Looking back at 2010


31 Dic 2010, 15:11

It’s time for my year-end wrap-up, and it’s been a moderately active year for me in terms of musical activity.

Three things happened in May that affected my listening options. Within just a few weeks of each other, my non-scrobbling mp3 player and my crackberry both died, and so did my car. I purchased a new car with Sirius radio and then an iPhone to replace the dead devices. Then in November last.fm killed the playlist and personal tags listening options. Ironically enough, I learned of this just about the time my free trial Sirius subscription expired and I was pondering whether to pay to extend it. Too much thought and effort went into my playlists for me to appreciate their abandonment, so I decided to end my subscription here. (The request has been acknowledged, but the change has not yet been accomplished!) I still like the service – and it’s going to take more than this to chase me away – but it’s not necessarily going to be the first option I choose anymore when I want to hear music. I do like the addition of Mix Radio, for what it’s worth, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a “brand new station that we know you'll love.”

On the administrative side of the site, I made an effort to stabilize my profile (though I would like to figure out how to add some nifty pictures to the sidebar) and scaled back my group memberships to ones that are at least nominally active and are more relevant to me. The service overall (still) doesn’t seem to be paying that much attention to the social networking aspects of the site anyway. In fact the app on facebook is not supported anymore at all, so that avenue of finding friends is not even an option now.

As for seeing live musical performances, I am sorry to say I did not see very many this year, but those I did see were quite enjoyable. Last month I went to a revival of “Oklahoma!” (review forthcoming, I promise), and this year I was able to rediscover Faux Paz who put on a wonderful concert earlier this month. Everything else was strictly amateur (in terms of compensation, not quality) and often ad hoc. The recent news that Live Nation and other promoters are going to lower ticket prices is encouraging, but frankly cost is only one issue that keeps me away. Conflicts with my calendar and those of the few people who might be available to attend a show with me are bigger hindrances.

For the year to come my musical goals are simple: wrangle my iTunes library and endeavor to see more live performances.


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