• Rat Faced Bastard - Fuck Wound review

    29 Dic 2013, 22:32

    Newcastle's now defunct grindcore outfit Rat Faced Bastard left us two short EP's in their run time as a band. The latter "Fuck Wound" provides the listener with a 13 minute pummelling of grindcore inspired by acts such as Insect Warfare, Napalm Death, early Carcass, Repulsion etc.

    I'll admit to not being the biggest fan of this style but when I listen to this genre this is exactly the type of stuff I want to be hearing, fast and chaotic riffs with heavy and quality production to back up the apocalyptic onslaught and this is exactly what we get with "Fuck Wound"

    Performances across the board are fantastic, the band play tight as a unit which is commendable. The instrumentation doesn't have too many moments were one member sticks out and shines above the rest but that is only a minor gripe. However that being said vocalist Jamie Brown's maniac like approach to grind vocals give the music a really intense and schizophrenic vibe when the band are switching riffs quickly within a short period of time.

    Rat Faced Bastard do a quality job in smashing the listeners face in with tremolo picked riffs over high speed blast beats and quick changes which is only to be expected in this genre. But the best thing this band accomplish with sadly their last release is a nice cross over appeal between genre fans. As said before I don't spend that much time listening to grind but I have had plenty of enjoyable listen's with this EP. This release will even appeal to death and extreme metal fans for its punishing riffs and longer structured songs than most grind bands churn out,
    The band even hit 80's New York hardcore territory with the quality cut "Freeloaders" which should please listeners with more of a hardcore punk/powerviolance/grind background.

    The band do fall into silly territory with some numbers such as "Thatca" and "Never Fall Down" both in total amount to 21 seconds combined run time. Other than that and the previously mentioned slight hindrances this EP will really appeal to grind nuts and extreme metal fans.
    If you spend your time worshipping acts such as Insect Warfare, Nails and Napalm Death then you will find a lot to enjoy with this release.

    After a slight bit of drama regarding the ending of this band, both releases are available to download for free from Tombs in the Valley Production's bandcamp page. So there is no excuse to miss this now sadly defunct grind acts last effort.

    Highlights : "Scheizenhaus" "Fuck Wound" "Dungeon of Misery"

    Free Download :

  • Chapel of Disease - Interview

    24 Jun 2012, 23:40

    Chapel of Disease are a new band playing ridiculously filthy and rotten death metal in the vein of Asphyx, early Pestilence, early Gorguts and Morgorth. With fast banging riffs and slow doomy sections the band play a varied style of death metal which should have any fan of old school death metal foaming from the mouth. With a vocalist who sounds like Martin Van Drunen, Chapel of Disease wouldn't have sounded out of place in the Dutch death metal scene of the late 80's/early90's

    Q:Hello and greetings from the UK! First of all can you tell us about the beginnings of the band? How did you guys meet? How did you guys first start practicing and how long did it take you guys to get tight with original material?

    A:Cheers UK! When I moved to Cologne in 2008, I asked my brother, who has already been living here for quite some years before me and was already playing in a band with our drummer David, if he would be up for some sort of old school death Band. Of course he was up for it, so we told David of our plans and Chapel Of Disease was put to life. The first 9 or 10 months it was only us three- so it was me on the guitar and Vocals, Ced on the bass and Dave on the drums. Funny thing is, that we started with playing own stuff straight away. “Summoning Black Gods” was the first thing we created, following up with “the nameless city”, the two other demo songs and two (or three?) more songs that weren’t released yet. It was strange, but we just didn’t feel like starting off with covering stuff. The only thing we covered in the beginnings was “Left To Die” from Death, but we stopped doing that after a short period of time, since the process of own songwriting was doing more than OK. Still it didn’t take that long until we realized that we would need a second guitar to be doing the music we were planning on doing. We met Christian and showed him a very funny version of “Summoning Black Gods” (recorded in 2008), asked him if he would be interested in taking over the bass and that’s pretty much it- we’ve been the same lineup since 2009…

    Q:How is the death metal scene in Germany? What other bands do you guys play with live?

    A:There are some really good Death Metal Bands in Germany nowadays, like “Necros Christos”, “Venenum” or “Excoriate” (although they split up some years ago), just to name a few. Still, I wouldn’t be able to talk about a real death metal scene here. Maybe it’s because we’ve only played two gigs so far, or maybe it’s because there is none, haha. But no, I’m serious, I really don’t know yet. Of course you got quite a lot of bands around here that make death metal in some way or another, but for me there are only a few that I really think suit my taste. Then again, there is some sort of real metal scene in Germany that’s going along quite good but of course the genres get mixed up inside of it. Personally, I think that’s the way it should be. There shouldn’t be single metal scenes, like a black-, death-, thrash- and heavy scene. As long as it’s some sort of good metal, it’s cool!

    Q:How is the writing process for Chapel? Do you guys do group writing or do individual members write complete songs?

    A:It gets mixed up. Me and my brother write some stuff at home, we bring it to the rehearsal room and from there we work on it all together. Christian writes all of his Basslines himself and David always has some good ideas that can make a riff sound a whole lot different than you originally had in mind. I’m really happy with the way we work out all of our stuff. There’s no real leader or whatsoever and I think that’s the way it should be if you want to make your music sound harmonic (even tho’ it’s death metal).

    Q:If you had to chose three death metal albums which are Chapel of Disease's main influences what would they be?

    Q:Fucking tough one! We all worship the “Altars Of Madness”- not only for it’s time but even today it still is just one pure definition of aggression… It’s a masterpiece. Still, I don’t think you’d hear that in our music.
    Of course the first (three) Death Albums are a huge influence for us. Sometimes I do have the feeling that people forget what sort of music Chuck created especially by writing his first two albums. So Death has always been a huge inspiration. To name a third album (out of way too many) I would probably choose Asphyx “The Rack”… or Autopsy’s “Severed Survival”… or… Fuck, this question is too hard for me, haha! Just put all those big old school Death Metal albums from the beginnings together and you’ll get the message.

    A:With a killer demo and a recent split released, what is the next move for Chapel of Disease?

    Q:Just today we set up our rehearsalroom to get the recordings starting. So next weekend we’ll probably be recording the drumtracks for our first full length. We’re pretty excited about it and of course filled with some sort of nervousness… It’s the first full length and we want that one to rip! If all goes well, it is supposed to be released in December via FDA Rekotz.
    In August we’ll all shit our pants at once because we’ll be playing at the Party San Festival here in Germany. So that’s something huge for us! After the album comes out we want to get a small tour going- maybe even over in the UK!, fuckin killer!- and then, we’ll just take it from there. One step after another.

    A:Thank you for answering these questions and good luck in future endeavors, looking forward to what Chapel have in store for us in the future!
    Thank you for the interview mate!

    Chapel of Disease

    If you are into : Pestilence Gorguts Asphyx

    Morgorth or Morbid Angel Chapel of Disease are a band most definitely worth checking out.
  • Top 25 played albums

    29 Abr 2012, 21:23

  • Morpheus Descends - Ritual of Infinity Review

    20 Abr 2012, 13:28

    I first have to start of this review by saying how surprised I am how much I have come to enjoy this album. I have always been a more Floridian style US death metal fan. Whilst been unaware of the New York scene for a few years I decided to check it out. I was always put off by reputation as I heard a lot of it was to influence slam death etc. However I barley hear it in this album which is a good thing. Along with other such noteworthy acts as Immolation and Incantation.Morpheus Descends are a part of a pretty fucking powerful tri-force that came from that scene.

    History lesson aside this album coming in at just 32 minutes is a half hour bludgeoning in the art of death metal. The band deliver an arsenal of riffs over the awesome drumming of Ken Faggio. There are thrash infused head banging moments, mid tempo crushing proto type brutal death metal riffs and the odd slow moment on the album. The arrangements all have enough elements to make them interesting and to keep your attention. The production is pretty low end heavy. And loses some clarity of the riffs, the drums kick drum is pretty loud in the mix also. The drumming switches between stock death metal beats and some pretty inventive ideas in terms of feeling and fills. Just listen to the off beat snare work in the opening track. The vocals are good even if they are a bit standard, and are just what you would expect from this scene. However even though they are standard I just can't help loving them and I'm sure most death metal fans will enjoy this vocal performance.

    Ritual of Infinity is a very solid and very brutal 30 minute affair. It has a pretty good reputation with fans of this scene and I can say it is quiet deserved. The highlights for me have to be the opening two track onslaught of The Way of All Flesh. With a pounding brutal opening before going in to mid tempo brutality. Corpse Under Glass with some of the most thrashy riffs of the album on offer. Trephanation for the same reasons, with my favourite riff on the album around the half way point a true neck breaker. As far as getting a hard copy of this it more than likely isn't going to happen. However thanks to file sharing we can all listen to music that was sadly forgotten about and left behind like a lot of good old death metal.

    Ritual of Infinity holds its own against their counterparts from the old New York scene and should be in every death metal fan's music library.

    Score 4/5

  • My 2011 in Metal.

    18 Dic 2011, 19:20

    2011 was a good year for Metal, in terms of releases. Some great albums where put out by bands. However we had a few very bad disappointments. ( Morbid Angel, Queensryche etc) However the good really did outweigh the bad. Also I was very privileged to see Judas Preist on their final "Epitath" world tour. Bloodstock 2011 with its amazing line up. Seeing Coroner reunion show and Immortal first show in the uk for nine years. Looking back their was actually some really fucking cool experiences. I also saw many a local show and got involved with my local scene. Formed my own band after months of searching for members.

    Right moving on from ranting on about nostalgia here is my top 10 list, I will also include personal disappointments and honourable mentions at the end.

    Number 10 - Destruction Day Of Reckoning

    A solid thrash album from genre legends destruction. Great technical riffs, catchy and overall just a solid album. Great production also.

    Number 9 - Autopsy Macabre Eternal

    Autopsy return after 15 years since their last album. Some will be thinking this is low on the list. Personally I really enjoyed this release. It sounds like the album they could have done in-between Severed Survival and Mental Funeral. Good production, great Autopsy riffs etc. However I just consider this to go on for way to long.

    Number 8 - Symphony X Iconoclast

    Prog power masters deliver the goods yet again. Taking the ideas and style displayed on Paradise Lost to an even further level. Much more progressive and Michael Romeo continues to show he may be the best guitar player in metal. Inspiring stuff.

    Number 7 - Pagan's Mind Heavenly Exctascy

    Another great prog power album this year. Pagan's Mind are one of my favourite bands and after the disappointing Gods Equation. I was sceptical of this release. Pagan's Mind proved me wrong, progressing with a much more melodic and slightly more accessible release. Riffs catchier than a common cold and the guitar leads are some of the most impressive melodic lead lines I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Pagan's Mind are back.

    Number 6 - Thulcandra Under a Frozen Sun

    Paying tribute to the Swedish black metal scene of the mid - late 90's. Thulcandra come more into their own on this release. But still can't help paying tribute to their obvious hero's Dissection. That's fine by me as this is my favourite style of black metal. Backed by an icy modern production and some really pulsating blackened death metal riffs. Thulcandra show great diversity with this one. Combining great riffs with epic structure. The song "Aeons of Darkness" has one of the most heavy riffs of 2011 in there. Epic.

    Number 5 - Vektor Outer Isolation

    Barley missing out on a top 5 spot. Vektor blew me away with this. I was anticipating this greatly for months. I have a lot of respect for this band. One of the few progressive thrash bands around at the moment. Every thing is so unique here. The riffs, structures the solo's. Everything is mind numbing and the vocals are just some of the most insane and unique I have ever heard.

    Number 4 - Havok Time Is Up

    Man. I can remember first getting this, waking up on a fine morning. Sticking on the opener and getting blown away. It brought a lot of good times. Drinking beer in my garden listening to this, great memories and great times. As far as the actual music goes this is my favourite new thrash album. A one that can stand up to the classics of yesteryear and that's saying something. You can read my full review of this on here and metal archives. So I won't dive into specifics about the music with this. But this album really brought back the feeling of thrash for a while. Made me go back and listen to some classics, drink a lot of beer and shoot the shit to this album on the I-pod dock in the garden. Good times thrash.

    Number 3 -Vader Welcome to the Morbid Reich

    This album full on smokes. Any metal head into death and thrash should be able to realize that this is the best death metal album of 2011. A vast improvement on their last album Necropolis. Which I thought was good but some of the songs where too short and didn't have the room enough to be epic riff fests, which the songs had the potential to be. The production is as strong as ever, a pulsating guitar tone. Intense high speed blasts. Fast thrash breaks, brutal mid paced riffs. The addition of the new guitar player "Spider" brought a fresh feeling to the band, with his brilliant riffs and leads. This is the one of the best modern day death metal albums.

    Number 2 - Power Quest Blood Alliance

    Wow. This is what I have been listening to whilst doing this list. Possibly the only British power metal album that can stand up to euro power metal. I did a full review of this so if you want you can check that out on here and metal archives. This really quiet special and one that brings a good feeling when I listen to it. I watched these play Bloodstock 2011, they played 5 songs of it and it was amazing. One of the most professional bands I have ever watched. This album has accompanied me on a lot of good times this year. I listened to it mostly in the summer which is the best time to listen to power metal in my opinion (happy times) Just pure magic.

    Number 1 - Obscura Omnivium

    This was the album I anticipated the most this year and did this band deliver the goods. From the opening notes of the first track you know your in for an intense experience. This is how modern Technical/Progressive Death Metal albums should be done. Every time you go back and listen you hear something new. Just fucking amazing.

    Honourable Mentions.

    Stratovarius, Jag Panzer, Warbringer, Hate Eternal, Pestilence, Blut Aus Nord (777 Sects), Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dream Theater, Wolves in the Throne Room,


    Anubis gate, Megadeth, Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Revocation.
  • My Top Thrash Metal Albums.

    9 Sep 2011, 12:59

    Thrash Metal was the first genre of Metal I really got into and consider it to be my roots lie. Here are 10 of my favorites.

    Megadeth Rust In Peace

    Here we have in my opinion, the greatest Thrash album ever made. This was also my first Metal album ever. I have such a connection to this. I can still remember the night getting it from a music shop in a massive shopping complex up here. I went to the cinema with my family, had food etc. But none of that mattered, I was just staring at the artwork for this and "So Far So Good.....So What!" Eager to get home and play it. That night i was blown away I listened to the album three times in a row and I can say my life changed.

    It got me into Metal 4 years ago and I have had countless plays of it. Never getting boring the riffs are so intricate, progressive are the song structures and godly the performances on this record. The first riff section in holy wars come out and say " this is how Thrash is supposed to be played" The production and guitar tone is just perfect. Every song is killer. Marty Freidman is just a god and give Megadeth something the other thrash band's didn't have. Tastefully shreding guitar solo's from his shred albums and time playing with the all mighty Jason Becker.

    Megadeth laid down not just a Thrash performance for us metal heads. But an epic musical performance that will secure them a place as one of the greatest bands to grace this planet. If I was to give a serious music listener ten albums to represent the metal genre as a whole this would make it.

    Morbid Saint Spectrum of Death

    Brutal Thrash Metal is really where it's at. The riffs are much more intense and bangable. This has one of the ultimate riff fests in "Assassin." A seven minute riff fest with the most heavy, intense and fast thrash riffing the genre has to offer. 30 minutes of direct intensity and brutal riffing. If Anthrax are a bit to heavy for you i would avoid this like the plague. However if you love Slayer's second and third records you would do yourself a lot of good getting this. Morbid Saint give us this then a self released demo/album and left us for good. Great spiteful and hate filled vocals also add to the intensity. An album that destroys a lot of overrated well known Thrash.

    Destruction Release From Agony


    Destruction are one of the greats. One of the big three from Germany and I would consider them to be top dogs from their homeland. Giving us one of the most solid Thrash discography's most albums are solid. This is my personal favorite Destruction album. They really stepped up their game for their third album with better production which, in my opinion stopped the first two albums from been as enjoyable. The inclusion of another guitar player who's leads are beyond smoking. Technical Thrash Metal mastery here. For me this is better than any Coroner album. Check the riff in the mid section of "Sign of Fear" with them Diminished acoustic guitar runs over distortion, a lot of creativity is shown on here. Schmier is as awesome as ever. Giving a twisted and awesome performance on this one.

    Sepultura Beneath the Remains

    This is a more recent discovery often overlooked with it coming from an odd location (Brazil) This is brutal and intense. The production is very sick also. Gone are the ridiculous necro production jobs of their first two albums. They really stood up professionally and musically. Sepultura where not following a crowd or any ones rules here. Each song has riffs a plenty and cool ideas. There are some fiddly almost Tech Thrash elements to the songs. Mixed with the catchy and heavy chuggy thrash riffs. It's kind of hard to describe really, its a one of a kind. Just trust this and get it now if you don't have it.

    Slayer Hell Awaits

    Vastly superior to anything this band have done imo. With perfect underground production. The compositions are amazing. Listen to At Dawn They Sleep. The build in the mid section before unleashing into a monster of a riff section after it. Twisted and innovative riff work one of the first bands to use atonal riffs. Which is what Death Metal thrives on. You can hear the influence in a lot of Death Metal. Take the almighty Altars of Madness. You can tell that band loved this record. Anyway this is the most progressive album slayer ever did and the best. Think of its impact and influence on the Metal world also. Every song slays... ha.

    Demolition Hammer Epidemic of Violance

    More brutal Thrash, coming in at 1992 when Death Metal was hyping. Demolition Hammer have some Death/Thrash sensibilities. Sporting the best production job/ the most heavy guitar tone in Thrash Metal history. Take the riff in Skull Fracturing Nightmare. That stop and those chord stabs into that punishing riff .... They take no prisoners and posers will find their heads decapitated off this shit.. The vocal work is also great. Every song is a brutal riff fest and a lesson in how to thrash. Fuck whiffle ball thrash this is fucking Thrash Metal. Envenomed also has one of my favorite opening's in a thrash song. Straight into a punishing as fuck verse. This band don't fuck about or compromise any of their sound on this one.

    Dark Angel Darkness Descends

    This was my very first taste of the underground. I discovered this when i was 15 and have loved it ever since. Back in the day when it was all about "what is fast and intense is the best." Well for all who know this album you know that would have suited my taste very nicely. As this is a 35 minute non stop assault on the senses. Dirty raw and aggressive thrash standing tall above most of the godly releases to be released in '86 in my opinion. Gene Hogan's performance is superb most songs are around the 260bpm mark. The entire album is killer and is also important for its influence on Death Metal. Along with. Kreator (Pleasure to Kill) Slayer (Hell Awaits, Reign In Blood) and Possessed (Seven Churces) The entire album smokes but my picks have to be the all mighty Burning of Sodom with its ridiculous speed and that killer riff half time riff after the solo section. Hunger of The Undead for its awesome riffs in the mid section (very Death Metal) and Black Prophecies an epic 8 minute riff fest at more of a faster mid paced tempo. Listen to the change just before the mid section perfect thrash.

    Toxik Think This

    Don't you just love it when you think you know a genre. Go back and investigate albums you have overlooked in your time and get blown away by an album? Well this is exactly what happened to me with this one. In the summer of 2010 I went on a massive "Thrash buzz" Listening to thrash 24/7 and getting into new bands I had overlooked. This was THE album that I was glad I got into. I shared this buzz with my good friend/band member/metal brother. Known as "Discrowned" on here. This is a musical and technical thrash metal album. The vocals are superb melodic and reach amazing highs. The riffs are obviously technical but also memorable and headbangable. Quiet the amazing record and if you listen to "Machine Dream" with that clean over the distortion that sounds like fucking progressive metal or something in 1989. Get this.

    Megadeth peace sells

    Another Megadeth record in my top 10? Why yes they where the best band back in the thrash hay day. Peace Sells is more of a faster affair than Rust In Peace. You could say this even was an influence on Tech Thrash. Listen to the slight jazzy touches to the tonality of some of the riffs and Gar's drumming (R.I.P). Mostly in 4/4 but with quirky rhythms. This may be the most important album in Megadeth's career as it secured them on a place a place among the Thrash Metal elite. Listen to that up tempo riff in Wake Up Dead. That is one of the most godly riffs in thrash. The album even showcases a more melodic and accessible Megadeth which would be taken to new heights in the 90's with the title track. When I saw this band live it was amazing night for me. If you can't tell these are one of my favorite band's. Hell they where my favorite band of my teen years. Until I discovered Edge of Sanity, Dan Swano and the Crimson records.

    Metallica ...and Justice for All

    Well,well,well. We have come to the end of this list. You may be quiet shocked I have included this if you look at the other albums that are in the list. I will say I rarely listen to this record anymore. But back in the day I was a Metallica fan boy. I'm sure most metal heads go through this phase. I still admire this record to this day. Progressive and sometimes melodic thrash metal. The title track which is unmatched with its amazing acoustic work and godly harmonies in the mid section. To Live is To Die which is one of the most amazing songs in my opinion not just in Metal but in music. With that soul crushing harmony in the mid section. The pleasant acoustic work at the start and doomy riffs. The song is rather symbolic been composed of riffs Cliff Burton left behind. It's like the memoir of a dead man. Their is obviously issues for this album the all too talked about bass controversy. Essentially the bass is inaudible.
    Essentially making this a flawed masterpiece. Metallica could have continued with this sound becoming a mighty prog/thrash band. But choose to majorly egress and go accessible with the black album. Selling out? I leave that for you to decide.

    I apologize for the inconsistent sizes of the images. I copied the image url from metal archives. So the pictures differ in size and their is bound to be spelling/grammar mistakes. Again sorry.

    Honorable mentions.

    Kreator Pleasure To Kill

    Coroner No More Color

    Testament The Legacy

    Forbidden Twisted Into Form

    Heathen Victims Of Deception

  • Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World Review

    7 Sep 2011, 21:18

    Blind Guardian are apart of the power metal elite, no doubt about it. They where doing classic power metal albums whilst Sonata Arctica where getting there noses rubbed and bottle fed of their mother still. This album in question "Tales From The Twilight World" started one of the most godly runs in metal history. This and the three releases after this are all top quality power metal.

    This is where Blind Guardian defined their sound. Found their own style and created an amazing power metal album. Blind Guardian had started off well releasing two pretty cool speed/thrash/power albums. But this is just something else compared to them. The album was the first to have that Blind Guardian feel we all love. A lot of multi layering with guitar and vocal tracks. Hansi Kürsch lays down a performance of the gods. Showcasing a lot of power and range when it comes to his choir sections.

    The album is mostly filled with power metal double kicking songs, that are quiet fast. The songs are very uplifting and beyond infectious. The vocal melodies will stick in your head after a couple of listens and you will want to revisit this masterpiece more and more. It's very addictive mostly due to it's consistency, no song is a let down and the album is well arranged.

    Clocking in at just over forty minutes means the album is perfect for an immediate re listen. The album is easy to digest which is a good thing. Something I find to be the problem with some power metal albums. When they are over an hour long and some songs have a very filler vibe. This is not the case with this record.

    The guitar work is a highlight, you can only get what is on display here by listening to Blind Guardian. Calling
    André Olbrich and Marcus Siepen guitar masters would be an understatement. Dual guitar attacks that are so unique displayed in such songs like the epic title track and "Welcome to Dying". The previously mentioned title track has an epic feel in the mid section with a nice use of clean guitars with distortion that gives Hansi a perfect back drop to lay down a powerful vocal performance.

    If you are looking to get into power metal this would be a good starting point. It is beyond essential as it is also very innovative. No song is a let down and it is hard to pick highlights. But it would have to be "Welcome To Dying", the title track with its epic arrangement and one of the biggest sounding power metal chorus's in the genre . "The Last Candle" with one of the best guitar harmonies on the album. Displayed at the begging of the song. Don't have this album or listen to this band? Rectify that now.


    Blind Guardian Tales From The Twlight World
  • Megadeth - Endgame Review

    7 Sep 2011, 19:31

    After Megadeth's reformation in 2004 with the release of "The System Has Failed" which was a pretty enjoyable listen. Including such solid cuts like "Blackmail The Universe" and "Kick The Chair". Megadeth had come back in a return of their old style. With 2007's "United Abominations" Megadeth took a more melodic approach and a step up in quality from the previous album. Then we have "Endgame" which is a massive step up in quality from "United Abominations". Let me tell you why.

    Produced by the legendary Andy Sneap the initial chords of the opener " Dialectic Chaos". Really do make me step back and go "wow". The production and guitar tone is very modern and bites really hard. This song is an instrumental much like "Into The Lungs of Hell" a guitar trade off between Mustaine and Broderick. This song really does announce Megadeth's return to full glory, full of trademark Megadeth riffs and extremely sick guitar solo's, which are intricate and really do make me want to pick up my guitar immediately. The album doesn't stop and continues to send you on a thrashing with "This Day We Fight!". With a glorious main riff which is just soooo uncompromisingly heavy.

    This album is just so very Megadeth and if you are a fan of the band you know what I mean. Back are the trademark riffs of Dave Mustaine with one of the most "Megadeth" riffs I have heard since the glory days in "44 Minutes". Behind one of Broderick's best leads on the album. The only tiny thing that slightly annoys me with this track is the opening voice over which I think is just a slight bit cheesy.

    The album shows a lot of variation, we even have a song that wouldn't sound out of place on the first Megadeth album next with 1,320. Which is one of the fastest songs and has very old school early thrash metal/ speed metal vibe to it.

    In the mid section of the album we have song's that sound very "Countdown To Extinction" era Megadeth. That mostly stick to the mid paced format. These are "Bite the Hand" and "Bodies" both are very catchy and heavy. The title track has a very "Rust In Peace" feel to it with some of the best riffs on the album. The solo at the end is choice very melodic and epic. Even though I have had my time believing the whole lyrical concept of this song to be real. (New World Order) I now have come to my senses and realized it is most likely complete lies. But the music and lyrics to create a very scary atmosphere on this one. With the voice over at the start actually been used to good effect, adding to the concept.

    Now we have the ballad...... A ballad on a Thrash album. This spoils the momentum a bit but has a quality mid section. With the keys not sounding to far away from a power metal song. Something I would like to see Megadeth experiment with further on there next album.

    Headcrusher is decent but not that good compared to the other songs. When It came out as a single I was floored by it and it made me feel really excited for this album coming out at the time so it served its purpose.

    The last songs are two catchy mid paced numbers and end the album well. "The Right to Go Insane" having one of the best riffs off the album towards the end of the song.

    Overall the album musically sounds like the album this band could have done in between "Rust In Peace" and "Countdown To Extinction".... Yeah its that good. Coupled with one of the finest production jobs I have heard in modern times. Megadeth have shown they can release an album that can be held up to their classic releases still and if you give this a miss when it came out and still haven't heard it. Well I urge you to pick it up you might just be surprised how good this album really is. Megadeth where the best band back in the day and show they are still unmatched today with this record. Unmissable, a modern classic.


  • Havok - Time Is Up Review

    3 Sep 2011, 19:31

    Firstly I have to say thrash metal used to be my favorite genre of metal. But when I get into other styles of metal i.e power,death,prog etc. I started listening to it less and less. I still love the genre a lot and when this "thrash revival" started I was happy to see a style of metal become popular. Now things have gotten out of hand. You have too many bands and it is turning into a trend. Bands like SSS, Violator etc been prime examples.

    However Havok do not fall into this category. Following up on their decent debut "Burn" Havok have proceeded to show the wannabes how it is done. Helped by a very modern and impressively produced album, Havok have kicked all forms of ass on "Time Is Up"

    Havok obviously play old school thrash. The specific style is hard to pin down, as they mix things up a bit. You have the early bay area type sound in there. Even with some punk influenced thrash riffs in one or two places and extremely heavy brutal thrash inspired by slayer etc.

    From the opening salvo of "Prepare to Attack" you know your in for a killer album. David Sanchez has the perfect thrash voice on this album. The two highs he displays in this song are incredible, very aggressive and with a perfect thrash edge to it. I just wish he used it in the other songs because he does not. Which is a shame, but not a make or break thing.

    The album benefits from the variation shown you have ass kicking, high tempo, furious thrash metal neck breakers such as the opener, "D.O.A" and "Covering Fire". Mid tempo head banger's like "Scumbag In Disguise" and "Killing Tendencies". The band even display a melodic edge in the previously mentioned song "Killing Tendencies". With an almost power metal style section. Fast palm muted note progression with a melodic lead line over it. Which is the highlight of the song and show Havok are more than a one trick pony.

    Overall every song delivers, a highly enjoyable album. I can't see this been beat thrash wise this year. Unless the new Megadeth album is as good as endgame or better. We shall see but that is for another review. If you like thrash you are going to love this simple as that. Possibly the one Thrash album from a new wave band that can stand up to the old classics of yesteryear.

    Havok Megadeth Slayer Overkill

  • Whetstone "Hunted" EP Review

    29 Ago 2011, 21:25

    Whetstone - Hunted EP Review

    Whetstone are a four piece unsigned band from london. Who have managed to self release their debut EP entilted "Hunted". Whetstone play the "woodsy", progressive and epic black metal similar to early Opeth, early Ulver and Primordial etc. But with a unique and orginal twist on things. The EP is avilable for free download, so who wouldn't want some thought provoking epic black metal for free?

    Anyway moving on to the review itself. The EP opens up with a very spacey keyboard intro. Which sets the mood for the true opener "Life Relinqueshed" which opens up with some soaring double kicking over mornfull epic guitar harmonies. The overall feel of the album is very sad and thought provoking. In my times listening to it I have dwelt on my darkest and deepest of thoughts. Very bleak and haunting. The harmony at 2:46 of the song is one of the best moments on the album abousltely soul wrenching. The song sets the standard for the compostions on the EP. With massive instrumental mid sections which keep your attention throughout.

    The production is very good for a self release, the whole "rough around the edges" feel gives it that raw feel in order for the gut wrenching emotion too emerge full from the music. It is mixed well and you can hear everything well. The drum sound is decent also. The vocals are quiet sick, a very distrubing black metal wretch, which is filled off spite and hate. The lyrics are sometimes dechperible but for the most part you can't tell, which is typical of the genre. I guess the lyrics deal with bad thoughts, inner emotions underneath a possible story.

    Moving on with "Silvan Death" which differs slightly stylisticly. It reminds me of Metallica at their most progressive. Orion mostly, coupled with that whetstone feel. It opens up with some nice Metallica inspired clean parts. Which launches into a quialty riff with vocals, sporting a nice pinch in the riff which rolls the riff around very well. The song goes on with mostly sad harmonies, after the lead a harmony plays which is very mornful. Perhabs this goes on for to long but I think it allows for the listener to dwell on a quiet beutifal passage of music and it sinks in more.

    Strugle for Sanctury.... Strugle for fucking Sanctury. What can i say really. This is one of the most epic songs I have heard from an unsigned band... Fuck that im music in genearl. The riffs remind me of Edge of Sanity at their best. Truly this band are the future for this style of music continuing the legacy Edge of Sanity left behind and which Opeth decided to ditch on us.

    The EP ends on Hunted which is the band's longest epic filled with everything you excpect from the EP. I have ranted on a bit and done a really in depth track by track. Which I don't normally do, but I have never reviewed an EP before and decided to include an in depth track by track.

    No song is a let down, every compostion is fantastic and flows togother superbly. Whetstone have a bright future been a very young band (Around about the 17 year old mark) Give this band a couple of grand to record a full length and we could be talking having another epic metal masterpiece in the vein of the band's influences on hand.

    If the review hasn't convinced you, get it if you like. Early Opeth, early Ulver, Edge of Sanity, Dissection,Dawn etc.


    Whetstone Dissection Opeth Ulver Edge of Sanity Dawn