Didnt *exactly* attend


20 May 2008, 19:48

Fri 9 May – Donal Dineen

So yeah straight after Iron and Wine I make my way up to Donal, Since the year started Ive been really listening to alot of the small hours, it largely informing my musical enquiriy of late. It is under this influence that I went along to Dineens month of Sundays night in the Triskel way back in November, and while I missed Halves and Milosh kinda underwhelmed me I think Galway got Si Schroeder, I was pissed) I was sold on his DJ set afterward and his A/V work.

After this then, Dineen was high on the hitlist. Hes played the liquid lounge a few times since the place opened or whatever last year I think ,but this is only the second time I had caught him. The last time was in January I think , it was just a cool night in the lecky, with Anto and Aoife Rua also in attendance.However this time I was flying solo after Iron and Wine ( though Antos since progressed to taking the money on the door)l. Now I usually dont mind going to these things on my own , most people are there for the club or whatever but I was there for the choons, so Ill just blend into the background with a pint and relax. HOWEVER on this night my fucking One and Only true love (One True Love #39: May'07 to August 07) Ciara AKA: The Mermaid was there with all her friends, And I guess I got a little embarrased, not that they were paying much attention to me or anything it just kinda put me off. So It was with a sad and heavy heart that I bailed and went to the Brog, found Sam and got drunk.


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