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  • John-Ackles

    Oh really? Thank you :) I'm not much into football, either. it's just fun to watch World Cup. Yeah, so sad about semifinal. Penalty kicks are always a matter of luck, but third place is still good :D. In Iran Friday is the only weekend day. I went swimming in the sea with my friend last Friday and after that we had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Did I mention pasta? lol What about you? What did you do last weekend?

    14 Jul 11:26 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Yes yes yes, it's my only goal :D. I'm a 3rd year Civil Engineering student and I'm writing my first university paper to improve my resume. I'm going to apply for master's degree in Europe next year. Norwegian universities are publicly funded and it's the only European country that offer free higher education for non-EU students so far. I agree with you, Even in the best places there will be unpleasant things, but in some countries basic human rights are simply ignored. The government interfere with your private life and things you do in your bedroom. If you're OK with it you can have a good life in here but It's hard for me to tolerate such things, so I think immigration is my best option. I prefer move to Europe than any other nation, specially if we're talking about Netherlands or Scandinavian countries haha. If you were offered citizenship of any one country in the world, which would you pick? :D

    14 Jul 11:21 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    That's one of the main reasons many Iranian are living outside of Iran and I'll probably be one of them in the future. So I'd like to know how would you describe your country and Is it the ideal place I always imagine in my head? :D Oh The game's just begun.

    9 Jul 20:08 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    I can guess how great it was! My second favorite country is Italy haha! I almost like everything Italian! Food, language, fashion, architecture, opera. I like the way they talk with their hands and it's the most romantic place for me, but if I'm going to choose a country to live in my first choice would be Netherlands because the crime rate is very low, It's one of the largest economy of the world, the education system is quite advanced and the most important human rights are protected there. I can also mention the weather and other things but these are my Priorities. You know Iran is an interesting country to travel. There are many jungles and rivers in the north. You can swim in Caspian Sea, the biggest lake in the world and on the other hand visit one of largest desert in a almost rainless and very arid area. but living in Iran is not that easy. It's ruled by Sharia (Islamic law) and they can be tough for the people who aren't religious.

    9 Jul 20:02 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Yes, I watch Eurovision every year. this year's Contest was really amazing. Denmark did a great job as host and the presenters were so friendly. I almost liked every song, but my 12 points will definitely go to Conchita. She was the star of the night. What a song and performance! I was really happy when she won the contest. my other favorites include Sweden, Switzerland, San Marino, Spain, Hungary and The Netherlands. Greece and Ukraine's songs were kinda cute. The only songs I didn't like were Denmark and France's. What about you? Which song did you like the most?

    8 Jul 12:22 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Yes, It's a cool video specially when the girl in red swallows that poor little goldfish haha! My favorite NikitA video is Master, It's a dark themed video. I agree I believe is really nice, most of his songs are simple and perfect. Now I'm listening to I Love This Life, It's cool. Sweden has many good singers Loreen, Laleh, The Sound of Arrows, The legendary ABBA, etc. It's no wonder that Sweden is my third favorite European country. The first one is Netherlands :D .. Here's the best quality of Bite I found on the internet. Let me know if you can't download from this server. ... And this is Master video

    8 Jul 11:18 Responder
  • Julio_Sexy


    6 Jul 21:56 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    NikitA - Bite :

    4 Jul 21:00 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Your welcome, I hope you like them, There are many Iranian artists that sing in English but I wanted to recommend something in Persian with Persian instruments. Sorry if they sounded weird :D, Right now I'm in love with "I Wish I Never Met You" by "Sam Sparro". Love the lyrics and his voice is better than ever in this track! Another song that I've been listening to a lot lately is "Bite" by Ukrainian band "Nikita". It has an interesting and of course creepy music video but it's worth watching. What are your favorite songs these days?

    4 Jul 20:55 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Here are the links of the songs I recommended below. 1. 2. 3. Let me know if you have any problems with the links. ;)

    3 Jul 12:12 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Thank you Bas, Oh what a difficult question :D, I don't like Persian music, generally but there are a few songs I enjoyed when I listened to them. 1. " 25 Band - Hamishe Bahamim" 2. " 25 Band - Ye Baade Khonak" 3. " Pallette - Friend's Token".

    3 Jul 12:03 Responder
  • John-Ackles

    Hi Bas, Thanks for accepting, Your library is really nice, I like most of the artists. Greetings from Iran. ^_^

    30 Jun 16:57 Responder
  • anjouzarin

    I can honestly say I did enjoy it quite a bit! There were some great songs that didn't make the final (Same <3), some pleasant surprises like Valentina's triumph, a worthy winner and still a good result for my eternal favorite I never knew i'd become a fan of Ruth Lorenzo lol. Oh, another song I ended up loving was Amazing! Yeah, I'd say it was a pretty good year! And you, what did you think?

    6 Jun 3:14 Responder
  • Julio_Sexy

    Dankjewel! Ik vind jouwe charts ook leuk, Saludos!

    29 May 20:26 Responder
  • juliendu48

    Hello my friend. In this message I want to take it from you by now. I see that you still have as good musical taste. I remain available to talk music or any other subject. In the meantime I wish you a nice day :)

    23 May 12:45 Responder
  • jeffreeh

    Ja ik hoop ze ook terug te zien! Hou vooral van de balkan ballads, maar als soul fan was Servië 2011 iets waar ik meteen verliefd op was <3 Slovenië en Montenegro gelukkig in de finale, vond ik allebei top nummers. Macedonië vond ik ook wel leuk maar die overtuigde op de avond zelf niet echt. Hopelijk zijn er weer meer van de partij, wel leuk dat de 2 Balkan landen die de finale nooit of bijna nooit halen er nu wel bij waren! :-) Servië zal waarschijnlijk wel terugkeren iig.

    22 May 19:38 Responder
  • emkursiv

    hey :) i absolutely enjoyed this year's contest! denmark did a great job as host. my favourite would probably be the polish entry, but i also loved montenegro, israel and norway.. in a way, i somehow liked almost all the songs from this year, apart from spain, denmark, estonia, belgium and romania! and my home country winning would also be a reason, why i liked this year haha glad to see the netherlands also scored so well! i found the song a bit dull at first, but their performance was brilliant and convinced me. how did you like this year and who were your favourites? :)

    18 May 17:21 Responder
  • jeffreeh

    Klopt ja, Moldavië kon wel beter. Over de stageact was wel nagedacht maar het kwam niet echt over op het moment. Toch wel balen voor Cristina, net als vorig jaar met Hannah Mancini, iemand die het echt wel kan maar waar het er dan niet uitkomt :-( Absoluut, O Mie en Vida Minha horen eigenlijk op dat lijstje, dat zijn de nummers 4 uit m'n top 3 zeg maar ;-) Ik mis Kroatië echt, hoop dat ze er weer bij zijn, met een nummer zoals die 2 en mijn grootste favoriet van de 90's: Neka Mi Ne Svane <3

    11 May 21:44 Responder
  • jeffreeh

    Absoluut! :-) Nee niemand had dit aan zien komen, ik vond het altijd een goed nummer maar ik dacht, dit word omver geblazen. Maar het verschil tussen de studio versie/videoclip/eerdere live optredens en het uiteindelijke optreden was enorm - hoewel het arrangement niet echt veranderd is. Het was ineens zo sterk gedaan, maar ik vond het nog steeds moeilijk te geloven tussen zoveel sterke krachtige nummers. Maar ben enorm blij! :-) Het nummer van Oostenrijk is gewoon fantastisch, zeker, de act past er goed bij, maar ik ben nu al moe van sommige zeikers erover, die moeten er beter naar luisteren :-) Zweden, Spanje en UK, de hele tijd m'n top 3, maar Conchita hoort er toch ook wel echt bij, ik ben enorm blij verrast :D Ik vond UK best goed gedaan, maar het mocht niet zo zijn. Hongarije erg goed, Israel ook mee eens. En Moldavië allerlaatste :O... Schandalig! Ik vind het ook prachtig. Had wel beter gekund live maar ik vind het ook een killersong.

    11 May 17:37 Responder
  • jeffreeh

    Absoluut! M'n top 3 bestond uit UK, Spanje en Zweden, maar Oostenrijk is ook echt geweldig en ik ben heel trots op Conchita! Het leuke is ook dat het Nederland's eerste 2e plek is, en ons hoogste puntenaantal ooit! We mogen trots zijn! :-D Wat vind jij? :-)

    11 May 14:58 Responder
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