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  • amy_of_the_lost

    have said that the new album is good, but some of the super fans that I know seem to not be so keen...apparently its a bit too "happy" and I personally prefer when his music is a bit more dark and haunting. But I'll keep open minded until I've heard for myself, and maybe it'll grow on people after a few listens :) I need new Death Cab many to add to the download list! How was DFA by the way? Wow that seems a long time ago now! I've barely been to any gigs recently, I've been such a social retard :( Although I did casually meet Pete Doherty at my Uni...was such an epic night of trying to open locks with hair pins (didn't work) and eventually sneaking into the band kitchen "appropriating" several bottles of wine (we thought that they wouldn't be missed at there were hundreds!)...and being removed after telling security that we were with the support band, without actually bothering to find out who they were...ooops! Anyway, hope that you're good! Speak soon :D -XxX-

    11 Jun 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    Oh hey you- somebody else in the world is alive at this hour then?!? ;) Sorry for zooming off for about a month, midway through conversation- I have been in the middle of Exam Hell (it was bad enough for capitalisation, just for added emphasis) and depressingly I've probably messed up anyway as by the time exams came round I was quite literally as sick as a dog. And feel even worse now that they're over :/ I think that my body is attempting to punish me for the weeks of sleepless nights, and the inevitable end of exam celebrations which have pretty much led to me drinking my entire body weight in alcohol... BUT at least feeling like death is giving me a good excuse to stay in bed all day and download music, and read a book about Elliott Smith's life :) So not all bad! How're you anyway? You have some new music which I don't :O :O :O Arctic Monkeys has only about 50% downloaded so far! Sooo, slow! Have you heard new Patrick Wolf too? I am a little apprehensive as more casual Wolf fans

    11 Jun 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    I know that he is enjoying every minute of it! At least that means that I'll be able to pester you for book recommendations as well as musical ones! Me and a few of my friends have our own little warped book club- my current reading list that my friend has given me includes "the doors of perception" and "fear and loathing in Las Vegas". In return I have told him to read "Steppenwolf", "Norweigan Wood" and "Venus in Furs". Its probably fair to say that I'm more interested in some of the not so academic elements of Uni though (ha, who isn't!) like my Radio show! Our Uni has a really good radio station, and I have a show every Friday at 4pm. So you should listen some time if you happen to be at a very loose end ;) I actually have been to Farnbourough! I have a few friends there- its weird what a small world it is! Anywayyy, speak to you later! back to the essay I suppose :/ -XxX-

    26 Abr 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    Hiya! So, despite my best intentions, I am still struggling through my EU Coursework...literally one painful line at a time. I swear that it is the worst essay that I have EVER had to write :/ So far I have managed 1500 words of pure waffle. Definitely looking forward to finishing for summer now and the beginning of festival season! I hope that TV on the Radio don't pull out of Wireless :( But you obviously could understand if they did decide too now. Even if they do play, it'll seem horrible though looking at the stage thinking Gerard should be up there :'( Hmmm what do I write? Well, mainly what I guess would constitute song lyrics if I had some vague musical talent...? Sadly I don't! I will write an amazing novel one day though, that'll be how I make my name ;) I say that that justifies any of my stupid behaviour in life. Its research! I'm at Southampton Uni- where will you be going? I am even more jealous now- I have a friend studying English Literature at Sheffield Uni and...

    26 Abr 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    Ok, so I'm going to leave you one of my massive rambling comments later when I've finally finished the essay from hell, but in the mean time have you heard that the bassist from TV on the Radio has died? So, so sad :( :( :( -XxX-

    21 Abr 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    going to any of the festivals this year? Oh right- you're a Hampshire boy!?! Which part? My best friend used to live in Aldershot, so she used to be pretty much closer to all the London gigs too...we do get a fair few gigs round here in Southampton though. My favourite venue is the Joiners, possibly because it is the most scummy run down venue in existence! I see that you write as well? I am studying Law and ask myself why every day, as writing is about the only thing in life that I am actually any good at... -XxX-

    26 Mar 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    First of all, I have just noticed that you're are going to DFA1979 and am having a major fit of jealousy! I want to go to that gig so badly, but its really close to when I have may have to be done anyway!!! Thanks for actually writing back too! I love that you are a fellow wolf obsessive- I can completely understand, I went to see him play this acoustic gig in a little church in Brighton and that really was enough to move you to tears! I actually won a competition to meet him and watch him soundcheck a couple of years ago too- I was terrified, as you know when you meet somebody that you idolise you always have a real fear in the back of your mind, what if they're actually a really horrible person or they hate me?!? (except Morrissey of course, if I met him I'd be dissappointed if I met him and he was anything short of the professional misery that defines him!!!). You love TV on the Radio too I see! I am finally going to get to see them at Wireless this year :) Are you

    26 Mar 2011 Responder
  • amy_of_the_lost

    Wow, how has nobody spoken to you properly on here yet? You have pretty much one of the best music profiles on that I have ever seen!!! :) I see from your calender too that you've been to SOuthampton gigs, did you live/go to Uni there? I'm a Southampton girl you see...and my name is Amy, had you not already guessed as much! nice to meet you so to speak... -XxX

    23 Mar 2011 Responder
  • danpaulmurphy

    Are you on Sony's Fantasy Festival yet? Check it out.

    20 Nov 2009 Responder

    Welcome aboard, BenHall! Happy listening.

    3 Nov 2007 Responder


Writer, Morrissey enthusiast and wearer of lady jeans. I have a Devo tattoo.

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