[My Gang] Mew - Introducing Palace Players : Reco of the Week 25 Aug 09


25 Ago 2009, 19:50

Track: Introducing Palace Players
Artist: Mew
Album: No more stories Are told today I'm sorry They washed away No more stories The world is grey I'm tired Let's wash away (24 Aug 09)
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This week's track is a delicious example from the kedgiree that is the fifth album from alt-rock Danish band Mew, released this week.

'Introducing Palace Players' begins with slightly stiff proggy math-rock, soaring dangerously into Dad Rock territory via dream pop. It is at once both cheerful and cheesy but at no point is it disposable.

The video, directed by Martin De Thurah, Adam Hashemi & Lasse Martinussen, is in keeping with this spirit of accessible inaccessible, giving us scenic visuals of alien activity in the heart of a peaceful countryside. There's no discernible deep meaning, as there isn't anywhere else in the album.

The full title of the album is a poem:

No more stories
Are told today
I'm sorry
They washed away

No more stories
The world is grey
I'm tired
Let's wash away

'No More Stories...' is an experimental album, taking elements from seemingly disparate genres and putting them together to see what happens. The result is art rock disguised as glorious pop, all upbeat, summery loveliness. What we are to admire is the detail and how it all works together.

Think of it as musical embroidery: delicate elements contrasted against the weightier; the surprising heaviness of masses of tiny beads and sequins and the strength of fine fabric that supports them; silk and feathers on leather. The album is so pleasing to the ear, some people are already sneering at them for 'appealing to the mainstream'. Usually the sign of a good album, is that. This one is not far from a 5/5.

The highlight of the album is Cartoons and Macramé Wounds (track 7, always the best). The layered ethereal vocals are all Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas set against shimmering guitars and grounded with rock. Half way through its seven-minute length, it swerves back to 70s progginess which the band are clearly at home with and here adds another dimension to the dream.

Quiet to loud rock, sparkly dream pop, proggy post-rock and gossamer guitars. Written down, it doesn't sound like everything will go together, but neither do leftovers that make up a kedgiree.

Babs My Gang

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  • Hvaffornoget

    Yay for Danish music. :) I just got the cd the other day and it's fantastic.

    2 Sep 2009, 9:25
  • Babs_05

    I agree! Thanks for your comment. :)

    2 Sep 2009, 10:33
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