Cold Cave @ The Soda Bar 2/18/12


20 Feb 2012, 6:47

Sat 18 Feb – Cold Cave

This was the second time I’ve seen Cold Cave. Opening band was an unannounced witch-house duo. Best I can say is that it was pleasant background music but maybe the genre isn’t capable of being more engaging in a live setting? Cold Cave at 12:00. Setup wise they didn’t have a drummer unlike their past tours and just two modular synthesizers on stage which were entertaining to watch being used and abused. This minimal setup didn’t damper their performance and didn’t leave me wanting more “organic” playing unlike some electronic artists I’ve seen live. Let’s get this out of the way: Dominick Fernow has madman stage presence. He spent the whole show thrashing about throwing his arms at the audience, flailing his whole body around him, Wes and his gear. Incredibly energetic and almost violent performance on his part. Musically he added a lot of bursts of well-timed noise to Cold Cave’s songs making me wish he’d have opened the night with a set of his solo Prurient material. Wes brings an anguished and intense quality to both his singing and body language that is really engaging to watch.

Some minor audio issues aside (the sound got distorted in the beginning, frustrating the band) , it sounded great. Setlist in marred order: “The Laurels of Eretomania” , “Underworld USA”, “Youth and Lust”, “Icons of Summer”, “Love Comes Close”, “Heaven Was Full”, “Burning Sage”, “Confetti”.

Cold Cave


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