New Bag Raiders remixes ?!


3 Jun 2009, 14:00

I was just looking at the charts of The Electr0 Kids when I found Super Mal in the charts. When I looked at the artist page...I found a new Bag Raiders remix: Super Mal - Bigger Than Big (Bag Raider Remix)

What do you guys think ? And has anyone found any other mixes ?
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Bag Raiders


  • RebelNYell

    i found this remix better than the original version done with Luciana also its a nice touch to hear Bag Raiders songs/remix with vocals to them for example this song and shooting star

    5 Jun 2009, 3:00
  • BagRaider

    I haven't actually listened to the original yet. Yeah, that is a nice touch. But have you listened to 'Digitalism - Zdarlight (Bag Raiders Shout It All Out Remix)' yet ? It also contains vocals of the original 'Shout It All Out' song. It's a killer song =)

    5 Jun 2009, 18:37
  • RebelNYell

    yeah i've listened to it and its pretty good but personally I liked Tears for Fears original better than the others, i guess I'm just a sucker for synth/new wave stuff

    6 Jun 2009, 3:24
  • BagRaider

    Apparently, I don't know Tears for Fears. What are their best songs ?

    6 Jun 2009, 11:32
  • RebelNYell

    umm probably there most well known songs are Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Sowing The Seeds Of Love, Mad World, and Shout. Some other songs that are my favorites by them are Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down), Mothers Talk, and Change. Also sorry for responding so late.

    17 Jun 2009, 20:21
  • BagRaider

    I'll check em out one of these days =D No problem man, you can respond as late as you like, right ?! ^^

    18 Jun 2009, 15:28
  • BagRaider

    Well, I've found another song. It's not new but I haven't heard it before. ZZZ - Lion (Bag Raiders Remix)

    29 Jun 2009, 15:46
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