[My Gang] Twin Shadow - Shooting Holes : Reco of the Week 14 Dec 2010


14 Dic 2010, 14:49

Track: Shooting Holes
Artist: Twin Shadow
Album: Forget (4AD 15 Nov 2010) [ We7 | Spotify | Official Site ]
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Despite trying (not too hard) to keep up with each week's new releases, I managed to miss one of the best debuts of the year. Thank goodness, then, for end-of-year lists. Twin Shadow was selected by The Sunday Times as one the best 10 new artists in their Top 100 Albums of 2010 list.

This year stands out, for me, as one for, not only a remarkable number of new albums, but also for an apparent increase in homemade music arriving fully formed, finished and ready to go. I don't have any statistics to hand (if anyone does, I would be interested to see) but normally, there's only a handful and everyone hears about them. Whether we like their work or not, we can't help but admire their sheer good luck with bypassing the system and making the bigtime, apparently on their own.

Where once you needed cooperative and reliable band members and money for instruments, now you just need a quiet space and GarageBand software. Last week's recommended artist, Glasser, recorded some of her whoops and yelps in the shoe shop she worked in, alarming her customers. This week's artist, Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr), maybe didn't go up a mountain as fellow label-mate Bon Iver did, but isolation in a hotel bedroom, not to mention a strange and lonely childhood, is behind the creation.

And creative it is. Focused mostly on the 80s, Forget is an album with a wide span, from quiet introspection to party music. This week's track slips back a little further to the 70s and looks to disco, sounding like something that was forgotten and shouldn't have been.

The track begins quietly, barely audible, as if you're listening to the gap on a record before the music begins. And then it starts, the funky squelchy sounds full of soul that are pure Giorgio Moroder. It isn't as high energy as some disco songs, but played loud, it'll keep the party going.

Like Robyn (see previous journal), the lyrics are imaginative and will catch your attention. The song begins:

Bite the hand, I know she doesn't care
Leave the trail, the hounds will find us anywhere
Call the cops and tell 'em what we've done
Tell 'em that tonight we stole your father's guns

The rest of the song is them on the run, "shooting holes at the moon", singing songs and having a blast. (pun intended)

Though the subject matter is heavy, it's lightly handled and the story doesn't progress much further, focusing instead on the sense of fleeting freedom and joy before reality sets in and they're caught (and our party ends).

See the articles I have gathered for more on the album. I think it would be a shame for me to spoil the surprise before you've heard it. Read the articles after. Suffice to say, when he says he wishes he was around at the time of This Mortal Coil's Song to the Siren, I can smile to myself and say that I was. He's right, his record does belong to that family.

His nods to Morrissey, Japan, Orange Juice, Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen and Depeche Mode amongst others are wonderfully done, but don't get caught up in spot the influence.

As a whole, the album is understated and quite shy, if an album can be shy. You have to listen to it a few times to coax it into revealing itself, then the lines embed themselves in your brain and the music blossoms.

I spent some of this evening listening to Last.fm's global tag radio. He fits.

NB: We called it 'new romantic' in the UK. In the States, it was '', but it's the same thing. In case anyone was wondering.

Further Reading:

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  • rwitte

    Sweet article. My connections playing up so I finished reading before the audio started (although I waited before typing this). I am conflicted about the track on first hearing: it has may be one of those great tracks that improve with every listen.

    16 Dic 2010, 20:11
  • Babs_05

    Thanks, rwitte. Yes, I think it might grow on you, give it a chance. :)

    16 Dic 2010, 21:07
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