[My Gang] Linkin Park - One Step Closer : Reco of the Week 01 Apr 08


1 Abr 2008, 16:53

Artist: Linkin Park
Track: One Step Closer
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'One Step Closer' is taken from Linkin Park's arguably best album, Hybrid Theory (2000), which was well-received, although some of the complaints were that they had started to stray too much into territory.

Hybrid Theory was Linkin Park's original name, changing it in time for their debut release. Cynics argued they only changed it so they would appear next to Limp Bizkit in record shops.

In terms of their music, though they tried to mix things up a bit by introducing different styles over the now traditional metal sound, I would say they ended up closer to pop than any other metal band. It is no accident they are one of the most popular bands in Last.fm, with listener numbers close to 900,000. It's higher in YouTube. Catchy, undemanding, they're the easy-listening end of metal.

The video is colourful and lively, staying on the family-friendly side of aggression. It's good to see they are aware of their younger audience. The buddhist monks practising martial arts is a nice touch.

XFM (London) hammered this track when it first came out, I remember, especially by Zane Lowe, who adored it.

Babs My Gang

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  • veinglorious

    lol Babs. Wouldn't have thought you'd touch this band w/ a ten-foot pole!

    2 Abr 2008, 19:16
  • Babs_05

    LOL!! I've been waiting patiently for someone to click on the video! hee hee ;D Yep, exactly right - as if! :D April fool! (well, bit late now).

    2 Abr 2008, 19:25
  • veinglorious

    Oh, I didn't WATCH the video I ASSURE you. : )

    5 Abr 2008, 16:13
  • Babs_05

    Awww!! Go ooooooon, you know you want to... ;D

    5 Abr 2008, 16:15
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