))))Songs I'm learning or can play on guitar ((((


16 May 2008, 3:10

YES I do know stairway, message in a bottle and One by mettallica, beast in the harlot and other good stuff. But everyone knows that. I play stuff I like a lot.

this is most memeroble so far. Started playing at christmas, ive been told i'm pretty good for 3 and1/2 months.

Feel free if to leave comments if you think i should learn something. (take note all punk songs are so easy they arn't even worth trying to "learn." They take all of 3 secs to get. I like a little challenge)

Remember, i don't strive to play all guitar hero songs or only awesome hit singles.
I Know, i don't play much classic rock. I'm just more in to modern stuff now. If you think of any non overplayed ones i might try them.
Seven Nation Army - now complety mastered, got my whammy pedal so i can play fake bass. yes!

Icky Thump - Almost blew out the amp with more whammy pedal schreeching high notes

Black Math - rocking, enough said

Death Letter - Slide action! cool stuff check out vid

Catch Hell Blues - More Slide action ROCK

Hardest Button to Button - easy, but fun. play with stop motion animation movements ;p

There are many more stripes tunes I know, these are my favorites to play.
The White Stripes
Steady As She Goes - I Try and play bass and guitar at same time

Broken Boy Soldier -wierd cool ontro

Hands - reminds me of a girl i know

Imtimate Secretary - Are You Part of The Catisocracy?
I am

Level - Golden check out live music video

Consoler of the Lonely - New, Figured it out by myself

Top Youself- cool slide riff

You Don't Understand Me - Sat down at the paino for the first time in like eight years and figured it out.
The Raconteurs

Woman - awesome

Joker And The Thief - awesome intro

White Unicorn - nice chord ringing

Mind's Eye - mellow then explodes

Tales - only wolfmother song here i haven't mastered yet

Vagabound - Niccccccccce



Hyper music - still working on it. hard

Bliss - so just &%^$#!! amazing (and not to hard either)

Hysteria - muse rocks

Invicible - still working on tapping solo, hope i'll devolop a tenth of the talent Matt Bellemy has

Knights of Cydonia - fast strumming, and whammy FUN Muse


Bullet - new band, great stuff. LISTEN TO THEM

The Parlor Mob
Cherub Rock- Still haven't gotten to solo, so catchy

1979 - piece of cake, nice and mellow
The Smashing Pumpkins

The Skin On My Country Yellow Teeth - Easy but fun

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Vertigo - U23D = great movie

Miricle Drug- solo so simple, so epic

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Recognizable, trying to get my drummer friend to play with me

edge, one of few "guitar heroes"

When You were Young - This guys stuff is harder than it sounds. Have new respect for him
The Killers

Little Sister - QOTSA They have such wierd tunings its not even funny. Luckily you don't have to change tuning for this one.

Queens of the Stone Age
Sleep Now In The Fire - awsome. Defines a hard rock song. Rock on Tommy M.

Guerilla Radio - Great whammy pedal solo

Voice of The Voiceless - whammy pedal turining the dial all over the place. People have no idea how you make the sound ;p

Calm Like A Bomb - More Bass imitating

Rage Agaist the Machine


Lazy Eye - First real song i ever played, figured it out by myself! i was so proud.

Little Lover's So Polite - mesmarizing

[Silversun Pickups
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - Wierd hair metal style playing fun but hard
The Darkness


Reptillia - Epic So Fun and catchy.
2 guitar sharing lead. Watch video if you haven't.
The Strokes
A Punk - all VW is easy but fun

Vampire Weekend

Tried "Snow - He oh" by RHCP but it was so hard i decided to wait.


  • placebo_molko

    i'll give you some that i'm trying to learn plug in baby (maybe you forgot to add this one to the list, cause it's not that hard and you like muse..) Bombtrack (rage against the machine) wake up (rage against the machine) some franz ferdinand.. these are fun to play.. like.. jaqueline, michael, 40' i started a few months ago too, but i'm not that good yet 8-)

    6 Oct 2008, 21:10
  • TheIndiePirate

    queens of the stonbe age "annoying" tunings are great :P

    22 Nov 2008, 1:39
  • BWalshy

    i've come a looonnnnnnggg way since i first made this. Now im working on becoming technically better, so riffs/ song structures of my own, the only things that still alude me are rodrigo y gabriela, the first that comes to mind (i can play it, my hands just get so f*&^%ing tired so fast) Been almost a year that i've been playing. Band plans haven't really gotten anywhere, but i played a few songs in my guitar club concert that included evil... interpol kryptonite - 3 doors down then i just played acoustic on oasis' wonderwall and closing time by some one hit wonder band i can;t remember. It was fun, and my friends and i might do Baba o'reily in this big talent show soon. And if we get in and get to do it, it will be recorded.

    20 Dic 2008, 21:15
  • Robert-O

    you should learn fury! with effects.

    20 Ene 2009, 2:59
  • silverbomber

    hey respect ! I have been teaching myself for over a year and can only really play plug in baby and Unintended which is a piece of piss!( that is an english term for really easy in case you thought I was being rude about the song BTW ) just learning Thoughts of a dying Atheist and Host which seem quite easy too. My problem is I have short fingers especially compared to Matt !! You have a whammy pedal and can play Invincible , man I will die happy if I ever learn to play that solo!!

    12 Mar 2009, 23:59
  • BWalshy

    ya my talent show with baba o'riley is coming up i got to audition Tuesday to get in.... worked on it alot, i organized it all pretty much so im very proud of how its going, with some help from my friends. we have a full band, and a violin player. i will get it up on youtube if we get in, they record one of the two nights of the show. im changing the solo to something kinda invincible-ish matt bellamy whammy and tapping solo because the pete townshed solo is a little simple ; ) the second night i might do a tom morello like solo, all depends. and i was thinking of buying a really cheap used guitar from the store and smashing it at the end. maybe : )

    13 Mar 2009, 20:36
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