Music Bloodline


4 Feb 2012, 11:42

Music Bloodline

When you look through the shouts for artists on, one of the common themes is that the 'similar artists' are anything but. Why this is the case is pretty obvious - looks for listening patterns. This leads to clusters of artists based on genre, era or, for newer releases, even similar release dates.

Listening patterns are only tangentially related to the music, particular for people with eclectic tastes.

Music Bloodline takes a different, and more music relevant, path.

Instead of being based on listening patterns Music Bloodline takes an artist and looks at who their musical influences were and who they have influenced. These artists each have a discography listed and this is linked to Spotify so that you can sample their music.

So taking Blur as an example:

On we can see similar artists like Graham Coxon, various Damon Albarn projects and britpop bands like Pulp and Suede. That may get you somewhere, but leaves you in a 90s ghetto.

Music Bloodline on the other hand, being based on musical influences shows people like The Kinks and David Bowie. The association with Britpop is seen in the 'influenced by' column.

Both approaches have legitimacy, but if you are looking to broaden you musical horizons and avoid genre or time period ghettos, Music Bloodline looks like a great resource.
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