrack that came from a computer.

Then Katie Melua took the stage. She started by playing four songs on her own, just her and her guitar. And her voice. Those songs defined the show, at least to me. I was impressive how the venue, holding 10,000 people, became dead silent the second this little girl opened her mouth. Just stunning. She grabbed the audience by the balls and didn't let go for a couple of hours.

After the fourth song, the band joined in and they played a whole bunch of songs. I'm under the impression that they played them a bit 'louder', less introverted than they are on CD. But I guess that suits the fact that it was a live concert for thousands and thousands of people ("There's so many of you!").
I was amazed how she made it all seem so easy, sing and playing the songs. But she was absolutely flawless.

Piece by Piece
Dirty Dice
I Think It's Going to Rain Today
I Do Believe in Love
My Aphrodisiac Is You
Crawling Up a Hill
Mary Pickford
Blues in the Night
If You Were A Sailboat
Ghost Town
Thank You Stars
Perfect Circle
What I Miss About You
Spider's Web
If the Lights Go Out
Scary Films
Mockingbird Song
Closest Thing to Crazy
Nine Million Bicycles
On the Road Again
Kozmic Blues (Janis Joplin cover)
I Cried for You
Crawling Up a Hill
I Cried for You

And the good part is this: the show was recorded on DVD! No idea when it will be released (I guess it takes a couple of months), but we'll all have something to remember this show by! And it meant that when the show would have ended, they had to play a couple of songs again to make the director happy.

All in all, I no regrets about going there at all. Worth every penny!!

Now to get myself a Katie Melua T-shirt... I think they only sold girlies at the show :(


  • xTomer

    you're a pussy

    14 Abr 2008, 13:04
  • Skuzzie

    But at least Katie Melua touched his balls.

    26 Abr 2008, 12:38
  • teriac

    New around here but "giving you a witness, girl" about Melua. "I'd love to kill you with a kiss........yeh baby 'xpresss yourself.

    26 Oct 2011, 15:22
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