• Woot!

    25 Abr 2015, 0:49

    Tue 21 Apr – Sixx:A.M., Apocalyptica

    I got to see HYDE! APOCALYPTICA! and hear some new music (sorry guys but I never actually listened to SIXX AM before the show) BUT! I had an amazing time and they rocked. :D
  • Royal Oak Music Theatre

    9 Oct 2014, 17:02

    Thu 2 Oct – Within Temptation, Amaranthe

    The show was amazing! Only thing I had a problem with was the 45 minute wait from Amaranthe til Within Temptation. And that was only because the music that they pipe in while you wait is like ..... Some of the stuff that came on had us all looking at each other like Plus there was some drunk/high or just extremely obnoxious dude behind us that wouldn't shut the hell up. Other than that (well highly inflated drink prices but it's a bar duh...) it was AWESOME! Only thing would've made it better would've been if I'd been able to stay later and get a shot with the band :D
  • Newblet News

    3 Dic 2010, 19:33

    December now and it snowed the other day -.- Didn't get back to see Epica in Cleveland ( =/ )cus I ended up in Michigan instead at Royal Oak Music Theatre to see Blind Guardian with Cardo and Blondie. Was a really good show! Openers were, Seven Kingdoms (whose singer is just awful, sorry guys) and Holy Grail (whose singer put me in the mind of Ozzy with the way he sang.. 0_o). Good show all in all and much closer than than Cleveland for sure although I'm pretty sure Cardo and Blondie don't want to see the Detroit Zoo water tower again, lol! ^_^
  • Fun!

    2 Oct 2010, 3:14

    Tue 21 Sep – Kamelot, Leaves' Eyes, Blackguard, Icarus Witch

    I had fun! Kamelot cancelling was a slight bummer but since I was there for Leaves' Eyes it was all good ^_^ Blackguard turned out to be rather good (I hadn't heard them before that night) and it was hilarious as hell when they Rick Rolled Leaves' Eyes mid-set LMAO! Long drive to be sure (2hrs on the turnpike is Not fun) but I want to go back in November to see Epica ^_^ Blackguard is supposed to be there again with them as they got moved around due to Kamelot dropping out. That'd be awesome!!! Cross your fingers and I'm there ! Moo.
  • Awesomeness of awesomeness ^_^

    2 Mar 2010, 14:12

    Sun 28 Feb – Breathe Carolina IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I had so much fun. ^_^ I loved all the groups on tour with em too. Got a Let's Get It cd and a BC shirt (they didn't have a copy of It's Classy, not Classic) but dude running the table gave me some posters instead ^^ and then of course I'd let Blondie hold the camera while I went back in and got us some stuff (my sister had gotten a tad *ahem* drunk and needed tending) and David walked up next to me all sweaty and adorable!!! And I couldn't get a picture =( But it was still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Shame Spin Cycle didn't make it in time to play his own set (his bus broke down!) but he played with BC and was awesome, and I use the word awesome alot? lol Whatever it was! They were!
  • 3-21-08

    21 Mar 2008, 13:50

    Hmmm... Lately I've been listening to Breaking Benjamin, Within Temptation and Evanescence. But My Favorite has been Atreyu - Lead Sails, That Song Rocks! I love Brandon's voice!!! *sighs*