[My Gang] Boom Bip – Goodbye Lovers and Friends : Reco of the Week 01 Oct 11


1 Oct 2011, 20:04

Track: Goodbye Lovers and Friends
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Artist: Boom Bip
Album: Zig Zaj (26 Sep 2011, Lex Records)
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There is no video for this week's recommended track, I hope a free download will suffice.

The track comes from the third solo album by Boom Bip, aka Bryan Charles Hollon, an American producer and musician best known for his collaboration with Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys for their 2008 80s-tastic project, Neon Neon and their Mercury prize-nominated album, Stainless Style . Guest vocals on the track are provided by Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand).

Boom Bip commenting on track 2. Goodbye Lover and FriendsThis track took on so many different forms before it became what it is. I could probably release an album of just the early demos of this track. Josh Klinghoffer and I did an instrumental alternate version I’d like to release at some point. Its much more stripped down and tribal, and sounds like a lost Talking Heads b-side. Lyrically, I told Alex Kapranos to imagine he is in a sideshow performing magic tricks around the turn of the 19th century—lots of dark velvet curtains, rabbits and pigeons being pulled out of hats, and freaks lurking around the tent. The result is what you hear. I also see Aleister Crowley’s face when I hear this tune.

Zig Zaj leaves the 80s behind and heads for elements from a range of styles, from glam to post-rock, from electro-pop to electronica. The album features contributions from Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun) Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand), Cate le Bon (Neon Neon), Money Mark, Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers), as well as members of Warpaint and Bon Iver.

The album as a whole is outstanding and will no doubt feature on many end of year best-of lists. Each track is strong, the pace and tempo constantly changing along with the subverted styles. Repeat listens only reveal more detail. Exceptional.

Further reading:

BBC review
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  • rwitte

    I enjoyed the track, although I am not as enthusiastic as you. I am, however, very enthusiastic about the read - eve though it is brief, I want to have a 'babs has got her mojo back celebration :)

    2 Oct 2011, 15:32
  • Babs_05

    thanks rwitte

    2 Oct 2011, 15:38
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