• Displacement

    23 Nov 2007, 18:02

    Despite its obviously megalomaniac impulse, Sufjan Stevens' project may be considered something big. Of course, US is a big country, with 50 or more states (I don't care how many it is), but trying to find some identity to each and every state and, through this, to understand US as a whole is something much bigger.
    I see Sufjan seeking a “national identity” in his project. In fact, I can see quests for “national identity” everywhere. Then I wondered: do all big countries suffer from this? Brazil couldn't find anything besides soccer and carnival to “unify” the country. And should I say, I doubt Rondônia, Roraima or Acre feel part of Brazil through soccer.
    I don't know about Russia, but China too is trying to understand itself as a country, we can see it in chinese movies. Is sharing the same economic profits and sanctions enough to call a people “nation”? Is it sharing the same (rough) language enough? But maybe people don't care about “identity seeking” at all...
    And where do this displacement feeling come from? The one Sufjan might be trying to solve while he travels through US --will he be able to find a home? --, the same one brazilian movies often put clearly to the viewer?
    It's not only about “where”. Sufjan might have discovered it's worth living. He just doesn't know why (as if road tripping would be the answer to it all)...

    Well, fuck that...
  • Revisiting Peanuts

    13 Nov 2007, 23:43

    Okay, now it's the tenth time I'm listening to Linus and Lucy. Exaustively listening to it. Guess what?, it's good, so fucking good. It's Charlie Brown sulking at his kite stuck on the tree, it's Snoopy trying to write anything but "It was a dark and stormy night," it's Linus and his blanket, Lucy and her shouting. And last but not least —ah!...— Schroeder and his grand piano. It's Good Ol' Charlie Brown... (And it might be my Charlie Brown complex as well).
  • Maybe

    13 Nov 2007, 2:35

    Maybe I'll use this blog instead of everything else I tried (and failed). The possibility to link my writing to the musics I'm listening to at the moment made me eager to start posting.
    I'm not a music expert and I think I can't really review any album. But I can use them as inspiration to... anything someone might find interesting? Don't know. Maybe.