Best Of 2008


25 Dic 2008, 6:04

So as if last year wasnt already weak compared to the stupidly large lists i did prior, this year is even less, i dont listen to as much new music anymore, i dont know man, lay off ok.

check em out:


1.Transistor TransistorRuined Lives
Ever since thier early splits, I've really enjoyed trantan, and i was expecting some of the same material from them on this new album, but jesus exploding anal fissures christ did this album blow me away, it is just beyond brutal in all ways and alot more than just a dancy fun screamo album like most of thier material. amazing effort from these guys, good to see they arent fading away like the rest of the modern screamo scene.

2.Titus AndronicusThe Airing of Grievances
The Happiest fucking lo-fi songs about death, destruction, and hopelessness ever. GET FUCKIN INTO IT

3.GhostlimbBearing And Distance

4.Autistic YouthLandmine Beach
Modern Adolescents worship, when you listen to this album, you stop giving a fuck about shit, all that matters is punk. rules hard.

5.The Old HauntsPoisonous Times
Ever since i saw these guys in flag i've been in love, jammy, happy, swingy punk rock with crooning vocals and shit. some feel good shit right here.

BWHOOOOOOOM ITS THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE! OH WAIT NO ITS JUST THE HEAVIEST FUCKING ALBUM EVER. Whenever i play the last track, there is quite possibly 2 earthquakes triggered in asia.

Black as Fuck, Sludge as Fuck, Dirge as Fuck, Fucking Brutal LP.

8.Verse En ComaRialto
Uplifting happy awesome indie shit that isnt all twingy twangy acoustics and some fag whispering. formers of malady, city of caterpillar, and darkest hour, its not hard to see why this album doesnt fail. get into it.

9.CloudsWe Are Above You
LOL GREAT ONE GUYS, I LOVE PUNS. seriously though awesome band, really fun rolling sludge/stoner stuff, absolutely the best band on hydra-head right now.

10.Fight AmpHungry For Nothing
Take kylesa, but make em punker and thrashier, nuff said.

11.BluesHeavy Sci-Fi
Tucson hardcore at its finest, they went way more melodic on this joint, nearing every time i die songwriting styles now, whatever, i will always love this band.

12.Trash TalkTrash Talk
TT took a strange turn on this album, right at the height of thier "omfg deathwish bro sellouts" hate/drama, they go and start thier own record label, and realease this bad boy, dirty, fast, punk as fuck, powerviolence, take that haters.

13.Cult of LunaEternal Kingdom
aweeesomee atmoooooo sluuuuuuudggge thattt doessssnt boooore meeee.

14.LordsFuck All Y’all Motherfuckers

15.Fucked UpThe Chemistry of Common Life
This album is fuckin awesome, epic as all balls, its supposed to be a concept album loosely ranged on the visions of a mans entire life viewed before his eyes on acid, or something like that, i kinda forgot what it was. listen to this.

16.These Arms Are SnakesTail Swallower and Dove
TAAS doesnt even need a fucking explanation, fuckin awesome fun post-hardcore that was doing it before post-hardcore became a buzzword.

17.Loma PrietaLast City
Loma kinda sucked on the last 7" and i lost faith in them then this came out and holy fuck NIIICE. good modern screamo is so scarce this year, at least we have a few gems like this one.

18.The Gaslight AnthemThe ’59 Sound
I got this album entirely too late in the year, i immediately fell in love with it, amazingly addictive bluesy rocky punk. as my friend puts it "bruce springsteen punk"

19.CeremonyStill Nothing Moves You
Its great to see hardcore bands out there with new and inventive lyrics, stuff that makes you think, none of that hateful stuff, shit cant talk here comes the good par-THUNDER AND LIGHTNIING, PROTECT ME FROM GOODD, I WONT BE SKULLFUCKED BY FAITH, I AM THE UPSIDEDOWN CROSS!-ok so as i was saying.....

20.Capsule - Blue
Brutal post-sludgeskramviolencecore that doesnt fuck around, shit rips your face.

21.BlacktuskPassage Through Purgatory
all you need to do is look at this albums cover, and read the band and album name, put together everything you gather, and yeah thats what this band sounds like. brutal, fast, raging.

22.Paint It BlackNew Lexicon

23.Blackbird RaumSwidden
take a fuckload of angry gatdamned anarchist squatter folkpunks, give em an Accordion, Banjo, Mandolin, Washboard, and a Standup Bass, and youve got yourself the most unique folk punk ive heard in a long time. so fuckin into these guys.

24.Young Widows - Old Wounds
Post-hardcore the way it should be, wierd as fuck and heavy as fuck, no fashion statements or neon headbands here.

25.Baader BrainsThe Complete Unfinished Works Of The Young Tigers
The Latest Mike Kirsch Joint, awesome jam-out hardcore.

26.ShorebirdsIt’s Gonna Get Ugly
Latterman and Jawbreaker minus all the bikes and veganism and shit, straight up fuggin punk, shits rad.

27.Dillinger FourThe Civil War
Do i even need to explain this one? D4 motherfucker.

28.The Ergs!Upstairs/Downstairs
PAWWWP PUUUNK MAAAAN, gotta love the ergs.

29.El CerdoOur Bellies Sluggish with Goat Meat
Kvlt fuckin black/sludge metal, just read that album title, you can just SMELL the satan in it.

30.The ReposEnding on a Positive Note

31.The Fall of TroyPhantom on the Horizon
Ghosthip demos + gratituous amounts of epic = the fall of troy doesnt suck anymore, amazing recovery from the travesty that was manipulator.

32.MogwaiThe Hawk is Howling
Heaviest mogwai album ever. fucking balls. love.

not the boy band dammit, i'm not gay. i do have a raging hardon for these guys though. so i retract that statement.

34.Helms AleeNight Terror
If Harkonen and These arms are snakes were to make babies, man that would rule. Oh wait? they did you say? and they name the baby helms alee? shit man awesome!

'Nother boris joint, this ones different, just like those past 12 were all different from the previous 12, yep.

Double-LP of nonstop fucking hardcore Skramsanity, These guys are fucking brutal.

37.The Mae ShiHLLYH
Album makes me shake by ass.

I dont know why i never listened to this as much as i probably should have, its good but i just... idk, cursed rule so jus get it.

39.Harvey MilkLife…The Best Game In Town
More of the Milk, epic stoner ballads of mythological proportions.

40.BlacklistedHeavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God
I was never into blacklisted, this album changed that, its cool.

EPs & Splits and other Tomfoolery

This is basically new botch material, members of some girls and TAAS as well, an absolutely amazing set of 3 songs, they just tickle your dick enough to get you up, and leave you high and dry. cannot wait for more material from these guys.

2.Trash TalkPlagues
WE LIGHT THE FIRES, THAT BURN YOUR CITIES TO THE GROUND, da DUNNNNNNNNN. yeah that band again. cant get enough.

3.Phoenix Bodies/La quiete - Split 7”
One side of Get Fuckin Naked Party Skram and one side of Melodic Hand Clappin Wine Sippin Skram. do it.

4.Fall of EfrafaTharn 7”
Orchestral Remix of the song "Dominion Theology" its absolutely crushing and absolulely beautiful, 15 minutes of bliss.

5.J. BannonThe Blood of Thine Enemies 7”
I think this guy was in converge or something? i dont know man but hes like ..arsty and stuff on this one brooo, i feel kinda gay listening y'know.

6.Phoenix Bodies - Cobra Commander 2008 EP
Dicks, Anti-Societial Tendancies, White people, and Rifffsssss.

7.Thursday/Envy - Split
Envy is like selloutz now man, we cant listen to them anymroe we wont be punk. seriously though, quality split, both sides rule.

8.Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre - Split

9.Furnace/Relics – Split
Punk as fuck totally worthwhile skram split, i realize those words almost dont make sense, but yeah, the band's songs rule, they also cover No Comment and Dropdead, what more do you need?

10.Thou – Malfeasance/Retribution 7”
Brutal blackened dirgy sludge songs, solid listen.

11.Transistor Transistor – Young Vampires of New Hampshire
As if Tran Tran werent awesome already, add Thomas Lindberge guest vox'n on this one, awesome as shit.

12.The Old Haunts & Red Eye Legends Split
The Old Haunts song is realy fun and the REL one is rad too.

13.Suis La LuneHeir
One of the few good skam releases this year.

14.Sex VidNests
everyone loves this band for some reason, good hardcore, i cant say theyre the best band ever though, fuck.

15.Mount EerieBlack Wooden Ceiling Opening
fuzzzzzz and lyrriiiccs abouuut stuffffff. whoooo


  • TrafficHaze

    Excellent list. Nice descriptions, too... Titus Andronicus barely didn't make my list, and definitely I need to check out the new Transistor Transistor. Did you listen to the new La Dispute?

    25 Dic 2008, 7:43
  • AtacamaRain

    i never got swept up in the la dispute hype, havent given them a chance. addin that to my "to get" list.

    25 Dic 2008, 19:25
  • Khanatist

    Nice read. Truly a great pun Clouds made there, haha

    27 Dic 2008, 2:56
  • dancecraz3d

    "east/west" is the bridge and tunnel album. "upstairs/downstairs" is the ergs! album.

    27 Dic 2008, 18:17
  • AtacamaRain

    fixed, mah bad.

    27 Dic 2008, 22:00
  • irishtim

    TAAS & Torche will make my top ten this year for sure. I was blown away with Meanderthal is fucking awesome and Tail Swallower needs no explanation. I also loved the TranTran album. It's nice to see a screamo band these days not totally puss out into another fucking emo bullshit act. I was surprised not to see A Textbook Tragedys' Intimidator though. I would think it'd be right up your alley. Mathy/metal/hardcore in the vein of early Dillinger Escape Plan (ie; Calculating Infinity). Technical as fuck. One of the best drummers I've heard in a long time. Definitely worth a listen. Intronaut's Prehistoricism is a pretty good sludgy/metal album too. Good list though. Lots of stuff I haven't heard yet.

    1 Ene 2009, 3:31
  • irishtim

    I forgot about Burst Lazarus Bird too, fucking awesome.

    1 Ene 2009, 19:07
  • AtacamaRain

    man i swear like 20 people have told me to get burst and i always fucking forget. i'll be checkin out the others too. thanks.

    2 Ene 2009, 21:38
  • irishtim

    Have you heard/did you like the United Nations album? Thought it was great myself.

    6 Ene 2009, 17:22
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