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25 Jul 2010, 20:18

I got this idea after seeing it in Mympwy's journal (Thanks for the idea Mympwy!) and decided to do one of my own with my top ten artists (as of 7/25/2010).

It goes like this:

Template for your top 10 artists

First song you heard:
Favorite song:
Favorite album:

1. Mariah Carey
First song I heard: I'm having a little bit of a hard time remembering, but i'm pretty sure it was Honey
Favorite song: I have so many favorite Mariah Carey songs, but at the moment I love Love Takes Time
Favorite album: So many classic Mariah Carey albums to choose from, but I can't get enough of her debut Mariah Carey
Accuracy: I've been a big Mariah fan since I was twelve years old. After being impressed with her 2001 greatest hits, I asked my mom to get "Charmbracelet" for my thirteenth birthday. having one Mariah Carey CD led to me having her entire catalog. I seriously can't get enough of her!

2. Céline Dion
First song I heard: The first time I heard Celine, I didn't know who she was! I was a little kid when I first heard Beauty and the Beast and I used to sing along every time it would play.
Favorite song: believe it or not, but it's actually Unison
Favorite album: At the moment it's her English debut Unison
Accuracy: I must admit that at first I was a little wary of purchasing a Celine Dion album (I found her English material boring), But after I realized the beauty of the lyrics and of course her voice I was immediately won over. I love her voice!

3. Bessie Smith
First song I heard: Aggravatin' Papa
Favorite song: Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair
Favorite album: Bessie only has compilations (albums weren't popular in her time), so it would have to be The Essential Bessie Smith
Accuracy: I first heard Bessie Smith when I was researching her on the internet (for my own enjoyment), but I knew of Bessie Smith through school (Black History Month). After listening to a bunch of her recordings on a website, I decided on purchasing one of her albums. I haven't regretted it since!

4. Etta James
First song I heard: Tell Mama
Favorite song: I Just Want to Make Love to You
Favorite album: Gold
Accuracy: The first time I heard Etta James, was when I was going through my moms old 45s as a kid. I never thought in a million years I'd become a huge Etta James fan and advocate, but after hearing I Just Want to Make Love to You and In The Basement, Part One I was addicted! Etta is a really classy lady and I love her music very much!

5. Madonna
First song I heard: First time I think I ever heard Madonna was when I saw her performing Fever on The Arsenio Hall Show as a little kid.
Favorite song: Wayyy too many to name, but Like a Virgin and Everybody are two absolute favorites
Favorite album: I've actually never thought about it before, but after a close finish I've decided upon Bedtime Stories
Accuracy: After I became a fan of Britney Spears, it wasn't long before I became aware of Madonna. I see Madonna as a precursor of Britney, And although there are some similarities (Style and image wise) There's no one like Madonna.

6. Britney Spears
First song I heard: ...Baby One More Time
Favorite song: Thinkin' About You and ...Baby One More Time
Favorite album: Blackout
Accuracy: I can honestly say that I've been a Britney Spears fan since day one! but, the reason I first became one is because of a parody of her on Motown live. After that my mom bought me the...Baby One More Time cassette. I almost wore it out because of me playing it so much! Britney just has a hold on me and I can't get enough of her.

7. Dolly Parton
First song I heard: I'm pretty sure it was Islands in the Stream, but I wasn't paying attention to her then.
Favorite song: The Love You Gave and Heartbreaker
Favorite album: At the moment I only have one Dolly Parton album (That will be changing eventually), so by default it's The Essential Dolly Parton
Accuracy: I first got into Country music during the 2004 Country music boom and after purchasing a Shania Twain album, I got further into Dolly's music. Dolly has a beautiful voice and pleasant tone that calms my mind. It's a pleasure listening to Dolly's music and her compositions (Coat of Many Colors) are amazing!

8. Christina Aguilera
First song I heard: I think it was Come on Over (All I Want Is You), but I didn't like her until I heard Genie in a Bottle
Favorite song: Love for All Seasons
Favorite album: Although I listen to her first album the most, my favorite album of hers is still Stripped
Accuracy: After I fell out with that stupid Britney vs Christina rivalry, I began to appreciate Christina as an artist. I fell in love with Genie in a Bottle around 2002 (Late I know!) and since then I've been a fan of hers. I have all her releases and although her erratic album release schedule bugs the hell outta me! She hasn't released a single bad album (Yes, I like Bionic if that's what you're thinking)

9. Ma Rainey
First song I heard: Probably was Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Favorite song: I really love Dream Blues and Yonder Comes The Blues at the moment
Favorite album: Same with Bessie nothing but compilations, but I love the Mother Of The Blues box-set cause it features all her songs.
Accuracy: After becoming interested in 1920's Blues music byway of Bessie Smith, I became interested in Bessie's influence Ma "Mother of the blues" Rainey. The recording quality on her recordings is bad, but once I got past that everything came easily. Ma Rainey is one of the best blues artists I've heard thus far and my only gripe is that Ma didn't record for a better label (Columbia etc).

10. Jessica Simpson
First song I heard: I Think I'm in Love with You
Favorite song: tie between What's It Gonna Be and I Wanna Love You Forever
Favorite album: Truth be told it's still In This Skin (Although my charts say otherwise)
Accuracy: I've been a Jessica Simpson fan ever since I first saw the I Think I'm in Love with You video on the box when I was about nine years old. Her voice is amazing! and even when she was thought of as some kind of reality television star I always viewed her as a singer first and television/film star second. It gets me kinda upset when people accuse her of only being famous for "Newlyweds", because I was a fan long before then. I love Jessica in whatever she does.


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