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Hello, I'm Austin Julian Davis. I'm a 20 Year old Graphic Designer, College Student, Model/Actor, Musician/Composer, and Advertiser. I absolutely LOVE the entertainment industry. Performing, whether it's in front of a camera, or in front of a crowd, is always an exhilarating experience for me. As far as music I LOVE IT ALL. I play Piano, Saxophone, produce, as well as Hip Hop. I've played in Jazz Bands, marching bands, and symphonic bands. Three of my favorite genres of Music are Jazz, Hip Hop/Rap, Classical, and Ambient/Electronic. I am currently working hard on an album that will release August 2009 called "EGOtrippin'." My goal with the album: promote my graphic design company DGPS© Productions, promote myself as a musician/composer, and promote local artists and producers in Chicago. why did I decide to add Hip Hop as one of my instruments? Well I figured it would be my way to contribute to the Industry. Hence, why you'll hear me refer to my self as a "New Advocate of Hip Hop" from time to time. I've always loved the genre so why not create in the genre. I'm currently attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL for BFA in Graphic Design.

After years of musical instrument lessons, and playing in several bands since the age of 6, Elite has developed a universal "nitch" of blending creativity with almost any sound. "Sound is Music, and Music should trigger emotions, thoughts, and feelings of all sort s" says Elite.

Elite explains that "My preferences of Genres is too wide to pick one type. I listen to artists of literally EVERY genre that comes to mind. And I’m always open to new music of ANY kind." As a result of growing up listening to so many different sounds (even foreign), Elite’s influences are drawn from anything that "exists." especially music. "I pore my emotions, feelings, and thoughts on my life’s journey to reach my ‘personal legend’ out through musical creation and other art," says Elite. The product of this wide range of influences contributes to the many different sounds and variations of Elite’s music.

Elite: "My first instrument was Piano. Even when I was younger my original piano compositions had sound blend of Classical, Alternative, Celtic, and Electronic genres. I could never explain why my sound included so many elements of different Genres, however it became my "style" to have an undefined style. To narrow in on a genre of music, I simply focus on a theme for my albums and productions and pick the genre within my style that seems most marketable."

Ultimately my success in the industry comes from the thousands of influential sounds I’ve heard over the span of my life. The outcome? INSPIRATION. Whenever listeners hear m music the feedback I receive from them always puts them in thought, evoking different emotions, ideals, and positive inspiration. I’ve always wondered why/how my music "takes people places in their mind." What ever those reasons are, I will continue to contribute my Innovation as entertainment for the world and keep inspiration alive in all the individuals who listen.

:::::::::HISTORY OF THE MUSICIAN::::::::::

"I’ve played piano since the age of six. Eventually I picked up the alto saxophone and played for years as well. Finally, having only written poetry and some ideas for songs, I broke into being a vocal recording artist. My influences form past years of training with piano & saxophone with the added advantage of creativity have impacted my career as an actual artist with innovation.

I’ve exploded into the Music Industry as a vocal recording artist an lyricist. After playing instruments for years, and understating some of the most complexed, formal genres (Classical, Jazz,, etc.) I have developed a Universal sound that incorporates elements of all sorts of genres into a single song. For this reason it has become more suitable to call my style "Undefined." However when I create an album or a project I list it under the genre of primary focus for the theme of that work, usually the more marketable genre.

I am thankful for all the instructors I’ve ever studied under and the many different influences of ALL genres of music. Moreover, I am thankful for this "gift" to contribute my works to the world and evoke positive, inspirational emotions, thoughts and ideas in individuals around the world. It makes me happy to know that my music makes a listener happy or entertained.

Hello to all, my name is Austin Julian Davis. I'm 18 years old and I am a professional Actor/Model, Graphic Designer as Well as Musician. I have plenty acting experience, as well as modeling experience. I really enjoy entertaining and performing in front of people and cameras. I Love to travel and open my horizons to success! One of my dreams is to appear and star on a Disney Channel show. I'm extremely open-minded, willing, and ambitious. I truly enjoy being a member of the vast modeling/acting industry. I seek to gain much more success through meeting new positive and motivating people.

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