• Best Mix Cd I did in years

    30 Nov 2008, 20:01

    Well, I wanted something that could put in sound those numb winter-like days. Fortunately, I was coming along with a heavy case of the shoegaz-ia.

    So here I was, at 2 in the morning, freezing, bored and very blue. What could I do ?
    Then my headphones started pulsing with the sound of Working For A Nuclear Free City's Asleep at the wheel, and the warmth came back.

    Contribute to making this mix the most awesome of them all, by experiencing it.
    I suggest a long walk, to places you've never been to before, or that you love for their beauty. I suggest a night of mesmerizingly sensual lovemaking. I suggest chilling on your bed with your headphones on.
    It is just you and nature, just you and your loved one, or just you.

    It would seem not all of these tracks are available for playing on, but I do hope there are related youtube videos for each of these missing tracks.


    While The Cold Winter Waiting



    Asleep At the Wheel

    Jubilate Dio

    Summer Skin


    Islands on the Coast

    A Letter From Home


    Listening to the tracks in the right order is crucial